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Public Criticizes Southampton School District Over Student Bullying

I have taken the time to read all the comments, which is refreshing to see there is at least an ongoing dialogue about this FOREVER topic. I have been here in southampton for let's say A LONG TIME..LOL..lived here in the beautiful Village of Southampton which took me many years to appreciate travel and coming back...(referring to the ocean etc) but I also experienced some STRAIGHT UP RACISM that to this day when I have openly share in "different" company would rather not believe it. I hear over and over "this really happen in Southampton?" I also went through the Southampton school system and bullying has been and has always been around at some level. I was in a era when civil rights was in process and blacks and white were fighting TOGETHER for the rights of the underserve, disrespected, and misrepresented. Fighting for OUR RIGHTS!!! (again when I was in school some blacks and whites FOUGHT TOGETHER for "The Cause" ) But we still experience our parents not agreeing with these crazy rebellious teenagers but we were a STRONG generational (Baby Boomers-lots are still targeted toward our generation--but that another topic) I TOTALLY agree that the REAL DEAL we as parents have a responsibility. And I'm NOT Sorry to MUST say $$$$ and DA GOOD OLE BOYS CLUB, has a lot to do with "certain" kids/situation hidden, covered up, and 'HUSHED". RACISM IS ALIVE!!! NOT JUST IN SOUTHAMPTON IN OUR COUNTRY AS A WHOLE...call me crazy but mmmmmm... does some of or MUCH of this RACISIM %$#@ been stirred up or surfaced since OUR Honorable President has been elected? I got to put this out there...maybe getting off topic a bit but I was in the Village of Southampton at a stop light jsut last week and I was behind this truck..(are you ready for this?)....the pick up truck had a picture of Pres. Obama and the words next to it said...(ready ?)...."DOES THIS ASS MAKE MY TRUCK LOOK BIG?" (I must admit it was a long light..and I can not tell you the changes I went through sitting behind this tructk) Another one said "HE'S NOT MY PRESIDENT!" Many would rather just say No big deal....I BEG to DIFFER...it is a BIG FRIGGIN DEAL!!!! Tea Party....The bottom line this kind of EVIL talk and MOTIVES passes onto our children and it;s dinner talk..but wait are we even sitting down for dinner together anymore? We need to act like we did the day the Twin Towers was hit we PRAYED TOGETHER!!!! EVIL/RACISM IS DEADLY TO ALL!!! " Oct 7, 11 11:18 AM

Plea Deal Could Be In Works For Westhampton Beach Middle School Teacher Accused Of Filming Girls In Locker Room

Guilty Not guilty....plea,,,, linews my concern and heart is for those girls...it should be help/counseling for all parties involved.

Is it me or does it appear that the morals integrity and respect for each others is dwindling like sand in an hour glass............? (i know I know,,,butI feel it;s true)
" Aug 6, 13 12:35 AM

Police: SUV Driver Was Using Cellphone During Fatal Crash On County Road 39

Very sad...continued prayers for the family...I hear all of the comments. Some informative some from the heart and some from.....______________." Aug 24, 13 10:02 AM

UPDATE: Concer House Owners File Notice Of Claim Against Southampton Village Seeking $10 Million In Damages

There is so much more to this issue. For the record the PCAC was sympathetic to the owners and sincerely tried and made every effort to work this out, in the preliminary negotiations we agreed that it would be a waste of the owners and the Village taxpayers money to have this issue go to court and it would be better spent moving and restoring the historical portion of Mr. Concer's homestead, BUT in the midst of negotiations for whatever reason ,out of the clear blue, changed his mind. There were several attempts after that to try to renegotiate, to again have a property analysis conducted to identify what was the the historical portion which would establish the size to know what we were working with to then establish where we could move it but the WIN WIN progress was stopped. How about this to be better informed. Try asking /researching who and/or how the historical list was originally started im 1979 and YES why Mr. Concer's house was not but on the list right after the Japanese Consulte came to the Village of Southampton honoring and to celebrate Mr. Concer. There is was even a Centennial Celebration for the Village of Southampton check out the booklet and you will three page dedicated to Mr. Concer right next to Mercato Cooper telling of Mr. Concer's journey and contributions to this Village, that call him "A Remarkable Man". Let the record be very clear many of us knew about him and celebrated and still celebrate him, and the great news now many more of you are getting to know him and have the opportunity to celebrate him as well, I know this has been and will be a great educational format for schools. The REAL bottom line is the FACT that the Village neglected to do their due diligence and had THREE opportunities (1979,1989, and in Jan 2013-most recent obviously in preparation of selling/purchase the house) and to set the records straight this is in an historical site in an historical district. Perhaps WE CAN AGREE that if this was properly recorded by the Village in 1979, 1989 or 2013 we wouldn't be having these uninformed conversations and the owners would have not touched this property with a ten foot pole. Happy Holidays!!!" Dec 16, 13 12:16 AM

Village of Southampton - Centennial Celebration 1994
Published by Centennial Committee of the Village of Southampton, Southampton, NY, 1994
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Title: Village of Southampton - Centennial ...
Publisher: Centennial Committee of the Village of Southampton, Southampton, NY
Publication Date: 1994
Binding: Soft Cover
Book Condition: Very Good
Book Type: Large Format
In 1994, the village of Southampton located on the eastern end of Long Island, New York celebrated its centennial of its incorporation in 1894. This booklet was prepared with various articles on the history of this village first settled in 1640 through the present times, with reports on houses, schools, police, firemen, etc. Measures 8.5" x 11" with 68 pages (unpaginated). Illustrated throughout with vintage and contemporary b/w photographs. In excellent conditions. Bookseller Inventory # E2176

" Dec 17, 13 12:00 AM

Southampton Native Wins Community Service Award In Virginia

As a friend and "sista" I am so proud of my "Brotha".
I call it Integrity and Excellence inspite of some set backs which gives a SPRING FORWARD

Your Greater SHALL be GREATER!!!!!!!!!! Much LoVe" May 20, 14 11:23 PM

As a friend and "sista" I am so proud of my "Brotha".
I call it Integrity and Excellence!!!!

