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Supreme Court Orders Additional Briefings In East Hampton Bid To Overturn Appeals Court Ruling

Your claims about real estate prices having any connection to the existence of HTO are utter bull carp. There are plenty of legitimate real estate reports on why home prices have taken a dip recently and NOT ONE of them has even hinted at the airport or aircraft being a factor. All of the reports said the drop was due to "stock market jitters, slowing global economy, and the drastic drop in Wall Street bonuses" causing a "loss of confidence and a dampened appetite to buy". If you are telling clients those kinds of lies, you are doing them a terrible disservice just to push your own personal agenda. " Apr 22, 17 11:59 AM

Complaints About East Hampton Airport Traffic Spiked Last Summer, To More Than 24,000

The town's own consultants admitted that the recommended noise restrictions were in place this past year and that pilots "did exactly what we wanted them to do" in complying with them. As a result, the complaints should have gone down, yet instead the complaints contradictorily skyrocketed. How can this be? Here's how: The presentation showed that 85% of the complaints filed using Plane Noise, which requires that the complainant enter their address, came from JUST 23 HOUSEHOLDS. The new Air Noise system, which is developed and promoted by the anti-airport folks, doesn't track where the complaint is filed from and allows people to file complaints from anywhere in the entire US with the click of a mouse. It lets the local anti-airport faction and their friends in the big anti-aviation groups out in Santa Monica and NYC pull up a map online depicting every aircraft in the air, then repeatedly click on each one to file a barrage of complaints on every single aircraft over eastern Long Island that are nowhere near them at the time they complain. It does not have any means of filtering complaints made about planes actually going to Republic, Gabreski, Islip, Brookhaven, Block Island, Groton, Bridgeport, New Haven, Nantucket, or just simply flying by overhead having no contact whatsoever with East Hampton Airport. They are entering tens of thousands of fake complaints about every single aircraft in the vicinity just to manipulate the system and drive up the numbers to make this relatively minor matter look like a major problem. This very small group of people are manipulating the public and the town so they can essentially steal this community's vital and essential airport asset to redevelop the land for their own personal interests. Thankfully our local community is fighting back to protect our airport from these self-serving opportunists!" Apr 23, 17 8:00 PM

Out of the more than 200,000 households in the twin forks, only 371 made any complaint at all. That's 0.0018%. And it's 85% of 14,432 complaints came from just 23 households. " Apr 23, 17 11:23 PM

It brings in nearly $48 million in local revenue to our economy and is directly responsible for $13 million in local salaries and income. It provides access to emergency medical services (LifeFlight) and free medical transport for patients who need to get to large medical facilities (PALS and Angel Flight). It provides training for teens and youth who are interest in aviation related careers, from A&P mechanics to aerospace engineering. In the event of a natural disaster or bomb in NYC it will be one of the only ways to evacuate or bring in supplies to our area. I could go on but you get the point.
Absolutely none of these things would be provided by the dozens of $15 million McMansions the anti-airport developers want to build on the land and our local economy would take a permanent deep hit. " Apr 24, 17 9:15 AM

Simply refusing to believe hard established facts with a childish "nah uh!" and storming off in a huff is not a valid position. Sorry but those are the supported and documented facts no matter how much they annoy you. And as for your last weird point, who ever said NYC's recovery from 9/11 was dependent on HTO - that's a very off-topic and irrelevant statement to make. What I pointed out was that in the event of a natural disaster or bomb in NYC or western LI, the only land based access point for eastern LI, the presence of an airport is critical to being able to move people and resources into and out of the East End. " Apr 24, 17 11:57 AM

