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Southampton Town Board Appoints Wilson As Police Chief

Long time reader, First time poster here, So I hope I can add a little to what is becoming a "heated" discussion on essentially dribble of a topic. Town board interviews 5 guys, picks 1. End of story. We elected them to do the best job they can, and I feel that they have. Look at both PD's, they both had/have problems, albeit Southampton Town the greater of the problems. Times are changing, and The board feels Wilson will better lead the department. The one thing about this blog, you got some real whacka-doo's, Reg Rep needs medication." May 1, 11 7:21 AM

I agree with carson on the whole seaman thing, I just dont have the same colorful grasp of the english language she has. I do find it interesting how reg rep can call for seaman to run against anna for supervisor when it was not too long ago re rep stated:

"It was Marietta Seaman and some of her republican cronies that caused this debacle. Help from Seaman is like the kiss of death, no one has any respect for the former town clerk. She was elected and then left for an up island job paying 150k. The robo call with her voice was a waste of time and money."

Time to take your meds reg rep!

" May 4, 11 7:39 PM

Highhat you are a disgusting miserable individual. Time to find something else to do, because your postings are getting more and more ignorant. Comparing a PD to the nazi party is as offensive as it gets. I'm sure you felt you were being witty and impressive, you were actually showing yourself to be small and insignificant. Big words equates a bigger jackass when it comes to you. If you need help finding an oven it seems alot of people will help you find one." May 4, 11 7:53 PM

Boy, you REALLY need to get some meds. A comparison of the unwillingness of the SHTPD to play nice with outside agencies and 9/11, is NOTHING like a comparison of the people who work for the SHTPD and the brownshirts of nazi germany 1933. You again have shown yourself to be a completely ignorant poster, but on the brightside, you have highhatside as your compatriot. Thank you marietta, for truly showing us how intelligent you are.
" May 5, 11 10:44 PM

Republicans Challenge Forced Police Retirements In Southampton Budget As Political

Now thats a good retort Bama!" Oct 9, 11 5:30 PM

"and have even had letters published in print, in this very paper."

Wow, now there is an accomplishment. Let me guess, that article is pasted on the fridge right next to your third grade reoprt card, eh? Your a real superstar, according to yourself. You should probably stick to the well paying google moderating job, your starting to unravel around here. It is kinda funny how you claim to work for google, google is a large corporation (currently trading at $550.00 a share) and feel .57 cents a day is too expensive for PD. I think I'll go find a websters dictionary and look up hypocrite. " Oct 12, 11 10:07 AM

Southampton Town Councilman Says Legal Action Could Be In Rumba's Future

Maybe Malone could lock Mr. Hersh in his county office and pretend to call Bill. " hello Billy, yeah I got him here, yeah send the entire department, he seats 17 for dinner and they pee alot, you might have to stop him on his way out. Thanks Billy boy." your doing a knock up job Jimmy, cant wait for the next election. What a joke...........meanwhile at dream, the town does nothing." Aug 23, 12 4:39 PM

UPDATE: BOE Now Says Numbers Are Final: Glinka And Bender To Join Board; Throne-Holst, Gregor Both Reelected

"I am on a drug it's called Charlie Sheen. It's not available because if you try it, you will die. Your face will melt off..." Charlie sheen.

"I don't consider myself a loser, I'm a winner"...Linda Kabot" Nov 6, 13 11:42 AM

