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East Hampton Democrats File Complaint With State Over Helicopter Contributions To GOP Campaign

This board has exposed the taxpayers to increased taxes because they have misspent hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting a battle they have been told from the beginning they would lose because their methods were contrary to federal law. They have illegally diverted the airport funds to pay for their legal fees and will not only have to pay that back, but will have to pay hefty fines for it. That money will come from taxpayers. Plus their intentional refusal to perform the maintenance is a ticking time bomb for an accident to occur which will expose the town and its taxpayers to huge multimillion dollar lawsuits. That money will also come from taxpayers. Plus if they get their way, the airport will not longer be self sufficient and will either have to be closed or supported by taxpayer dollars - either way is really bad for the local community and economy. Vote these people out now!" Oct 30, 15 1:55 PM

Amelia your #3 is a blatant falsehood that your QSC mouthpiece, Burke-Gonzalez, keeps spreading. First, the RUNWAY desperately needs paving, not the TAXIWAY. The town put a tiny bit of asphalt on a taxiway that didn't need it so they could trumpet that the did "repairs". They did nothing to address or fix the dangers on the actual RUNWAY. Second, the town replaced some light bulbs on a TAXIWAY but refused to fix the lighting on the RUNWAY. Which do you think is more important to see at night. Third, none of the tall trees that protrude into the glide slope have been trimmed and no fence protection has been installed to keep deer, turkey, and other wildlife off the runways. Runway 16-34 is still so cracked and covered with weeds that you'd blow a tire landing on it. The AWOS is still outdated, missing critical weather info, and frequently offline. Nothing has been done. The town board has made it very clear they don't want to make any repairs to the real problems because they think if they make it dangerous enough it will have to be closed down (ex: runway 4-22). To quote Cantwell - promises mean nothing, if you want to garner the real intent of the town board you see if their actions speak louder than their words. How can anyone support a town board that is intentionally putting its residents in harms way. " Nov 2, 15 6:16 PM

UPDATE: Cantwell, Incumbents, Reelected In East Hampton; Schneiderman Takes Southampton Supervisor Seat; Scalera, Bouvier Win Board Seats

They will close our community airport within a year (two at longest) and sell it off to the highest bidders from the Quiet Skies/Gruber/Lipper group to be developed into McMansions. Such a shame to see an 80 year old tradition of local aviation killed by this administration. " Nov 4, 15 10:52 AM

Here is an example of who this administration is working with: Upon hearing the election results, "Kathleen Cunningham, the chairwoman of the Quiet Skies Coalition, yelled, "We showed them!" Someone else yelled, "Blackhawk down!" which garnered a lot of laughs." Nice that these vicious people think its funny to laugh at the deaths of 18 of our brave servicemen, whose bodies were subsequently mutilated and dragged through the streets. Then again this is the same group that posts the deaths of local and regional pilots on their Facebook page with disturbing schadenfreude." Nov 4, 15 11:07 AM

UPDATE: Body Found By Hunter In Woods Apparently About 500 Feet Away From Lilia Aucapina's House

You people watch waaaaaay too many "crime dramas" on TV. Real life investigations are not anything like that. It's also very uncommon to have staged murder scenes. But enjoy your conspiracy theories over a cup of hot cocoa. " Nov 23, 15 6:33 PM

East Hampton Energy Sustainability Committee In Favor Of Plans For Offshore Wind Farm

Anyone with an Internet connection can learn how horrible the wind farm idea has turned out for Europe. Just google "Europe wind farm problems". Not only does it cost more to consumers but the industry is a flop. Leave it to Cantwell to support something that will end up increasing everyone's energy bills. Uber prohibition, rental registry, Montauk parties, closure of the airport...this will fit right in on his list of "accomplishments" that harm the local community. " Feb 10, 16 1:48 PM

Southampton Town Supports State Bill On Future Funding For East Hampton Airport

Just a reality check - no matter how many times the QSC and its bought-and-paid-for political cronies use the phrase "helicopters", their goals are the elimination of ALL aviation of all sizes in the East End. Their proposed restrictions and limitations on funding are designed to equally harm the local recreational aviation community. This has been repeatedly demonstrated by the rejection of the proposals that locally based single engine prop aircraft be excluded from the curfew fines and be excluded from the new landing fees for locally hangered small prop planes. Imagine being told that in addition to your property taxes which pay for roads, you had to pay an extra fee every single time you drove on the street to your house. Don't be fooled by their pretending it's only about helicopters and noise - they won't stop until the airport land is theirs to develop into a whole crop of McMansions for summer people. Funny how when they were asked to pass legislation that said the airport couldn't be defunded or closed without a community vote they adamantly rejected that proposal, but now want to use that same concept to preclude future funding of the airport. " Feb 24, 16 11:15 PM