Wrong again. I'd be happy to support my statements - let's see you do the same.
Economy: A full economic study was performed by NYU. See http://www.savehto.org/files/91526866.pdf
Medical services: Ask any EMS worker or police officer in the Hamptons how many times per month the ambulances load medical emergencies into medevac helicopters at HTO. Or just google the number of news stories that end with the injured being taken to the airport by ambulance to meet the medevac helicopter. You can also read all about the other medical services the airport enables at: http://www.27east.com/mobile/article.cfm//General-Interest-EH/118881/Volunteer-Pilots-Fly-Young-Cancer-Patients-into-East-Hampton-Airport
Youth opportunities: Why don't you stop by the airport one day and talk to all of the young people there about how "not vital" their futures are. Or come to Just Plane Fun Day in September and see the opportunities in action.
Disaster ingress/egress: The smaller airports you reference (presumably Montauk and Mattituck) are too short and not rated for anything but 2-3 seat light planes which can't carry any cargo over a few pounds and have no fueling capabilities. If you can't figure out that we are on an island surrounded by water and are only connected by a few susceptible roads and bridges then common sense will perpetually elude you while your head is buried in the sand.
Your turn. Provide us all with support for your "nuh uh" response - other than just more of your empty commentary and baseless attacks. " Apr 24, 17 3:14 PM

Just in case you still wanted to beleaguer that last point why don't you Google FEMA's report on a local airport's role in regional disaster preparedness and recovery, unless you think FEMA is unsupportable data. There's a saying - In a disaster an airport can substitute for almost anything else, but nothing can substitute for an airport. Here's a quote from Brent Warr, the Mayor of the City of Gulfport after Katrina: “Our highway infrastructure had been destroyed, the Port had suffered catastrophic damages and the rail system was inoperable. Our airport was the primary source for receiving aid and materials. Without the airport’s quick turnaround, we would have been cut off from the world and the much needed assistance that we needed to survive.”" Apr 24, 17 3:39 PM

Of course we recognize that some people are bothered by aircraft noise. Just as some people are bothered by leaf blowers, barking dogs, and racing motorcycles. We just don't agree that the whole airport should be closed because of the complaints by 0.0018% of the community. We are all for having a quieter functioning airport and are working hard on it. Tell us what we are failing to do to make the airport quieter? Is it because we refuse to join up with those who want to close the airport and redevelop the land - why on earth would we join with them? Is it because we refuse to roll over and quietly play dead while you dictate the closure of the airport? We are not going to let you permanently harm this community because of your personal greed and opportunism. Is it because we don't support an all out ban on helicopters? Banning all helicopters is not possible nor will it ever be possible under Federal law. You may not like it but that is the current law and you can't ignore it. The way we see it is we all diligently complied with your noise restrictions and curfews yet the one year they were in place the complaints INCREASED by a whopping 28%! In fact, the complaints about local pilots' small single engine prop planes increased by 47% even though there was only a 2% increase in traffic! Yet still we are trying to work with you people despite your increasingly crass political attacks because we care about this community. You just want to complain until you destroy everything." Apr 24, 17 4:48 PM

East Hampton Town Votes To Evict Country School From Airport After Lease Expires

To be clear, the airport itself has nothing to do with raising the lease price. This is entirely the town board being greedy and padding their own surplus. The town decided to stop taking the free maintenance and operation funding provided by the FAA and instead decided to raise the rents of everyone who had leases on the adjacent airport commercial property create sufficient revenue. However, none of that money is going towards the airport either. In 2015, the airport directly generated over $2.5M in revenue, all of which, pursuant to federal law, was supposed to go back into funding its operation and maintenance. Yet the town only spent $25K on maintenance (that's 1% of the money). Instead the town spent over $1M of those funds on legal fees against the airport - even though their own attorney and several others told them they were not going to win. They are just raising the leases on people like the school to generate more money to keep paying more losing lawyers to pander to the 0.0018% of the community who are against the airport. What a scam. " May 9, 17 3:14 PM

