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Southampton Town Board Delays Latest Hearing On Canoe Place Inn Redevelopment Plans

Yes, perhaps Hampton Bays needs an 'anchor project' but it doesn't need to be a restored CPI at the expense of the east side of the canal. No one in their right mind gives away waterfront. A better 'anchor' would be restaurants and shops on the east side of the canal - what a draw for residents and visitors alike!" Oct 24, 13 10:58 AM

Southampton Town Board Approves CPI And Canal Development Project

Should be called 'Anna's folly'. Townhouses will do nothing for Hampton Bays, all for the developer." Jan 16, 15 2:39 PM

Fail to see the relationship between restaurants going out of business and town houses on the canal. Plenty of restaurants are thriving." Jan 16, 15 2:40 PM

Tax Revenue Projections Differ On Hampton Bays Project

And so it begins - reality." Jan 22, 15 2:25 PM

What were the tax revenues before the Rechlers closed the businesses that were along the canal?" Jan 22, 15 2:27 PM