UPDATE: Peaceful Black Lives Matter Rally Held In Westhampton Beach

Simply explained...to asume one life based on race (Black lives), religion, sexual orientation, whatever you want to throw in, is more important than another is racist. BLM is a lie that many "less informed" will follow. I giggle at the "hands up, don't shoot" LIE and then feel for the poor officer who was defending his life. Let me ask you this, if Eric Gardner, Michael brown, sylvie smith followed LAWFUL commands, would BLM exist today? Would 5 families in Dallas, 3 in Louisiana, not be suffering REAL injustice? Would numerous business owners (mostly liquor stores) in the black community be rebuilding what was torched by BLM? IT'S A DISGRACE, A FARCE, AND ANTI-AMERICAN. LOOK AT THE LIST OF DEMANDS. HANDOUTS, GIVE ME'S, I'M OWED. Shame on 27east, another sensational headline that is a lie. "Hundreds" try A hundred... maybe, unless you count the passing motorist. Time to start restoring basic American rights to safety, protection of self and property, and stop bowing to racist organizations. You want to know what a shameful, disgusting, gutless organization BLM is? Google Chicago shootings....read the articles, look at the victims aged 10, 12, 14....look at the race, and tell me what good a few old white dudes in Westhampton give a .... about them. White silence kills, so does societal ignorance. Bury your head in the sand. It's not the cop's killing inner city, it's the inner city killing it's own, and until we stop with the "I'm a white guy marching for equality racial equality" nonsense and have an honest, PAINFULLY HONEST,discussion, innocent cop's will die, verdicts will be passed without the facts, and we will March right down the good Ole segregated highway. Remember SH, it's OK for blacks to want segregation, but if you are white and want segregation, you're a racist. "I don't want to live with any white folks" “I’m not responding to NO comments and NOPE I don’t wanna have a dialogue.” Carmona university, 2016, Long live BLM." Aug 22, 16 12:28 AM

Uh, what happened to all the comments?" Aug 24, 16 8:56 PM

Lapdog" Sep 1, 16 1:03 AM

Southampton School Board Approves 'Culturally Sensitive' Calendar For 2017-18 School Year

Christopher Columbus was a HERO and should be celebrated as such." Feb 9, 17 8:20 PM

Women's March Draws A Crowd In Sag Harbor On Saturday

It's hard to take the movement seriously when they can't seem to stop ripping each other apart. Example: Jane Fonda, Megan kelly...all the women on the view, Megan kelly, joy behar calling Megan kelly a b**ch, that whack job Rosie odonell attacking Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the list goes on....All successful powerful women, except as been Rosie, resorting to name calling and childish behavior. And when you boil it down to the start of this movement, what or who gives Hollywood, a land of make believe and false identities, the right to "guide" those of us who work and live paycheck to paycheck with moral standing and proper behavior? Hollywood lost that when Clint Eastwood was replaced Chris Jenner, when Liz Taylor is done in by any one of the Kardashian clan. Name some heroes for our children today." Jan 24, 18 10:13 PM

Southampton Town Leaders Accuse Zeldin Of Making 'Misleading' Comments About Hampton Bays During White House Visit

Honestly, do you sit around waiting for HHS to post so you can follow up with something irrelevant. Regan was president, he implemented the policy, it was successful. Just like your Hero Obama put in place his healthcare, mislead and lied about it, and now we are stuck with it. Obama will go down as a 8 year lame duck who set us back decades. If you don't think that the enriched uranium we sold during his presidency is now sitting in North Korea you should just go back to fixing computers and moderating Google. And we "had" to give the Iranians their money back.....we don't have to do anything, you know why....because this is America, the U.S. of A. The same country that bails all these others out because they don't have the testicular fortitude to do it themselves. The U.S. of A. That the United nations would crumble if we walked away and said "see ya' later chaps, now get off this prime real estate we got something better to build." The economy is smoking along and you have nothing to talk about but the 80's. Find a rock to bury your head under
It's gonna be a wild ride, and Snowflakes don't hold up well in this enviorment." Mar 12, 18 7:05 PM

@HHS...for an individual who uses such big words to make themselves seem more intelligent than others...you are a dope.