Democrats Seek To Muster City Voters To Shift Their Polling Places East

So smug cidiots who don't really live here other than on weekends a couple of summer months have decided they know how to run our small farming and fishing town better than the locals who live here year round. They are so narcissistic that they have to impose their globalist big city views on small towns where none of that makes any sense. Pushing party politics in a small town is absurd since the DNC doesn't care about a school budget, fishing fleets, or dog poop on a beach. Real locals vote on issues, not parties. These carpetbagger cidiots need to stop importing their corruption out here. " May 31, 17 8:59 AM

Poor TinFoilHatSize is feeling defensive and bitter today. Must not have realized there are mostly farmers and fishermen who live full time out here and work hard trying to make a living. Probably thinks dirty hands are gross and work trucks are ugly and should only be seen at his service entrance used by the "invisible people". The smug is strong in this one. " May 31, 17 12:28 PM

Supreme Court Declines To Hear East Hampton Airport Appeal

The Part 161 study normally costs taxpayers absolutely nothing because it is entirely paid for out of the airport's own direct revenues. However, the Town gutted the airport's funds for this type of thing by illegally diverting the money to pay for their attorneys in the lawsuit (which they lost every single round after listening to the terrible advice of the anti-airport people). If the airport is allowed to continue to operate safely under a set of voluntary noise abatement restrictions proposed by the pilots and aviation supporters, then it will generate sufficient funds to pay for the study.
But, I f the Town tries to close the airport the taxpayers will not only lose over $40M in total revenue brought into our local economy per year, it will cause a 7.3% increase in unemployment and the taxpayers will be stuck with the bill for tens of millions of dollars in lawsuits from the loss of use of the airport by all the aviation operators, hanger owners, and local businesses. Local medical and animal rescue charities will no longer be able to operate critical flights out of the airport, and if you have a major medical emergency you can expect to have to sit in traffic for an hour to get to the nearest helipad for a medical helicopter to take you to a trauma center. All just so a small handful of greedy people can line their own pockets by redeveloping the land into more McMansions. " Jun 26, 17 3:03 PM

There are almost 25,000 flight operations every year and only 8,000 of them are helicopters. The airport does a LOT of things for this community that doesn't involve helicopters or rich people. Trying to tie it to just rich people is a misinformation tactic being used by the anti-airport faction. An NYU study in 2013 determined it brings in over $40M dollars to this community and is responsible for 7.3% of local employment. Here's just one example of how vital it is: If anything were to happen to the bridges at Shinnecock (such as Sandy) then this whole area would be an island entirely cut off from help. Dozens of small towns in Louisiana said after Katrina that the only way their residents literally survived and didn't die was because they had airports so they could get supplies and aid flown in. Don't be naive - the airport is vital to our community. " Jun 26, 17 3:33 PM

Not my numbers - they are from a bunch of well respected experts and researchers at NYU whose job it is to study economic impacts of transportation facilities. But I guess you think you're so much smarter about these things than they are. Must be nice to live in a bubble in Sagaponack. " Jun 26, 17 3:40 PM

Good grief Trish, your hysterical exaggerations are becoming ridiculous. Outrage from NYC to Orient? Out of the over 7,800,000 people you just referenced only 302 of them filed any kind of noise complaint last year - that's 0.000038%. Some outrage. Those same people are more likely to be killed by an asteroid than to file a noise complaint about HTO. No economic benefit? Besides the NYU study showing the airport generates over $40M, the town's own recent study said 70% of its revenues came from second home owners, many of which commute through the airport. The airport creates hundreds of full time jobs. Where is your study by a leading university or report by accredited experts supporting your claim that the airport with its 25,000 flights per year creates "no economic benefit" to the community? Not allowed to access the property? Of course residents are welcomed and encouraged to come to the airport, and most of us local pilots will happily take visitors up for a sightseeing flight. Can you stand in the middle of the runway, no you can't, but you can't stand in the middle of the LIE either. The airport's safety record is abysmal? In the last 10 years there have only been two accidents (only one had injuries). How many car accidents have there been in East Hampton in the past 10 years - perhaps a few more than two! Bonus points for you and Barry calling the airport a "hazardous waste dump". That is the biggest load of horse hooey I have ever heard, even from people who wear tin foil hats. I challenge you to name ONE SINGLE STUDY that shows the East Hampton Airport has caused any measurable level of hazardous waste or environmental damage to our local environment. You don't have even the tiniest shred of support for that completely fake claim. Next you'll be telling us local pilots are secretly spraying you with mind control chemicals and have planted spy bugs in your house. " Jun 26, 17 11:56 PM

