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Westhampton Beach Superintendent's Proposed Budget Pierces Tax Cap

@ local12.
Here are some interesting facts:
Remsenburg Speonk District is ranked #4 in NYS by the National Center for Education Statistics, US Dept of Education and NYS Dept of Ed.
Out of 116 Districts listed on Long Island by Newday, Remsenburg teachers rank 109 in average pay. 108 Districts pay their teachers more than RSE.
RSE Teachers have been working for over a year without a contract and they have just agreed to FREEZE their pay for next year!
Thank you, teachers! Not only is your performance stellar, but your willingness to freeze your salary is an incredible gift to our community this year.
Local12, I would be interested to know exactly which non mandated services are being offered to which minority students? Please provide specifics. Thank you." Apr 2, 12 1:37 PM

UPDATE: No Restraining Order Issued Between Westhampton Beach School And Killoran Family

The Killorans are wonderful parents fighting for their son's legal right to attend public school in his own community. The law is on their side. The ADA assures that. They are also legally responsible to present Aiden to school on Wednesday just as any other parent is. To keep him home would create cause for CPS to investigate for educational neglect. His home district, Remsenburg, has recommended WHB as a suitable educational setting for Aiden with a few reasonable accommodations. For the BOE and Administration to use their resources to lock him out and escalate this drama is disgraceful and seriously brings their leadership abilities into question. Hundreds of petitions have been signed. Businesses and private citizens have demonstrated their intention to create a more inclusive community in WHB with their financial and emotional support for this effort. Over $4 million dollars of local tax payer money is being spent to ship 43 of our own kids out of district each year. Enough is enough. Its time for a change in WHB. We want Aiden. Integrate don't segregate. " Aug 29, 15 7:49 AM

Chief1, actually there is a law...IDEA as well as the ADA both apply and support Aiden in his request to continue his education with his mainstream peers, as he has for the past 7 years. Beachbme11978, you may not be aware but the Killorans have been communicating with WHB for 2.5 years on this very matter so they would be well prepared for Aiden. WHB BOE refused to engage in those preparations instead defaulting to their antiquated policy which amounts to blatant systematic discrimination of special needs children. Whb was recommended by Remsenburg noting the setting would be appropriate for Aiden with a few reasonable accommodations. The Killorans are legally responsible for presenting him there Wednesday. If this upsets you or your children you may want to consider a private school. WHB is a public school spending $4 million dollars a year to ship 43 of our own out of district. Are you really ok with that? Yes, it is uncomfortable to be faced with reality when tradition no longer serves. All other forms of reasonable communication with the WHB have failed. The BOE and administration brought this on themselves and have the power to change the situation with a simple handshake , a smile and a WELCOME AIDEN on Wednesday. That's something your kids should see! " Aug 29, 15 8:26 PM

Actually, Chief1, ironically the foiled special ed census from WHB, RSE and EQ revealed iWHB is causing 4+million to be spent annually to outsource 43 of our local children. Can you imagine how much we could save keeping them local? The busing alone is over $150/day per child. Absurd and so wrong on so many levels. And you are right about the Killorans. Not only are they wonderful loving parents to Aiden, they are paving the way for so many other children to come through this process. They deserve our thamks, not a restraining order. The only people in danger Wednesday will be the WHB administration and BOE...and the only danger they will be subjected to is their own embarrassment which they are causing themselves. They clearly need new legal counsel. " Aug 30, 15 12:34 PM

Mr. Radday, the Superintendent of WHB made $213,343 in 2013 (the most recent published $). Let's hope he can figure it out. That's why he makes the big bucks. I'm pretty sure he can get a 1:1 for Aiden and a Special Ed consult for less than 4 million a year. Let's start there. " Aug 31, 15 4:20 PM

I have all of the foiled stats in my possession. Do you? They were not easy to come by. The districts put up quite a fuss over it. But now the truth is told and we can all move on. " Aug 31, 15 6:34 PM