Your argument that we HAD too give them back their money because it was their money is sheer BS. WE DON'T have to do anything. Time and time again they have proven to be less than trust worthy, unless you think maybe they are? Maybe we should be buddies? I mean, GOSH, look what they have done in Syria...with friends like that...its like you and your lapdog Z...blissfully ignorant, pulling crap from far reaches of the old interweb to try and support your half cocked ideals. How much time do you spend in front of a thesaurus looking for bigger words? And to have a faithful lapdog like Z who pants and wags to your every typed word....must be exhilarating...for you not the dog.
Why not give ISIS a few hundred million, seems fair. We did go in to Afghanistan and knock around the place disrupting the economy in search of justice.
How does that sound to you two? Want to write a check to ISI or the Taliban for the losses we have cost them?

Better yet...board the next flight out of the USA and do us all a favor.

Dnice...please refer all comments to these two wherever it appears in the thread.

" Mar 13, 18 12:28 AM


My, my, my, the dollar has suffered so much the last 37 years in the world.

Let me put my thinking cap on, you argue we HAD to return the money, thinking like a true liberal you would be correct. Rational thought would be....no, we don't, what we should have done with that money is given it to the hostages and their families for the failure of the past Democrat presidents, First Truman then Carter that led to the crisis, and to the families of the service men killed in a botched rescue attempt that never should have been attempted, except JC was desperate to end the crisis to show he was really a leader. Fact is, JC negotiations prevented the hostages from ever getting restitution from Iran. But your Hero saw nothing wrong with flying in the middle of the night with a pallet of gold, nothing to see here folks, move along.

It is interesting to note however, that America does not negotiate with terrorists, unless of course a Democrat is in office. Then the kitchen sink is on the table.

Your inability, and the other wing nuts that follow your logic, to admit that the USA suffered 8 years under Obama, and his programs still harm Americans to this day(I can no longer see my general practitioner because he could no longer afford his own practice, joined an abomination of healthcare proffesionals that no longer accept my insurance. Thanks B! Thought I could keep my doctor) is telling and pitiful. Instead you use big words and just sound pompous, blowing hot air.

Z....^^^^^History lesson, pay attention^^^^^

And one last thing

I wrote in a candidate last election, you know the old saying about assuming, that shoe fits you like a glove.

" Mar 13, 18 10:59 AM

Fact check me then, and if you'd care to call me a criminal in person like a real man and not a keyboard commando, I'm happy to oblige at a location of your choosing. Amazing what the censors of this board place red ink on, and then let others skate if it fits within the papers past lean. The time will come shortly where you, Z, and the other commandos will loose your voice because you will no longer be able to hide behind your imac." Mar 14, 18 12:00 AM

Empirical Fact: Known from direct experience.

So, you have first hand knowledge of the 1930's and 2008 economy making you roughly 98 years old, or a liar. I'll go with Liar only because you never actually made a statement of fact in your post to Bayman, just questions and a poor opinion.

If you had made a Fact based statement refuting the 1930 to 2008 comparison, you'd be once again lying. I see a pattern. I did a quick Google search where all I did was type....I'll go slow for you.....1930.....economy......Obama.....PRESTO. It's called fact checking before mouthfooting. You should try it. AND, before you try and discredit my cites, sources, or whatever you happen to do, Forbes, Washington Examiner. CNN Money has an article on his GDP never breaking the 3% average.

Your use of "" is getting annoying. Using "" around cites claims that the poster used the word cites somewhere in the post. He did not.

"You don't dignify nonsense with a thoughtful reply, you identify it as irrelevant and meet it with derision."
See my use of quotation marks above^^^Proper usage, YOU said this, So I quoted it back at you and have given you credit for saying something that is so very fitting and relevant to your post." Mar 14, 18 3:33 PM

How refreshing it is to note our resident V.I. is still on top of his game, and that after a comment is 4 days old it is the only thing this space cadet is able to pull out of that tin foil cap.

Personally I think you're just "green" with envy...