Consultants: Curfews Made East Hampton Airport Quieter In 2015

Since you are an executive member of the Quiet Skies Coalition, why don't you point out exactly what "court rulings" from exactly which cases require the town to change the landing fee system to now charge locally based aircraft landing fees.... We will be waiting a long time since that was something completely made up by Cantwell and no such court rulings have been made. But thanks for once again proving her point that people like you and your QSC group are encouraging the town board to attack small recreational pilots and local small aviation with as much, if not more, vitriol as you do outside helicopters. " Mar 22, 16 3:24 PM

Funny PBR how you can't identify the alleged "court rulings" Cantwell referenced either. Instead you just revert to insults and name calling without interjecting a single tidbit of fact. What logic is faulty? What statements are inaccurate? His statements are on video tape for crying out loud. " Mar 22, 16 7:58 PM

You glaringly failed to identify the supposed "court rulings" that you and Cantwell claim were the reason the town was forced to add locally based planes to the fee schedule. Bottom line is the only reason the changes were made was to punish local pilots for not siding with the town board and to stop future flight training at HTO. Since you love to spread mid-information let's clear this up. In pre-2013 the landing fee schedule had low rates and locally based airplanes were excluded. In 2014 the town board majorly jacked up the landing fees but still there was no fee for locally based airplanes. Sound and Friends of HTO filed Part 16 complaints with the FAA objecting to the fee increase. As even the town's consultants explained - no decision has been made on either Part 16 action. Yet in response the town board suddenly announced that it was going to start charging landing fees for locally based airplanes. They did not do it per any court ruling - they did it as revenge since local pilots wouldn't join them against Sound and the Friends group.
The idea that QSC has helped the airport in anyway is delusional and absurd. QSC has FOUGHT every single proposed repair or upgrade. These are the people who bragged about injured or killed pilots on their Facebook page. Check out their ridiculous "concept image" as they declare how unnecessary a deer fence is at HTO. The only reason the few repairs were made was because a lawsuit was filed against the town forcing them to take action. The town paved a closed runway instead of the active one that is full of cracks and weeds. They put in taxiway lighting but none for the runway. Heck the PAPI lights are now broken too. They only installed the new AWOS because in Dec the old one was so broken it was telling planes they were 200-300 ft higher than they were - it was a ticking time bomb for planes using an instrument approach that they would crash into the trees! Oh yeah, those trees that have grown even taller over the past 3 years the board has STILL not cut them. Where's the deer fence or parallel taxiway that the board's own plans says were supposed to be done and finished last year. QSC is about as helpful as two broken legs on a ballet dancer. Your sheep's clothing that "this is only about helicopters" and "no one wants to hurt local pilots" has fallen off. " Mar 22, 16 8:37 PM

The town has zero nil nada no ability to regulate or modify RNAV/GPS (or any other) approaches. Those approach plates and all aircraft in flight are solely governed by the FAA. The town cannot ever tell a plane where it can fly in the air. Instrument approaches by their very nature have to be long straight paths. Geography and physics dictate that if winds are coming from the east then planes on instrument approaches must fly over North Sea to runway 10 (straight line). The use of runway 10 is exclusively determined by wind direction, not random choice. If you meant to talk about helicopters, that's a whole different set of rules and HTO does not have any GPS approaches for helicopters. If you meant to refer to the voluntary helicopter routes that have been created over the past few years, I agree they should be reevaluated to see if additional or modified ones can be proposed so one area doesn't get all the traffic. However if those changes are done at the same pace as the glide slope tree removal it'll take a decade. " Mar 23, 16 10:20 AM

East End Hillary Supporters Reflect On Their Choice For President

She "understands the needs of the East End"?? She rented a $12M house for $50,000 per week. That's what most people earn in a year! More like she understands the needs of an elite few and steps all over everyone else. " May 3, 16 10:36 AM