He won't be by himself in WHB. He will be with the same 25+ kids or so and some new ones that he went to Remsenburg Elementary school with. When you come from a tiny school like that you them...they know you. You are not the kid with Downs...you are Aiden. To ship out to ESM might be fine. I am sure they have a nice program, but it defeats one of him main educational goals in his IEP...getting to know and navigate the community that he will be in for the rest of his life. His safety and security depend on that. At least that is what all of the Downs experts are saying. I see where you are coming from. We all want Aiden to feel accepted and engaged on day one. If WHB doesnt accept him RSE will take him back in the interim to repeat 6th grade. Why should he have to do that when he as already graduated from that program?
" Aug 31, 15 7:57 PM

98% of Remsenburg graduates go to Westhampton. Moreover, the ADA requires those with special needs must receive the same treatment. The 2% who chose ESM had a CHOICE. And so should Aiden along with the other 43 children they AUTOMATICALLY boot. To do so WHB systematically discriminating. They dont care who it it...they get booted if they are alternately assessed...to the tune of $4 million tax dollars a year. Are you really still ok with that?
" Aug 31, 15 8:38 PM

The ADA guarantees equal opportunity for individuals with disabilities. If Remsenburg offers the choice of schools for it's typical students, it must do the same for its disabled students. The contracts between Remsenburg and WHB create legal standing and WHB doesn't have a chance at winning this one. Their position is morally, fiscally and legally unsound." Sep 3, 15 11:05 AM

Sandy Hollow Affordable Housing Lawsuit Dismissed By State Supreme Court Justice

If I were Jay Schneiderman or any member of the Town Council, I would look closely at Mr. Highsmith's tactics. For him to be threatening the Speonk community with Section 8 housing is despicable and insulting to the very people he is supposed to be serving. I heard him say that with my own ears and thought to myself, "Wow. This guy is must not be very good at his job if he has to take that approach". Perhaps if he located the areas where there are unfilled jobs due to housing shortage, he might be more effective. Planning a multifamily complex in Speonk on top of a plume next to a train station with one eastbound train departing at 10am and returning at 3pm makes absolutely no sense, unless you want to increase traffic on Cty Road 39. How on earth does he expect the trade parade workers to get their ladders, tool boxes and plumbing fittings to the east end on the LIRR? They drive trucks and vans for a reason. Place the workforce housing by the jobs. Decrease traffic. Increase quality of life for many. That is what the Housing Authority needs to do. The workers in Speonk are housed. We have 231 firefighters in Eastport FD. None are homeless. We have 44 people working at our school. None are homeless. Let's solve practical problems, not political ones. " Jan 7, 16 11:23 AM

Everywhere I go this week that is all I hear about...the Village of Remsenburg Speonk....People feeling the Town is just too big for real representation and consideration of local issues. Sagaponack provides a good model of a bare bones village. I'm all for it.
" Jan 7, 16 11:46 AM

Some Fear Another Sandy Hollow Is In The Works In Speonk

In the course of a few weeks we saw North Phillips go from a quiet street to one on which three developers were collectively purposing adding 274 bedrooms. That is not doomsday. It is reality.
The 58,000 sq ft business building is not As of Right. It was one early idea for the property from the previous developer.
Here are the facts:
Current Zoning for #41 North Phillips Avenue:
The plot is divided into two segments.
R-20 Residence (west end of the property). Approximately 3 Acres
Permits Construction of Single Family Detached Residence on
20,000 Square Feet (Half-Acre) (SH Town Code § 330-10, 11)
Total of 6 Houses
VB Village Business (east end of the property) Approximately 1.4 Acres. Approximately 320 Feet of Frontage on N. Phillips
Permits Construction of 1 Office or Retail Shop Every 20 Feet
(SH Town Code § 330-33, 34)
Total of 16 Shops
Permits Construction of One Second Floor Apartment Per
1,250 Sq. Foot Office or Retail Shop (SH Town Code § 330-158E)
So, building "as of right" would actually create jobs (and a tax base to support the property) as well as a place for workers to live.
RESCU is indeed a single issue community action group that has come together in a short amount of time with over 400 people behind it, as you and the Town Council will soon see next week at the polls.
And finally, yes, we have a tiny school district, with only 344 students in the whole district. As few as 7-10 children could force Remsenburg Speonk SD to have to increase the budget and pierce the 2% tax cap. We are a tuition paying district and have no control over our Middle School and High School budgets. We have to pay up. Period. We also already have a new development approved on the old Webb property on South Country Road. Children from those 17 homes will need to be accommodated as well.
To ask the Town Council to stick to the Town Plan is the best tool we have to protect against high density impacts that can undermine our area for generations to come.
" Jan 20, 16 7:49 AM