Blah, blah, blah....I suppose the fact that Bill was impeached, lied blatantly, destroyed another human beings life in the process, Hill busted up a bunch of phones, B.O. ( I'm gonna use that from now on for Obama)blocked any investigation of Hill, the Clintons took money from Russia (here is a little hint for you, you self announced geek....ROSATOM) now would the real criminals please step forward.

Now I know what comes next, hhs is going to start with the "prejudicial, misleading, false, irrelovent" dribble that is just about the only thing he has in his bag, but we all know the truth. Hillary Rodham Clinton should be in a jumpsuit in Guantanamo bay.
This whole Russia investigation is focused on the wrong issue, and extremely hypocritical of the USA. We have been running black ops and overthrowing governments for decades for money. That's life. That's the truth. It happened in Iran and it is what got those hostages taken. Now come down off that high horse of yours and go buy a $7 latte because this is America.

NOW, when you start operating in the best interest of yourself and not America, you are an enemy of the state...i.e. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Read the article "Cash flowed to Clinton Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal" N.Y. Times, April 23, 2015.
Jumpsuit Guantanamo bay.

And if you are so naive as to think for 1 second that the policy of apoligetical government that B.O. had did not make this world a more dangerous place for America, there is absolutely no hope for you. We gave our enemies money and uranium, and the bottom line is I don't give a crap who likes or how many likes I get like you 4 clicking away on your posts. It's actually pretty PATHETIC. That you can sit here and argue about Russian meddling in an election that either way we were going to lose, but at least this way we lost less. The alternative was in bed with Russia not colluding with.

Now use big words, question sources, deflect, deny...."The truth is out there...."Mulder.

"God's don't kill people, ignorant people kill people"
" Mar 17, 18 10:26 AM

Well, GEE, if hhs says it ain't true, he is a smarter than the whole N.Y. Times, CNN, MSNBC. I'm a country right wing pumpkin, and he talks like a well edumacated man.

So Bill didn't take $500,000.00 from a Russian bank as a speakers fee, and Hill never accepted campaign contributions from Canadian business men involved in a canadian uranium mining company that was later sold to the Russians given them complete control of the largest supply of uranium on the planet now know as Uranium One. And a "mistake" was never made by the canadian enrichment company that "accidentally" gave away 25% of U.S. enriched uranium instead of "yellow cake"
Perhaps 4 donations by a man named Giustra totalling 2.35 million dollars was never made to the Clinton Foundation, the same man who was selling stakes of uranium mining. The same man who became the largest individual donor to the Clinton Foundation despite having a very similar foundation.
But then again, the Clinton campaign denies any wrong doing by Hillary, so we should just take their word for it.
I suppose that Clinton aide named Cooper was lying to the FBI when he told them he personally destroyed 2 Clinton phones by breaking them in half or with a hammer on page 9 of the released FBI report. I suppose it was false information provided by the FBI that Clinton had 13 devices and the FBI is unable to recover any of them. According to Huma, aside from the 2 hammered, nobody knows what happened to the others. Sounds like our safety and security were in capable hands.

I could go on and on, thank God she lost.

Refer to a dictionary for the definition of " fantasy" and "reality". You will be astonished.

"God's don't kill people, ignorant people kill people."" Mar 17, 18 12:32 PM

Yeah, you're right I made it up. It just seemed so unbelievable I don't know what I was thinking right?

Look closely at that model
The picture captured a proud and emotional moment: Sen. Chuck Schumer on Monday announcing a new Navy warship to be named after Long Island hero and Irish immigrant Patrick Gallagher, who was awarded the Navy Cross for saving Marines in a Vietnam grenade attack in 1966. He was killed in action a year later at age 23. This week, the Senate Democratic leader handed a model ship marked “USS Gallagher” to a relative of the slain Marine. The picture ran in Newsday. Then the letters to the editor came in.

Eagle-eyed readers pointed out that the model vessel was not an Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer as the USS Gallagher will be. Stanley Kalemaris, 75, of Melville, said his nephew had served on the same class of destroyer. The model looked very different. Actually, it looked Russian, said Kalemaris, who learned all about Cold War hardware as a Grumman employee.

