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Pitch To Warn Swimmers At South Lake Beach In Montauk

Kudos to Ccom and Samuelson for bringing this important issue to light." Aug 21, 12 7:38 PM

East Hampton Boys Soccer Team Advances To County Final

Great win! Go Bonac!
" Nov 4, 14 12:34 PM

Godoy's Strike Lifts Bonackers To County Soccer Title

Great job! Go Bonac!" Nov 8, 14 9:59 AM

Community Largely Split on East Hampton Town's Proposed Airport Regulations

I don't believe the end game of the new regulations is closing the airport. I do agree that the Town should present its plan for funding the airport going forward. Certainly those businesses that supply aviation fuel and maintenance services will be negatively impacted by the restrictions but one can't make public policy based on that result. Arguing that summer visitors will stop coming out here because they can't arrive by helicopter or large jet is absurd. The helicopter shuttle services are simply an added convenience to many wealthy individuals, not a necessity. How did they get here a few years ago before helicopter/jet landings skyrocketed? One can make the argument that helicopter/jet noise is keeping hundreds of homeowners from utilizing their homes as much as they otherwise would which has a negative impact on the local economy. " Mar 14, 15 9:07 AM

Bowling Alley, Mini Golf, Sports Bar Proposed At Wainscott Tennis Facility

very exciting scott! we need this for our local families! Good Luck! we are behind you!" Oct 21, 15 7:26 AM

Woman Charged With Petit Larceny For Stealing Campaign Signs

wow. seriously? This is embarrassing on so many levels. Are we actually spending taxpayer money prosecuting someone who took down a sign? really? -- a 73 year woman is a....gasp...poll watcher....and a threat to our democracy and public well being...and a thief to boot? .let's prosecute her? can everyone please put on their big boy pants. election is over. we should all be thankful we live in a town safe enough where it appears the police have time to pursue this idiocy." Nov 9, 15 11:02 AM

Phillips Family Cancer Center In Southampton Would House Region's First Radiation Unit

If Southampton officials read these comments, please consider including capacity for prone radiation for Breast cancer patients. Closest facility offering this is Sloan Kettring in Commeck. Studies show prone radiation to Breast reduces heart and lung exposure to radiation tremendously. " Jan 5, 16 5:25 PM

East Hampton Village Trustees To Designate 30-Minute Parking Spaces In Reutershan Lot

why not turn the 15 minute into 30 minute parking. why have both? will just up the ticket revenue." Jan 11, 16 7:53 PM

UPDATE: Southampton School District Closed Monday

Ticks thrive during long periods of cold. Look it up." Jan 22, 16 8:59 AM

New Rental Registry Law In East Hampton Leads To First Charges Against Overcrowded Rental

I'm sure they have a long list of properties that are suspected rentals that haven't registered. Isn't the point of the law to punish landlords who continue to act irresponsibly?" May 5, 16 11:15 AM

Wainscott Bowling Alley Construction To Move Forward Despite Legal Challenge

Scott- you have the community behind you! We are so looking forward to your new facility. Thanks for all you do for East Hampton's kids " Sep 21, 16 9:50 PM

East Hampton Town Votes To Evict Country School From Airport After Lease Expires

NO NO NO. I support the Country School and our children. Please work this out and support education and East Hampton's children and families. Don't make them pawns in the pissing match between FAA and the Town over the airport." May 8, 17 9:28 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Football Players, Parents, Are Rallying To Save Season

HI- it would be great if he could-- but as you will recall, EHHS was moved from league 4 to league 3 this year. League 3 is with bigger more competitive western suffolk schools. EHHS tried to get our boys moved back to league 4 for safety reasons. they even said they were willing to forgo playoff eligibility. But the small thinking officials of section xi denied this petition because they'd rather have a few extra easy wins against east hampton on their score sheet rather than protect our kids safety and give them a chance to play. Even if we would like to combine with Southampton-- as we do with Lacrosse -- Southampton is unlikely to want to do it because the additional numbers of EHHS would bump them to league 3-- the same larger league EHHS was trying to get out of. To me, the only real fix is for Section XI officials to grow up and put safety and wellbeing of ALL kids first.
" Aug 25, 17 10:45 AM

EHHS had only 14 kids come out for the team -- and several of those were young. EHHS was moved into league 3 this year by section XI -- a much more competitive league than league 4 where we were. per athletic director and coaches - was not safe for our kids to play with 14 kids in that league. you just need more than 14 for a varsity football team. while disappointing for the players, the AD and Coaches did not make this difficult decision lightly.
" Aug 26, 17 9:55 AM

Paddle Diva Clashes With East Hampton Town Officials Again Over Operation Of Springs Paddleboard Business

OMG seriously? We are spending taxpayer dollars harassing a small businesswoman? Enough already. " Aug 30, 17 3:33 PM

Princess Diner Owner And Manager Indicted And Charged With Withholding Wages From Employees

This stuff happens all of the time when restaurants are in finnacial trouble. Most restaurants don't pay overtime.. not much of a secret." Sep 20, 17 4:11 PM

Bender Goes Down With Injury In Doubles Championship Of Division IV Girls Tennis Tournament; Tomaro and Peruso Place Third, Del Prete Sixth

@drewbudd. Just an FYI, This doesn't really cover east hampton gals. Becca Kuperschmid advanced to the semi-finals losing to #1 seed ROse Hayes and finished 4th in this tournament. This is the first time in years and EH player has made it to the semis. " Oct 12, 17 2:30 PM

@drewbudd. Just an FYI, This doesn't really cover east hampton gals. Becca Kuperschmid advanced to the semi-finals losing to #1 seed ROse Hayes and finished 4th in this tournament. This is the first time in years and EH player has made it to the semis. " Oct 12, 17 2:30 PM

great. didn't see it :) thanks!
" Oct 12, 17 5:11 PM

East Hampton Boys Tennis Wins Protest, Second Doubles Match Will Be Resumed Monday

Glad this was reversed. What a petty way to argue to win a league title for WH. Let the boys play and earn it. and then shake hands." Apr 17, 18 3:33 PM

East Hampton Democrat Turns To The Court Over Committee Elections

OK-- i say this as a friend. PLEASE STOP IT!! Lee Zeldin is the target here. not each other. work it out. Not one penny should be spent on lawsuits among Dems. Bad enough we have a primary." Apr 19, 18 5:35 PM