Musicians Decry Music Decibel Level Restrictions In Montauk

Shhhhh!!! Everyone has to whisper in the Hamptons after 9pm. If the town board hears a peep from anyone they will pass laws to issue everyone $1000 fines. And if you are observed enjoying yourself more than three times you will be banned from the Hamptons. " Jun 15, 16 1:50 PM

'Prince of Montauk' Dylan Eckardt Charged By East Hampton Town Police Monday With Driving Under Influence Of Drugs

He's the kind of d*uche canoe who makes you miss the historic use of impressment. Perfect candidate. " Jun 21, 16 5:25 PM

New Website Allows Tracking Of Aircraft Over East End

Finally we can show how often QSC and others lie about supposedly low flying aircraft "buzzing their homes at 200ft". Example: QSC claimed that on 6/19 at 4:45pm a landing helicopter flew at 200ft over some hikers near South Breeze Drive (which is 1/2 mile from the approach end of Rwy 16). Radar showed not only were there no helicopters landing at that time, but the only landing ones within a full 30 minute time block around their claim came from the west (not north) and were well over 500ft until on airport property (over 1000ft until 1/2 mile from airport). There were two departing helicopters around that time but one was 1400ft and the other was nearly 2000ft over South Breeze. This will also show how many complaints are related to aircraft that have nothing to do with HTO, including a multitude of complaints about international jets from JFK heading overseas at >15,000ft that are attributed to HTO. Fantastic piece of factual technology!" Jun 23, 16 9:05 AM

Airport Noise Committee Proposes Civilian Airplane Monitoring System for Southampton Residents

The anti-airport people don't like the fact that the Vector and Plane Noise systems are repeatedly showing they are outright liars when they claim planes are "200ft over their house" (actual altitudes are over 2000ft), so they have come up with their own "tracking system" and are requiring our local governments use their version instead of the nationally recognized third party ones. It was pretty embarrassing for them when the data has shown that some of their complaints are about international flights from JFK at >15k ft and many complaints were logged when no planes were even in the area. They forgot to mention that Dan Abranoff, the "inventor" of their system, is a huge anti-aviation protestor who moved under an existing flight path in 2013 and is now demanding that planes stop flying over because he lives there now. Clearly the town boards do not care one fig for facts or reality, they are linked hand in hand with this small anti-airport group to ultimately close the airport and make a fortune off the sale and development of the land. So much for even a semblance of impartiality from our town boards. " Jul 6, 16 11:31 AM

His complete lack of understanding of basic physics is hilarious. Little facts like air is colder as you go up so why would you linger close to the ground if you really needed cold air to make a jet engine work...the whole premise of how a jet engine works requires the air to be heated...rates of climb are determined by invariable mathematics and physics to ensure a plane does not stall and crash...spatial physics in our universe dictates that if you are on the ground when you take off you will be at a low altitude right after you take off...
He's about as smart as QSC arguing that commercial aviation is safer than general aviation so air taxi services involving customers paying for travel (seaplanes and commuter helicopters) should be prohibited for safety reasons. Umm, they might want to look up the definition of "commercial aviation" next time..." Jul 6, 16 7:52 PM

One more very important point - the Air Noise Report system is limited to ONLY tracking SMALL PLANES and helicopters. It does not track jets! Except for a very few helicopters, nearly ALL of the data being gathered by this system relates to "non-noisy" aircraft as specifically defined by EH Town Board. David Gruber's public report on behalf of the EH Noise Committee emphatically said they were focused on only restricting "noisy" aircraft and that they did not want to affect small recreational planes. Yet this tracking system is exclusively designed to track small recreational planes. Further proof that their goal is not noise, but the elimination of all aviation from the East End. " Jul 7, 16 5:43 PM

East Hampton Planning Board Sued Over Bowling Alley Approval

Bragman is also the attorney and Raebeck is the founder of the Quiet Skies Coalition, which is seeking to close the adjacent airport down to get their hands on the 660 acres of airport property to make a fortune developing it. It is no coincidence that they are fighting to stop this project too since it will seriously undermine their plans for the land in that area. It's amazing that the Town Board has been so blinded by these smooth talkers and legal bullies who are only looking to line their own pockets to the detriment of this community." Jul 13, 16 10:06 PM

New Car Rental Licenses Bring $200,000 For East Hampton Airport

Too bad none of it is being spent to repair or maintain the airport itself. Yet another deer was struck on the runway recently disabling the airplane and putting lives in danger the board won't spend any of the airport's money for a deer fence. " Jul 14, 16 9:03 AM