Kalemaris appears to be correct. An examination of the weaponry on the model ship matches with the specifications of a Sovremenny class destroyer, as listed in the authoritative compendium Jane’s Fighting Ships.

Sovremenny class vessels were built for the Russian Navy starting decades ago, and a few were sold to China.

The toy version is less of a geopolitical threat and is available for purchase online, with the same markings that exist on the bow of the Schumer ship. Not, however, with the Gallagher name.

“It was a generic, model destroyer for the family to symbolize the actual US Navy destroyer,” Schumer spokesman Angelo Roefaro wrote in an emailed statement.

Schumer is known for using props to dramatize issues, from e-cigarettes (potentially dangerous) to luggage (bad baggage fees). The props sometimes tell serious human stories and also enliven a career’s worth of news conferences.

You probably should have just asked for a source instead of accusing me of lying, Mr Empirical Fact." Mar 18, 18 1:01 PM


While you have your dictionary open, take a gander at "deflect", "maladmister", "misapply", "denial", "delusional", and "dishonest". FACTS are facts, as stated, in public record, under sworn testimony. Now, unless you feel most Americans are okey dokey with lying under oath, but not okey dokey with keeping terrorist money, that is your problem. You have once again shown you have no intelligent information to contribute other that useless babble and your own misdirected opinions that are shared by 3 others.

The only thing delusional attached to any of my posts would be YOU." Mar 18, 18 1:19 PM


So, according to your post, if you have a fact it is followed by an indictment, no indictment and it is just a belief and a presumption.
Got it.
Explains the delusional world you live in.

You need to pay better attention, I wrote in a candidate, when faced with the 2 lesser evils I took a different route so I can look my children in the eye and tell them I believe in honesty and integrity. The lesser of the worse choice won, and I am not completely comfortable with that, but damn glad there is not another Clinton in the whitehouse.

Continue to make posts full of nothing but pretty words. Again the old adage about assuming fits you perfectly." Mar 19, 18 9:48 AM

In other news

During a recent trip to India, Clinton told attendees at a conference in Mumbai that Americans did not "deserve" a Trump presidency, said she won the states "that are optimistic, diverse, dynamic, moving forward," and said that Trump's campaign was "looking backwards."

Clinton summed up Trump's message as "you know, you didn't like black people getting rights, you don't like women, you know, getting jobs. You don't want, you know, to see that Indian American succeeding more than you are."

Clinton's original comments drew backlash from Democrats, among them Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin of Illinois, who told "Fox News Sunday" that the former secretary of state's remarks were "not helpful."

"Thirty percent of the people who voted for Donald Trump had voted for President Obama," Durbin pointed out. "Why? The same people who looked for change with President Obama thought there wasn’t enough as far as their personal lives were concerned and they supported Donald Trump.

"That is a reality that Democrats acknowledge."

Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) said Sunday that former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s recent comments about Trump voters are “wrong” and “not helpful.”

“No, it’s not helpful at all,” Durbin told “Fox News Sunday,” when asked about the remarks. “In fact my friend Hillary Clinton is wrong.”

Clinton recently described the states that supported her during the 2016 election as more economically advanced than those that backed President Trump.

This is after Hillary states:

“You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right?” Clinton said. “The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic—you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that. And he has lifted them up.”

And then there is this

Democrats "do not do well with white men, and we don't do well with married, white women. And part of that is an identification with the Republican Party, and a sort of ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should."

The Democrat wrote that as much as she hates the possibility, "it's not that crazy when you think about our ongoing struggle to reach gender balance— even within the same household."

Gender Balance?

“She says to his credit he tried to break it off, tried to pull away, tried to manage someone who was clearly a 'narcissistic loony toon,’ but it was beyond control," Diane Blair, a friend and confidant to the former first lady, wrote about a conversation they had in September 1998.

