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A long list of complaints, both official and informal, about care at Hamptons Center

I want to thank the Southampton Press and the investigative writers that are keeping this story alive. My mother fractured her hip in 06 and needed rehabiliation for about two weeks. I tried to get her into St Charles (regardless of the drive ) and wasn't able to. So I checked out the Southampton Rehabiliation Center. When I brought my mom in ,there were problems from the beginning, small at first. The bed was broken, the room I had reserved for her and agreed to ,was occupied. Then larger ,no walker available for her and since it was the weekend, none till Monday. WHAT ?. They couldn't get the phone set up properly. I noticed many of the nurses had limited English skills and most were not very helpful.and did not interact with the patients.
One nurse did really knock herself to help the patients though. Then one evening after a few days when I was there at night, Mom needed to use the
restroom. I told her she had to ring , since she was not allowed out of bed by herself. She said " Like they'll come " We waited for over 45 minutes and then after demanding help 3 times at the nurse's station , the aide told me she could be there if we paid her. Then the heat went off in her room the next day and they couldn't /wouldn't give her another single room with dozens available. I had to hire a nurse to sit in Mom's room at night so I could get a night's sleep and not fear she'd die there. I checked her out AMA even though the house didn't have all the safety equipment and I am certainly not a nurse. The only bright spot were the 3 of the nurse's aides who were wonderful , dedicated and knowledgeable. I had to bring in water to make sure she always had fresh water. We as a community must demand that this center is safe for our elders. They are vulnerable and mostly voiceless. We must keep the State Health Department, Southampton Hospital and a community review board
involved . IF Sentosa has to go and all of his administration so be it. It being a private facility does not allow them to treat the patients so disgracefully. Perhaps these administrators need to spend 6 or 7 months in their own facilities.

" Feb 10, 09 10:20 PM

Officials want to use Southampton Town's Community Preservation Fund to save Stony Brook Southampton


I was at LIU when this first disaster was announced and worked with all of the grassroots organizations that marshalled forces and demanded we
The use of Community Preservation Funds is entirely appropriate ,since
Southampton College, (now StonyBrook Southampton) is a major component of our community. It is one of the largest employers on the East End, perhaps larger than the hospital. I saw the shock and depression as people cleaned out offices and classrooms and wondered how they were going to pay the mortgage or the rent. LIU stabbed us in the back and now StonyBrook is stabbing us in the heart. We must rescue our college from the deceptive dealing of StonyBrook. Does anyone really think that the college could survive with only 2 graduate programs and no undergraduate students ? LIU also announced " a graduate campus" it lasted about 6 months and then disappeared.
Then the talk of sale to the highest bidder began. Can anyone be so naive as to think that that is not what StonyBrook has in store for Southampton?
Becoming an independent SUNY @Southampton College would be our best alternative. We could continue to become the FIRST sustainable , environmentally active campus in the U.S.A.
What a perfect Earth Day. It gives me heart to think we could weather this
catastrophe and come out stronger.

Thank you Fred, Ken, SBS students, parents,faculty, community, alumni, merchants, UUP, and U.S.A. supporters for Southampton College.

Fight On and Never Give In Never Give Up !
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