Organizers: Sunday's Black Lives Matter Protest Is First Of Several To Come On East End

So now they are coming to East Hampton on Sunday at noon to hold another protest for 2 hours. Why are people from Riverhead and farther up island coming to another community which they have absolutely no ties to in order to shut down their roads with a protest that is not directly related to this community?? Clearly the point is not to actually protest anything, but rather to just disrupt and harass other people and create chaos. " Jul 15, 16 9:50 AM

"Can't block the streets"?? Have you missed the hundreds of videos over the past two weeks from cities all over the country where the BLM protests have blocked whole sections of city streets and major highways for HOURS? None of them had permits but they did it anyway through mob rule an threats of mass violence. Why would I want to go talk to someone who is going to spit on me and yell racist slurs at me just because of the color of my skin? And don't tell me that doesn't happen...again, there's lots of video. " Jul 15, 16 4:50 PM

Here's what I predict (and I would absolutely love to be wrong)...the East Hampton protest will move from the park, down Newtown Lane to 27, where the protesters will block Sunday afternoon traffic from 1-3pm. At the very least they will line the intersection and stand just a foot or two into the street thereby ensuring that traffic is forced to slow to a standstill. Then they will relocate to Bridgehampton at 4:30 where from 5-7pm they will again block 27 in Bridgehampton making it virtually impossible for traffic to get by. This has all been strategically coordinated to happen when they know the heaviest traffic interference can happen, since 27 is a well known choke point. If this happens, their purpose will not be any "protest", but instead will be about disruption and creating chaos." Jul 17, 16 12:55 AM

Sterling was a convicted sex offender felon with a rap sheet a mile long and an open warrant, so no he would not be allowed to have a gun license of any kind. Clearly that didn't stop him from illegally having a gun, threatening someone with the gun, and then trying to pull it out of his pocket while fighting on the ground with two officers after a taser failed to stop him. Interesting choice of person BLM has picked to act as its martyred hero. " Jul 17, 16 1:05 AM

East Hampton Town Had $4 Million Budget Surplus in 2015

So the town board spent ALL of the airport's revenues and 1/4 of its reserves on its own attorneys, despite the fact that kind of diversion of funds is illegal under federal law. At this rate, in 3 years there will be no more reserve fund and no money to pay for the operation of the airport. They just passed a law saying the airport cannot accept any funds from the state or federal government, so in 3 years all they have to do is say there's no more money and close the airport down. That is why they spent all of the airport revenue on attorneys and ZERO money on desperately needed maintenance that has been intentionally ignored for 5 years such as: replacement of dim and broken runway lights, tree trimming of the ones that grew into the glideslope 5 years ago and still haven't been trimmed (growing higher), a deer fence (had another strike a few weeks ago that cut the deer in half, damaged the plane, and put the lives of several people in danger), a parallel taxiway extension so people don't have to back taxi on the active runway into landing planes, and the reopening of runway 4/22 for small light planes only since it is the best runway aligned with the winds (decrepit runway 16/34 would be closed so it's not an expansion of the airport in any way). The town board's plan is clear - divert all funds from the airport itself, perform no maintenance, and close it down and sell it to the small group of real estate investors/developers that are pulling the puppet strings of the board." Jul 20, 16 9:52 AM

East Hampton Airport Opponents Reappoint Themselves To Disbanded Committee

What a joke. NOT ONE of them is a pilot. NOT ONE of them has even the vaguest or cursory knowledge of aviation or airport management. NOT ONE of them knows the first thing about how aircraft work or how the complex local or regional air navigation systems operate. NOT ONE of them has any professional knowledge of how to "manage anything as complex as the airport". This is nothing more than a bunch of lawyers, developers, real estate people and busybodies who want to make a personal profit out of this. They do nothing but spread wild misinformation, make outrageous misrepresentations, and engage in the worst kind of baseless fearmongering. They don't like that everyone, including the town board, is tired of their bully tactics so they now refuse to work cooperatively with anyone in the aviation community on the joint AMEC committee. It's time for them to stop wasting this community's resources and tax dollars and move on." Jul 20, 16 4:10 PM

East Hampton Airport Control Tower Struck By Lightning Last Week, Out Of Service For Days