Narcissistic personality disorder: A disorder in which a person has an inflated sense of self-importance.

It was the Russians
It was Comey
It was Facebook
It was the F.B.I.
It was wiki-leaks
It was the poor schlep around the corner from the mass murderer who should be blamed for the murdering according to Mets fan
It was God according to z (I thank Him for that daily)
It was a thesaurus according to hhs

BUT, it was NOT the fact that America didn't want me in office...HRC.

" Mar 19, 18 11:14 AM

@Fore, are you implying that the belief in God leads directly to death? That is certainly something worth letting the rest of the world know. Its a shame Mother Teresa did not know that, she wasted 87 years just to die for her belief. Here is another fact for you....

100% of people who do not believe in God die.
Mind blowing." Mar 20, 18 11:23 AM

“Because we have a bunch of dumbs‑‑‑s over there,” Salcido said in the video. “Think about the people who you know who are over there. Your freaking stupid Uncle Louie or whatever. … They’re not like high-level thinkers, they’re not academic people, they’re not intellectual people. They’re the lowest of our low.”

Progressive far left democrat gregory salcido ( lower case purposely placed )then explains his remark.

“I don’t think it’s all a revelation to anybody that those who aren’t stellar students usually find the military a better option. … That’s not a criticism of anybody. Anything I said had nothing to do with their moral character,” he said during a February city council meeting.

His position on the city council is inclusion of Pico Rivera into American mainstream, i.e. don't be racist

The military was losing to “dudes wearing freaking robes and chanclas [flip-flops] in Iraq and Afghanistan,” he told his students.

“The data is in, we don’t have a good military,” he continued. “We couldn’t beat the Vietnamese. They’re a bunch of people this freaking big throwing rice at us.”

He also criticized military recruiters in public schools. “It’s a lie that our military is freaking b‑‑‑‑ing,” he said.

“So, if you join the military, it’s because you had no other options,” Salcido was heard saying. “It’s because you didn’t take care of business academically, because your parents didn’t love you enough to push you and then you didn’t love yourself enough to push yourself.”

And last but not least from this congressional wannabe

Of the reaction to his remarks, he said: “This is probably the most exaggerated situation I’ve ever seen.”.

@Washington Post Alex Horton, Eli Rosenberg.

Can we here the opinions of our 'Lefties'?" Mar 21, 18 3:19 PM




Honestly, this is the most disturbing reply to any post. I seriously thought you lefties would put some distance, but you embrace and excuse? These Men and Women die for you.

Shut this down 27east. Or reveal these commandos true IDENTITIES.

My name is on my post, cowards. " Mar 21, 18 10:06 PM

East End Residents Participate In Marches Protesting Gun Violence

Nikolas Cruz
Legally purchased after treatment in a mental health facility, expelled from school for violent tendencies, reported to authorities on multiple occasions, recent being when he stated he was going to be “going to be a professional school shooter.” FBI twice was informed and twice deemed it not worthy of investigation at the very basic level.

Devin Kelley
History of domestic violence barred him from buying guns legally. He was able to do so because the Air Force failed to notify the FBI of a past criminal conviction that included the strangulation of his wife and fracturing of her son's skull.

Stephen Paddock
Was able to purchase 33 of the 49 weapons found in a two year period undetected because because federal law does not require licensed gun dealers to alert the government about rifle purchases.

Omar Mateen
Purchased an AR-15-style rifle, a Sig Sauer MCX, and a handgun on separate days about a week before the attack from a licensed dealer near his home in Fort Pierce, Florida. This after the FBI investigated Omar twice because of co-workers concerns about statements he had made concerning possible ties to terrorist groups.

SyedFarook" Mar 26, 18 6:40 PM

Syed farook
Used a rifle that was legally purchased by his neighbor. The two had planned to attack a community college.

Christopher Harper-mercer
Family legally purchased firearm.