Governor Andrew Cuomo Announces $2 Million To Improve Water Quality On Long Island

Wait, really?? Ewwwwww!!! I can't believe I ever tried to debate anything with him. Now I feel like I need to wash my hands or something." Jun 28, 17 4:27 PM

PODS Storage Facility Takes Lease At East Hampton Airport

Both the Second Circuit and the SCOTUS have said that the Town is required to comply with FAA and Federal laws (ANCA) regarding the imposition of noise restrictions REGARDLESS of whether the Town takes $0 or $100M. The application of these laws is completely independent of the taking of federal funds for airport operations and maintenance. So noise abatement is not addressed in any way by the Town's refusal to take freely offered Federal (or State) funds. Instead the Town has chosen to now saddle local taxpayers with the maintenance costs the airport (as opposed to the FAA paying the full cost for free with no burden to the local taxpayers) without ever putting the matter up for a vote by the people to decide if free funds should be used (like the ones just given to Gabreski for a new tower). Makes you wonder why the Town would do that since it's clearly not about noise abatement... " Aug 2, 17 10:11 AM

Consultants Push For New Traffic Light On Montauk Highway In Heart Of Bridgehampton

Exactly how would any of that "improve traffic flow"? It will completely gridlock 27 in BH. Another 2 minute light backing up traffic for a mile just to allow 2 cars from School Street to pass? Islands in the median to ensure that no one can go around the cidiot who is on their 8th attempt to back into a parallel parking space along 27 in BH, again backing traffic up for miles? Soon it will be faster to WALK between SH and EH than driving on 27. " Aug 8, 17 3:36 PM

Peaceful Protest Held In Bridgehampton A Day After Violence Erupts At 'Unite The Right' Rally In Virginia

I think Slime's point is that it is hypocritical for people to say that just because a group of people the media incorrectly labels as "conservative" (it's not) says things you don't like or believes things you disagree with that your calling them a "scourge" that needs to be "eradicated" is contrary to the basic principles of our country and society. While the KKK and NeoNazis are truly disgusting and should be ignored and shunned until they go away, they are certainly not the only group out there that has extremist views on race and religion. Other groups have violently killed people who were protesting against them or did not fit their group's profile. But you don't seem to stop your car and set up a protest against them or call for their eradication. So if you really believe in one love and one human family then you need to stop singling out just the one you identify as a "conservative" group (it's not) and target your efforts towards hate groups that are identified as "liberal" ones as well. Otherwise you end up as nothing more than a virtue signaling partisan hypocrite. " Aug 14, 17 8:41 AM

Pilots Volunteer To Help Kids In Need At East Hampton Airport

East Hampton pilots are awesome! This is just one of the many, many ways local pilots and the East Hampton Airport benefit our community. Such a great charity and some really amazing kids! " Aug 16, 17 5:01 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Town Officials Denounce Violence In Charlottesville

Don't forget the communists. Actually card carrying communists were a dominant part of the rally protestors. The people who toppled that statue after the event were all members of the Workers World Party, the biggest communist group in the US. So every time someone tries to characterize the rally protestors as heros and do-gooders and full of love and tolerance they need to be asked what their thoughts are on anarchists and communists - then feel free to point out the hypocrisy. And for the record, yes the rally participants are just as bad as the protestors. Two sides of the exact same disgusting hate filled extremist coin. " Aug 16, 17 5:11 PM