Actually it is a joint project between the Town Housing Authority and Georgica Green. The Housing Authority would play a big role in this development.
" Jan 20, 16 8:29 AM

Sag Harbor School District Reveals Stella Maris Survey Results

Any school district that can figure out a way to create a stream of revenue to offset the tax burden of their district residents is brilliant! The idea of keeping special ed children in district and serving them from early intervention all the way through high school will also save the tax payers a lot of money and create a cohesive educational pathway for the children.
" Mar 25, 16 1:54 PM

Southampton Town Housing Authority Seeking Purchase Of Riverside Property

If you disagree with the tactics of the TSHA, or have a complaint about them, please email each member of the town board.
" Apr 25, 16 5:13 PM

Westhampton Beach High School Teams Earn Top Honors In National Business Competition

Big congrats to all of these kids, and a Big Thank you to Ms. Demchak who helps bring out their best. I know how hard you all worked. Stellar performances!" Apr 27, 16 6:07 PM

Southampton Elementary Principal Cookie Richard Reflects Before Retirement

Thank you Dr. Richard for your extraordinary leadership in big ways and small. You created a warm, safe, and inspiring environment for the children to learn. Wishing you all the best in your next chapter. So glad you will have some "Cookie time."" Apr 27, 16 6:32 PM

Parents Create Online Petition To Save Child Development Center Of The Hamptons

$350,000 seems like a relatively small amount compared to some of the grants given to public schools to facilitate budgetary short falls, especially considering the number of districts this school serves. I hope they have looked to the State and Feds for assistance...and everyone else on the East End as well. To throw in the towel on these children and families that travel great distances to find this kind of high quality inclusive education is truly sad. " May 13, 16 7:18 PM

Southampton Town Has Affordable Housing Option That Appears To Have Been Forgotten

Mr. Highsmith must be so happy to discover that he has a tool with which to facilitate the placement of 20 attainable homes throughout the town. No need to keep asking for zoning changes for maxed out density on each parcel. Now if only he could find a developer to bring that to life for him. I hope he does. Spreading the housing out throughout the town and placing them close to the work sites makes sense to me.
" May 31, 16 6:25 PM

Sag Harbor Schools Superintendent Named Co-Chair On Special Education Committee

Congratulations and good luck! We would love to see some guidance provided for districts like Westhampton Beach who continue to outsource their alternately assessed children to other districts who accept all types of children. Your model in Sag Harbor is admirable. " Jul 12, 16 1:34 PM

Southampton Town Offer To Purchase The Hills Property In East Quogue Is Rejected

I know of a nice parcel in Speonk that could make a wonderful Hamlet green area and park putting those CPF funds to good use. #41NPhillips" Aug 5, 16 4:08 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Takes To Facebook In Affordable Housing Search

School District breakdown for the 5 developments impacting Remsenburg Speonk in the near future:
Remsenburg Speonk School District: up to 407 bedrooms.
Eastport South Manor School District: up to 210 bedrooms.

" Aug 31, 16 8:16 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Takes To Facebook In Affordable Housing Search

full details of the <617 bedrooms coming to Remsenburg Speonk can be found on rescugroup.com. These are not subjective study numbers, they are based in fact on the numbers of bedrooms currently approved or proposed for our area. <617 bedrooms.
" Sep 3, 16 9:41 AM