Dylan Roof
Was able to purchase a firearm even tho he had a prior drug conviction that should have prevented him from doing so. It was a clerical error.

Aaron Alexis
Was able to purchase a firearm even after a history of violent outburts and mental health treatment. He was given an honourable discharge honourable discharge despite bouts of insubordination, disorderly conduct and unauthorized absences.

Adam Lanza
Used his mother's firearms that were legally purchased.

James Holmes
Was able to purchase firearms despite the fact he was receiving psychiatric treatment when he passed required federal background checks.

So, where in these cases can you find that the majority of them lead to a ban and infringement on law abiding citizens rights, and not to enforcement of the laws already in place?

Mass Shootings under the Last Five Presidents

Ronald Reagan: 1981-1989 (8 years) 11 mass shootings
Incidents with 8 or more deaths = 5

George H. W. Bush: 1989-1993 (4 years) 12 mass murders
Incidents with 8 or more deaths = 3

Bill Clinton: 1993-2001 (8 years) 23 mass murders
Incidents with 8 or more deaths = 4

George W. Bush: 2001-2009 (8 years) 20 mass murders
Incidents with 8 or more deaths = 5

Barrack H. Obama: 2009-2015 (in 7th year) 162 mass murders
Incidents with 8 or more deaths = 18

But I'd be remiss if I did not mention that Obama lowered the victim count from 4 to 3 raising his total. Using previous method Obama would have 27 mass murders, and 11 with more than 8 deaths.

Still, Obama led the pack, and public outcry was far less virulent.

If you..June, Z, metsfan, fore, fred,Turkey, HH, are so outraged....you had years to solve this. Again, the man who now wishes to make a million of himself, did nothing.
" Mar 26, 18 7:11 PM

I listed 10 mass shooters, 6 of which should not have been able to purchase the weapon used, but various forms of government did not due its job, 1 a law needs to be enacted in common sense fashion prohibiting the stockpiling of weapons, 2 came down to poor parenting, control, and responsibility of your weapon, and only 1 is truly difficulty to prevent.

Are you looking for a ban, or government to do it's job? That is why 4 dems joined the republicans in voting down Obama advanced assault weapon ban.

I for one would prefer to keep my guns, raise responsible respectful children, and have the government DUE ITS JOB." Mar 27, 18 9:09 AM

Now that is some revisionist history.
Certifiable." Mar 27, 18 8:13 PM

Haven't used Facebook in 10 years, tried to delete it today...you can't.

You have to die, then have someone let Facebook know your dead, then they will "delete" your account, after they steal as much as they can because you won't know because your dead.

Try it." Mar 28, 18 5:20 PM

Sounds like a crack pot, bucket full of non compos mentis good time, count J.Buggy in, she'll bring the tin foil...." Mar 28, 18 11:31 PM

Ahhh... the youth of America, protesting, fear mongering, taking selfies, and filling Nikolas Cruz's fan mail and commissary account. VIVA' LA JEUNESSE!!!

"The letter was mailed from Texas and tucked inside an envelope covered with hand-drawn hearts and happy faces. “Your eyes are beautiful and the freckles on your face make you so handsome.” She goes on to describe herself as white with big, brown eyes. “I’m really skinny and have 34C sized breasts.” She ends the letter with three preschool-rated jokes about gummy bears and peanut butter."
Sun Sentinel 3/28/18

Yep, we are in good hands. I knew it when I saw the "Fund Education not Defence" sign. " Mar 29, 18 12:04 AM

"Fear has played a starring role in the history of our gun laws. The Founders avoided a standing army out of fear of a coup, instead establishing citizen militias out of fear of insurrections by freed slaves"

2 fears, what cowards!! Let's put your little statement to the history test shall we?


Article 1, section 8
To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years;

To provide and maintain a Navy;

To make Rules for the Government and Regulation of the land and naval Forces.