Please tell us Ms. Currie, as a principal member on the Board of Directors and Steering Committee of the Quiet Skies Coalition, is your group finally admitting that it's main goal and mission is the closure of the airport? It's an insult to everyone's intelligence to keep pretending otherwise. Back to the point of the article - big round of applause and thank yous to all of the tower guys and airport team for your hard work and dedication to keeping everything running smoothly and safely after the lightning strike. True professionals. " Aug 16, 16 6:42 PM

Group Will Press Town To Close East Hampton Airport

QSC is entirely behind the formation of this group and has been bragging about it for weeks. They have tried to pretend this was not their goal for years, even though everyone knew the truth. They have no problem bald faced lying to create misdirection and this is just another maneuver to accomplish the same goal they have always had - closing the airport and developing the land. Don't believe for one second that they want to leave the land in the town's hands for commercial use. Raebeck, Gruber, Wolff, McNiven, Trunzo and the rest have great plans to buy the land and develop it into a bunch of multimillion dollar McMansions for their own profit. There are billions of dollars at stake to be made by these private developers and they will sacrifice the good of this community in a heartbeat. " Aug 24, 16 11:55 AM

Absolutely none of them pre-date the airport since it has been here since 1936 and has had commercial commuter service since the 1940s. Gotta pull back with green curtain to see what the truth - this is about a small handful of people trying to develop the land and make themselves personal fortunes at the expense of this community. " Aug 24, 16 11:58 AM

What a load of horse poo. Local pilots have been aware of QSC's and friends' goal to close the airport for years. They have repeatedly alternated between threatening us that they would close our airport if we didn't join their side and pretending to want to make friends (kind of like how a snake wants to be friends with a mouse). It has ALWAYS been inevitable, we just were waiting to see how long it would be before they removed their tattered sheep's clothing. Now at least the rest of the community and hopefully our Town Board can see them for what they really are - manipulative opportunists. " Aug 24, 16 12:08 PM

You Quiet Skies people are apparently allergic to the facts and truth. Let me correct your wildly incorrect comment and revisionist history. The airport has NEVER been just a "small general aviation" airport. While it has been here for nearly a century, it was paved in the mid 1930's because the US government wanted to expand a network of airfields across the US. In the 40's it served as a military training field, among other things. There were extraordinarily loud P-47's, Hellcats, Wildcats, Thunderbolts, and EDO XOSE seaplanes buzzing all over the East End and HTO. By the 50's it had a terminal building for people commuting back and forth to NYC and elsewhere. By the 60's it got its first control tower and was frequented by long time EH resident, Juan Trippe, the founder of Pan Am Airlines. By the early 80's there were two full time scheduled commercial flight services between NYC and HTO - East Hampton Air and Montauk-Caribbean Airways. By the late 80's there was a full service scheduled helicopter commuter company called Trump Air that flew helicopter commuter flights from 34th St. to HTO and there were hundreds of very loud older model jets flying in every weekend. In the late 80's to earl 90's the terminal was expanded to allow for greater commercial traffic. So no, it did not suddenly change in 2007-8 just after you moved out here NIMBY. Runway 10/28 has been the main runway since 1936, so no Stanzione did not suddenly change it to that a few years ago. Yes the helicopters have been lining up circling Peconic Bay before 9am because YOU demanded new regulation that now makes them sit there and wait until 9am to land - yet now you want more regulation? The town can never EVER regulate plane or helicopters in flight so no you can never change the minimum flight altitude. Even if you closed the airport they would still fly the same over your house to a different location. Learn some facts please." Aug 25, 16 9:43 AM

East Hampton Will Remove Trees, Charge For Parking At Airport

Wait you mean you admit that the airport you are so desperately trying to close down will not be busy for the next 9 months? That for 9 out of 12 months there is virtually no noise or heavy traffic? But yet you still spin and dissemble non-stop to characterize it as a constant problem. Could it be it has nothing to do with noise ... and everything to do with greed and self serving real estate development. Then again as a Sotheby's real estate agent who bought a discounted priced house next to the airport, you already know this. " Sep 22, 16 6:06 PM

Local Artist Starts Online Petition to Ban Plastic Cutlery and Styrofoam Containers in East Hampton

Good grief. Perhaps we need a ban on smug liberal NIMBYs instead. Think of the benefit to the environment by eliminating all the hot air they spew, not to mention the decrease in traffic from all the new ones who move in one week and want to change everything the next week. " Oct 4, 16 8:13 PM

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