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Zeldin Votes Against Bipartisan Harvey Relief Bill After Debt Ceiling Measure Is Added

If you don't have extension of the debt ceiling, how can the Federal Government fund any hurricane relief?" Sep 14, 17 2:50 PM

Zeldin Met With Pence On Tuesday To Discuss Tax Reform Bill

Actually the law was signed by George W. Bush; the killer was vetted & became radicalized while here in the US; & premiums are increasing more because Trump ended the subsidies. So...YOU'RE WRONG!" Nov 2, 17 3:18 PM

Steve Bannon To Attend Fundraiser For Representative Lee Zeldin In December

Bottom line is that Zeldin appears on TV as Trump surrogate. Bannon has Trump's ear. They are 1 in the same. Bannon's candidates lost in Virginia & Alabama. We Democrats can use this to our advantage provided we put a good candidate against Zeldin" Dec 14, 17 11:57 AM