To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions;

To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the MILITIA, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress;
After New Hampshire ratified on June 21, 1788, the Constitution became official.

Was a state that was reliant on "slave patrols", it ratified after New Hampshire, thus shooting down your "fear of slave uprising" theory. On the contrary, why don't you mosey down to the library and research the "Three-Fifths Clause, the Slave Trade Clause, the Domestic Insurrection Clause, the Fugitive Slave Clause and the amendment provisions." Dealing with slavery. Or maybe the relationship between James Madison, Patrick Henry and George Mason.

Or you could look at the dates
U.S. CONTITUTION. June 21, 1788.

2ND AMENDMENT. December 15, 1791


I love history....." Mar 29, 18 12:42 AM

London's murder rate surpasses that of NYC.

Case Closed." Apr 6, 18 1:33 PM

London's murder rate surpasses that of NYC....that is the London where nobody has guns. Six teens stabbed in 90 minutes....15, 16, year olds. Stabbed. Will and way. Guns have nothing to do with it, unless it's a sensational left wing blah blah point.

Grow up.

Case closed." Apr 6, 18 9:51 PM

"Fake news":Fake news is a type of yellow journalism or propaganda that consists of deliberate misinformation or hoaxes spread via traditional print and broadcast news media or online social media.[1][2] Fake news is written and published with the intent to mislead in order to damage an agency, entity, or person, and/or gain financially or politically,[3][4][5] often using sensationalist, dishonest, or outright fabricated headlines to increase readership, online sharing, and Internet click revenue.
Hat is known to purposely mislead, if hh really wanted to hh could go back to his comments, lifting the "ambiguity", but chooses not to.
Hat also deflects often when beaten, hence the change of subject from "Fake news" to Bayman3142 and assumptions on his cop status.
And finally, when faced with a no win, Hat will bring up something entirely not relevant.

There is being wrong about something, and correcting yourself, and then there is the continuation of "Fake news" as is clearly pointed out." Apr 7, 18 2:39 PM

Just like you fore, a well thought out argument with facts and references, and you just skim on over it all. And if we are speaking on the spreading of fake news, where does it say hhs was guilty of a DWI? always thought there was something else that came after an arrest.....what was that now?" Apr 8, 18 3:20 PM

Can you show us the excessive salary increases you are referring to? Spelled out clearly for us common folk. I see 8 years of actual data, and a 2 million dollar increase over those 8 years. Now, I'm no math wizard, but that is roughly 2% a year give or take.

Using the same years stated, health care cost the town an increase of 49.9%. (I'll have to check the website to be sure) so if you are using base and benefits, would you say 16% in salary is less than 50% in benefits? And why are you including benefits anyway, don't all full time town employees receive the same benefits? Is it just a sensational way to come up with a bigger number?

Are you going to answer any of the question posed to you by bayman3142?
I personally was unable to find the word "benefits" in your statement. Is this the EDITED statement you refer to? The language is consistent with his previous attribution.

Are you saying the TOWN has no responsibility to act on ill behavior in one of its departments?

Will you ever give an honest answer? So far you have been consistent. You never answer anything, just make a statement with no evidence. It certainly appears you have lied in your statements. Being a liar, and excusing your lies by accusing someone else as a liar, seems really small and immature. Did bayman3142 EDIT your statement? Let's start there, it's easily to verify who is truthful. If so, I will gladly call on him to answer why. I won't be holding my breath for an answer, I've already checked....he posted it word for word. No BENEFITS used.

You have again demonstrated empirically that in addition to not being able to speak the truth (as we are already aware), neither can you recognize it.

" Apr 8, 18 4:05 PM

You can't even stand behind your own statements. Go play FortNite or something, the grownups need to talk.


Are you having a party when you reach 10,000 useless opinions, or just putting it on the fridge?" Apr 9, 18 11:21 PM

It was sarcastic, thanks for joining the group." Apr 10, 18 7:40 AM

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