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Southampton Town Board Ready To Make Decision On Canoe Place Inn Plan

It may not be perfect, but it's better than anything Hampton Bays has seen in a very long time: a substantial investment that will raise values,, attract full-season visitors, improve water quality, and save an iconic Inn. If anyone doubts this read the FEIS, the SC Planning Commission Staff Report, and the FPM report-all objective, independent reports.. " Dec 11, 14 5:23 PM

Southampton Town Planning Board Opposes Redevelopment Plan For Shinnecock Canal

Guess planning board didn't care about the antiquated cess pools that the old restaurants used that fowled the canal and bay, nor do they seem to care that any "as of right" business on the east side will continue to have nitrogen seep into the Canal from their septic systems. Town homes' system will reduce nitrogen to unprecedented levels and since when does planning board endorse ( or not endorse) proposals? " Dec 23, 14 4:46 PM

Planning Board's weigh in on site plans not on changes of zone. Headline is absurd." Dec 24, 14 4:02 PM