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11 rescued pups find new hope at town shelter

Ms. Knowlton obviously has a heart as big as Texas. I'm sure it stings to hear the comments that have been made. But the negative comments are coming from people with many years of animal rescue experience. They are not classless - rather they are incredibly frustrated to witness the continued mismanagement of our shelter.They know all too well that the influx of puppies are designed to be a diversion from the real issues.
All rescue people know - or should know- that rule # 1 is to spay/neuter. Leaving the mother unspayed is a guarantee of future unwanted litters. Will you be back in 6 months with more from the same mother? Is SC stepping in to educate and hopefully break the cycle? If not you are nothing more than a broker for a mixed-breed puppy mill. Again, sorry to hurt your feelings but ther'e a whole lot more to rescue than taking animals from one shelter and dumping them in another. Expecting these pups to somehow bolster our local economy is ludicrous. That, combined with having to be the poster children of the "no problems here" shelter is quite a lot of pressure for these tiny guys.
I have a quote too: "Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining."" Feb 9, 09 3:11 PM

Adoption applications on the rise at animal shelter

Mr McAlvey is right on target when suggesting the shelter should be privatized. After all, Ms. Russell has been running it as if it were her own private enterprise. Taking puppies from out of state to boost your adoption numbers is a scam. "Safe-keep" sounds like free room and board with no owner responsibility and lots of Town liability. These practices are much better suited for the private rescue groups. Lest we forget, ours is a municipal shelter. It should not be turned into a warehouse for the unadoptable. Or a clearinghouse for other shelters who are struggling with the daunting task of animal control and lack of owner responsibility.
What shelter will bail us out when Ms. Russell has turned our shelter into the one from South Carolina? Full of unwanted animals - out of money - having to resort to euthanasia to deal with over-population and disease outbreak. Ms. Russell should move over to the private sector. Those who agree with her management style could then donate willingly to that shelter .
Any criticism that has been aired against the current management should be taken seriously by the Town Board. We are taxpayers who have a right to complain when they feel their money is being squandered. I don't believe for one minute that this project is fully funded by LCARF. In your last article wasn't Ms. Knowlton begging for a vet to donate time for medical care?
I just read that Bide-A-Wee is closing one of its shelters due to financial issues. The real question here: Is there a local benevolent group with the resources and know-how willing to privatize, take over this mess and get our shelter back on track?

" Feb 25, 09 10:13 AM

Group may recommend restructuring, sale of East Hampton's facilities

It's not that a town manager is a bad idea - it's who you plan on putting there.
For example, Larry Cantwell has been phenomenal as the Village Administrator in East Hampton. Richard Blowes in Southampton Town - not so much. Week after week we read about his mis-management and out-of- control spending with no oversight. My gut instinct tells me Deb Foster would place herself as Town Manager even though she is not worthy of re-election for any position given her past performance." Mar 4, 09 12:52 PM

Forum considers a town manager for East Hampton

Tread carefully - while Larry Cantwell is an excellent village manager- one needs to look no further than Southampton to find an example of a town manager who is drunk with power and running the place into the ground." Jul 15, 09 3:24 PM

Campaign notebook: East Hampton GOP opens headquarters

HA! Is there ANY budget these Dems can balance?" Aug 11, 09 10:52 AM

Southampton Town working out terms for animal shelter privatization

Sincere and heartfelt appreciation for Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation and the selfless and very generous Susan Allen. Clearly these people have a vision - so let's try to not harp on them too much about 3 years from now. They have their work cut out for them in the present. Best of luck and again - thank you for your hard work and kind spirits." Nov 17, 09 10:12 AM

Foundation takes reins at Southampton Town Animal Shelter

If I remember correctly, it was reported that the Foundation would allow all town shelter employees an opportunity to apply for positions available once privatized. The only one promising jobs to all that were laid off by the Town when Sup. Kabot eliminated funding was another politician who in reality had no say as to who would be hired. It certainly appears that the Foundation (God bless Susan Allen) dodged a bullet when not hiring back a vindictive and destructive individual whose judgement is questionable. Does anyone really want someone capable of this type of behavior providing care to our most vulnerable shelter animals?
One more thing - this article was intended at least in part (I believe) to serve as recognition for Sony Schotland's hard work and dedication. She deserves our appreciation." Jan 26, 10 9:41 AM

Foundation rejects volunteer's application at animal shelter

WOW - talk about your toxic personalities! I say: Take your ill-gotten settlement money Ms. Lynch and start your own foundation. You can be in charge, declare yourself head dog-walker and spew your venom in any direction you choose." Jan 29, 10 11:10 AM

Foster claims lack of transparency in East Hampton Town financial plan

WOW! Deb Foster must clang when she walks. And Zwirn sheesh - how dare the new administration not have years of fiscal malfeasance not fixed to your satisfaction in 4 months time! Bring down a Democratic Supe??? He should be in jail. Thank God we dodged the bullet by overwhelmingly defeating you on election day." May 13, 10 11:03 AM

*Sorry one too many nots" May 13, 10 1:27 PM

Talkhouse owner honored for community service

Props for Peter!!" Jun 7, 10 10:44 AM

Protest over Beach Hampton beach guards

Everyone in EH with a beach driving permit should drive onto the beach before 9AM and set up for the day @ "Rona's beach" Make sure you bring your dogs!" Aug 4, 10 11:46 AM