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Four Big Exhibitions To Open Simultaneously At Guild Hall

Ditto Tom-I had the awesome pleasure of meeting Mr. Wimberly and his lovely wife several years ago. I was curator for a show" Mahogany Dew" at the Southampton Historical Museum and Mr. Wimberly was one of the artist featured at my show. FANTASTIC SHOW... FASINATING ART...FOREVER FRIEND!!!
Brenda Simmons" Oct 26, 12 9:51 AM

Town Issues 54 Notices Of Violation In Hampton Bays; List Inspires New Approach, Crackdown


Town Of Southampton Groundskeeper's Discrimination Suit Sent To Trial

Perhaps this is the start of finally revealing and exposing the TRUTH of the "silence of the skin" denial. " Apr 9, 15 1:31 PM

UPDATE: Funeral Services Set For Tuesday For Respected Shinnecock Elder, Elizabeth Thunder Bird Haile


Officials Offer Explanation About Why Village Latch Inn Is Not Included In Southampton Sewer Plans

Will we ever Really know the Truth of it all? Some People in government have a "clever" way of trying to make you think it's not raining while you're sinking in a quick sand of mud." Jan 15, 16 10:06 AM

Will we ever Really know the Truth of it all? Some People in government have a "clever" way of trying to make you think it's not raining while you're sinking in a quick sand of mud." Jan 15, 16 10:08 AM

Southampton Village Approves Hamptons Marathon

Good luck with that! The Small quaint Village is not NYC but being taken over by you know what they call the " citiy" people coming now not to enjoy the once special Village that drew them here in the first place but now coming with $$$$$$ little by little pushing the envelope ( full of $$$$$) and demanding "their" rights to change what we once loved and adored. Of course change happen but to what degree at what expense. A few has discussed the long term affect but talking didn't stop the vast quick transformation. Two words Too Late!!!" Jan 21, 16 9:27 AM

Southampton Village Police Investigating Shooting; No Arrests Made Yet

It's very sad that the Hill is going back to this state. Many sacrifice literally their lives and time revitalizing this community years ago from having a " bad" rep and to see the Hill gradually going in the wrong direction is quite disturbing. This use to be a unique community of great hard working families who looked out for each other a true example of " Community" (common unity) which many in the Village of SOUTHAMPTON have no clue how precious and special that is/was. There are still a few of us that still remain determine to hold on before totally gentification takes over. Yes the evidence is in our " backyard" even putting a bike path for easy access to get to the Village. This pass summer I noticed they even now felt comfortable boldly walking from their families from million dollars homes through our community. . Next few years the quaint beautiful Village of SOUTHAMPTON will not be the quaint historical place many come from around the world to experience but I guess " New Wall Street" $$$$$ will take over only residing a few months leaving very few year round locals left to volunteer for SVVA or FD. Then what......." Jan 28, 16 9:46 AM

Pending Southampton Town Attorney Appointment Leads To Political Squabble

Funny Main issue stated in comment is Dems are in control not Rep. Who's zooming who? Let's stop the slander which was used thoughout the debates and it didn't work. LOL!!! Face it the elections is OVER!!!!" Feb 26, 16 7:57 PM

Brenda Simmons To Embark On A New Chapter In Her Life

Just for correction: I said i never had a desire to work in politics; actually I worked for the County of Suffolk/government for 25 years prior to working for the Village. " Mar 7, 16 11:49 PM

Fate Of Suspects In Shooting Of Demitri Hampton Still In Limbo

THIS neglect and incompetence within the justice syestem is outrages and that person(s) should suffer some kind of consequences other than a slap on the wrist. This MUST STOP!!! This family has lost a precious family member Do You Really Care? Do you really understand the pain of this lost??!!! Lifting you and family up in prayer��������������������" Jun 8, 17 12:51 PM

At Monday's Debate, Protesters Have Their Say; Valerie Smith Apologizes Again For Use Of Slur

Just saw this very appropriate quote: ‘Hatred contaminates the vessel that contains it.’" Jun 8, 17 1:27 PM

Southampton Village ARB To Re-Open Mocomanto Hearing

NO OOPS!!! ... this is not the first time ...I have proof that no one seem to address and just ignored and turn a blind eye and close ears during the Pyrrhus Concer Saga. He definitely “ overstepped” ..Giving Hermers the ok ���� to proceed saying house had no significance and “ in writing” Which he had No Authority to do...his job was only to confirm whether the said building has any historical significance. Which turn out IT DOES and he supposingly the Village PAID expert!!! Not to mention this house should have been Historically Designated years ago and Again OVERLOOK several times or �� So Please add this to his Oops!!! I was once asked this person had strong feeling it’s been a $$$$$ exchange for “preferential treatment”. But They could be right..." Apr 5, 18 8:43 AM