Unfortunately it seems like the extremist people on both side are hogging the mic so none of the reasonable centrist people can get a word in edgewise. Worse still, the extremists are demanding that everyone in the middle has to choose a side and become an extremist too or else suffer their wrath and doxxing. The division just keeps getting deeper. " Aug 16, 17 10:31 PM

HHS just because you have stuck your head in the sand and buried yourself in your own echo chamber doesn't mean all of those things you want to pretend didn't happen. The counter-protestors DID come armed with bats, pipes, guns, sticks with nails embedded, soda cans filled with concrete, water bottles filled with bleach, helmets and other assorted weapons designed for riots, violence, and mayhem. They WERE made up of communists, antifa, anarchists and BLM extremists (strange group of people to claim as your heroes). A sizable subset of the BLM group IS a violent hate group, including those who murdered 5 police officers in Dallas, murdered a police officer in Baton Rouge, and murdered several other police officers in ambushes across the country. Not all BLM members are violent or racist or hateful - just as not all of us who fall anywhere to the right of your extreme left position are Klansmen and Nazis like you claim. Too bad you can only see the world through your angry, hate-filled, extremist leftist lens. If anyone is refusing to listen anything that debunks their prejudicial beliefs, you have the biggest pair of earmuffs in the room. " Aug 17, 17 4:07 PM

Perhaps you need to peek your head out from inside your own narrow little echo chamber before you make embarrassing comments like that. These are some of the condemnations Trump has made:
We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides, on many sides. It's been going on for a long time in our country. It has no place in America. Racism is evil. And those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans. Those who spread violence in the name of bigotry strike at the very core of America. To anyone who acted criminally in this weekend's racist violence, you will be held fully accountable. Justice will be delivered.
Perhaps you missed it so here it is again so we can put this nonsense to rest: "The KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups that are repugnant to everything we hold dear as Americans."" Aug 17, 17 4:18 PM

Just to really top it all off, guess who the World Workers Party is on of the biggest advocates of ... North Korea. Kinda surreal when you hear people cheering for and praising the actions of communist supporters of North Korea. As I said, a pox on both their houses!" Aug 17, 17 7:34 PM

Every book has been rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street and building has been renamed, every date has been altered. History has stopped. -1984, Orwell" Aug 17, 17 7:38 PM

East End Officials Prepare For Hurricanes

Here's an idea, let's close the East Hampton Airport which has the only runway east of the Shinnecock canal capable of having a C-130 or C-17 loaded with relief supplies land and capable of having a C-130 or C-17 take off again loaded with critical care and urgent evacuees. It makes much more sense to close it down and let a handful of rich people make themselves even richer by building dozens of summer homes for more rich people on the land. What kind of natural or man made disaster could possibly happen to NYC or Long Island... /sarc/" Sep 5, 17 2:51 PM

Harborfest To Be Held This Weekend In Sag Harbor

Come to Just Plane Fun Day at the East Hampton Airport too - it's FREE!! Saturday from 10am-3pm." Sep 7, 17 6:11 PM

Just Plane Fun Day Takes Off In East Hampton

Happy to help. The orange and white one is a T-28 Trojan and is locally based at EH Airport. The silver Kwitcherbitchin is a P-51 Mustang which is soon to be locally based too. The yellow biwing is a Stearman located in Bayport and brought in by our good friends at the Antique Airplane Club of Greater New York. The silver twin engine is a Beech 18 soon to be locally based. The red biwing is a Waco which is locally based. The yellow, red, and silver one is another T-28 Trojan which is locally based. The green and tan one is a Bird BK which is based out of Bayport with the AACGNY too. The big Take Off Time is a Mitchell B-25 which will soon be locally based. We had nearly 3000 locals show up to enjoy an amazing fun day and support our community airport!! " Sep 11, 17 6:39 PM