TONY inspite of some set backs which gives a SPRING FORWARD
Your Latter IS GREATER!!!!!!!!!! Much LoVe" May 20, 14 11:28 PM

Pyrrhus Concer House To Be Demolished Once Historical Artifacts Are Removed

First and foremost I know there will many comments made regarding YOUR opinion about this topic. I asked you to FIRST at least be intelligent and Google/read about Prryhus Concer and I hope you might possibly have it in you to at least respect this extraordinary man regardless of how you feel about how this went down. We should ALL aspired to be half the man he was.

Ok MY opinion...history has it refrom the time of the beginning of slavery the oppressors have cleverly and continually put in laws to perpetuate their authority and fear. And then the worst, most time enabling the oppressed to break the law so they can be jailed and punish them.

Here we are 2014 nothing much has change and this is issue with the demolishing of this ex-slaves house, a CLEAR example. Formula: 1-make sure little to no records are kept or are burned/destroyed (eliminating discriminating evident) 2-do "anything" possible to STAY in position of POWER to make and enforce laws 3-With that Power the ability to change, alter, or omit laws when convenient or necessary to keep the POWER!!! 4- keep the "buddy buddy" system and the "good ole boy" network in place and again in POWER to make decisions 5-make sure you politically "say" the right thing to "everyone" on "every side" assuring you support them and you got their back and you understand "them"and making them "feel" you want what you want!!!!!!!!!

The TRUTH will come out and/or as my momma use to say GOD takes care of injustice the best and He also assure the battle is not ours it's HIS/LORD aka Karma is a motha..." Jun 13, 14 6:25 PM

Concer House Property Owners Place Parcel On Market, Abandon Building Plan

I can say a very small part of me want to go Cra Cra Ballistic etc. but for the most part for me this is just simply confirmation of what I strongly felt and Discovered from the onset of this madness. Again I could really "go there" in so many directions regarding ALL parties involved but I won't. I will say personally I lost a lot of sleep and almost lost a dear friend behind this mayhem but I will close with this "Word " Deuteronomy 32:35. I am at peace I have a "Lawyer and Advocate" who NEVER lost a case. " Jan 9, 15 2:12 AM

Ira Rennert Ordered To Repay $118 Million

It's so amazing how ANYONE can justify this obvious SELFISH GREED!!! There are so many "others/"Brothers" who are polluting our environment and cleverly convincing people that they are GOOD GUY$ by even investing millions at universities setting up workshop and making donations sneaking into the educational system influencing their SICK POISONING ideals.
" Mar 8, 15 2:26 PM

Southampton Village Mayor Race Heating Up

Trusteee Irving had shown to be a quiet force that I believe has a sincere interest and genuiue heart for the Village and will take the Village to that next level. " May 5, 17 2:30 AM

Community Reacts To Southampton Village Board Candidate Using Slur In Call To Police

Oops!!! Great timing to expose but she's probably in ad Trustee unless....." May 27, 17 12:14 AM

Southampton Village Woman's Mission Is Helping Those On Caribbean Island

Thanks everyone. It's a Love Thang ❤️
Slight correction: I have a very reliable person I trust in SXM that ei get medical supplies and donations to the appropriate and needed people.
☝�� ❤️ " Sep 28, 17 9:51 PM

Former Southampton Town CPF Manager Reflects On 3,500 Acres Of Preservation

First Congrats Mary..welcome to "The Re-Journey Club....it's pretty Sweet��
Secondly I honestly don't know where to start. As Executive Director of the Southampton African American Museum and Chair/member of yhe Pyrrhus Concer Action Commiitee (PCAC)project let me just say...Mary you've been with me from the very beginning of Randy's barbershop to SAAM. And you were extremely instrumental in preserving the legacy and Homestead of the Pyrrhus Concer project. I just want to say THANK YOU my friend for ALL you did for US and the community. I can't be selfish and I know when you know when it's time to go....but SAAM ain't finish yet... ( juSt kidding ��) i sincerely send a heartfelt Congrats to you and wish you ALL the best.!!! Brenda " Feb 7, 19 8:14 AM

Contractor Accused Of Falsifying Pyrrhus Concer House Bid In Southampton Village

I really could say a Whole Lot TRUST me but I'll just say this ...this entire ordeal was Borderline or Over the line criminal and ALL parties involved YOU know it!!!!! I'll just let KARMA handle it...." Feb 7, 19 8:28 AM

Southampton Town Designates Additional Funds To Fix Southampton African American Museum Construction Flaws

Just for a minor correction not all but much of the work will have to be replaced. To clarify the building will not be totally reconstructed. " Sep 13, 19 12:53 AM