East Hampton Democrats Pass Republicans In Montauk For First Time

Not surprised since the local Democrat party already fully admitted to assisting hundreds of people who live in NYC re-register to vote out here instead of NYC despite the fact that these voters have virtually no connection to Montauk or the East End. They admitted intentionally manipulating the voting system to spread their political beliefs and take over places that did not follow their mantra. It's ironic how these same people protest Columbus and Columbus Day..." Sep 27, 17 3:27 PM

East Hampton Town Board Will Vote Thursday To Proceed With Years-Long Airport Application

No, but there's would be no need for that. The airport generates over $6M in revenue for itself annually, and nearly $20M in spending, revenue and salaries for our local community. So long as the town quits paying millions of the airport's dollars to attorneys they hired to defend their illegal restrictions, while losing every single court battle because they were misled by the anti-airport faction, there should be plenty of airport money to self-fund the Part 161. It's a shame the town didn't do the Part 161 study back in 2014 when the aviation subcommittee issued their specific written recommendation to do it - could have saved everyone years of headaches and millions of dollars. " Oct 3, 17 9:37 PM

East Hampton Town Board Votes To Proceed With FAA Application To Restrict Aircraft

What a load of hooey! Local pilots are the ones that told the town in a written recommendation back in 2014 that the proposed restrictions and method of imposing those restrictions was illegal and would be struck down by the court, and we specifically recommended doing the part 161 instead. We warned them that if they listened to PBR and his fellow ant-airport faction they would waste millions of dollars and lose. Instead we were ignored. WE HAVE ALWAYS SUPPORTED a reasonable nighttime curfew system and continue to do so. We have always been willing to work with the town to help resolve the concerns of those few people (and it is just a small handful) who are affected by aviation noise and have proposed many solutions (which are ironically now being considered). But PBR and his people have attacked, threatened, vilified and been nothing but downright nasty to us the entire time and refused to work with us in any manner - they wouldn't know what "harmoniously" was if it dropped in their lap. So it's PBR and the anti-airport group that bears the entire blame for why we now have to spend millions more after having already unnecessarily wasted millions and years. " Oct 7, 17 2:14 PM

The FAA would pay for lots of things so the local taxpayers won't, but this Town Board wont use any of these freely available funds. The town attorney point blank said it was so the town can close the airport in 2021. Taking money from the FAA won't affect the town's ability to put noise restrictions in place or engage in ways to mitigate aircraft noise in any way - the only thing it does is prevent the town from closing the airport. So it can't be any more clear that the real reason the Town Board won't accept FAA money has absolutely nothing to do with noise and everything to do with closing the airport and redeveloping the land into lots of giant houses for rich people. " Oct 7, 17 2:22 PM

Court Dismisses Suit Against Bowling Alley At East Hampton Indoor Tennis

This lawsuit was brought by Barry Raebeck who is one of the leaders of the group trying to close the airport. His attorney is Jeff Bragman who is running for town board. They have together sued the airport many times and lost all of the cases, and Raebeck was one of the ones behind the town board’s expensive losses on the illegal airport restrictions. This is yet another example of how Raebeck and his hired gun Bragman plan to restrict all growth and business there and close the airport so they can work a back room deal to buy up all the land up in that area at a “special price” and redevelop it as dozens of multi million dollar mansions to make themselves a personal fortune - to the detriment of the rest of the community. Glad the courts stopped them yet again. Currently in lawsuits it’s Raebeck/Bragman/et.al = 0; East Hampton residents and community = 5. " Oct 8, 17 9:55 AM

East End Shelters Step Up To Rescue Animals From Puerto Rico

So very thankful and proud of everyone who worked so hard to rescue these poor animals! Please remember THIS every time you see one of those false ads claiming that local airports don’t benefit anyone or anything. The truth is animal rescue flights and other humanitarian flights are very common at our airport and are done by local pilots who volunteer their aircraft and their time entirely free of charge (we even pay for the fuel) to help others and better our community. " Oct 11, 17 8:36 AM

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