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East Hampton Democrats Pass Republicans In Montauk For First Time

Not surprised since the local Democrat party already fully admitted to assisting hundreds of people who live in NYC re-register to vote out here instead of NYC despite the fact that these voters have virtually no connection to Montauk or the East End. They admitted intentionally manipulating the voting system to spread their political beliefs and take over places that did not follow their mantra. It's ironic how these same people protest Columbus and Columbus Day..." Sep 27, 17 3:27 PM

East Hampton Town Board Will Vote Thursday To Proceed With Years-Long Airport Application

No, but there's would be no need for that. The airport generates over $6M in revenue for itself annually, and nearly $20M in spending, revenue and salaries for our local community. So long as the town quits paying millions of the airport's dollars to attorneys they hired to defend their illegal restrictions, while losing every single court battle because they were misled by the anti-airport faction, there should be plenty of airport money to self-fund the Part 161. It's a shame the town didn't do the Part 161 study back in 2014 when the aviation subcommittee issued their specific written recommendation to do it - could have saved everyone years of headaches and millions of dollars. " Oct 3, 17 9:37 PM

East Hampton Town Board Votes To Proceed With FAA Application To Restrict Aircraft

What a load of hooey! Local pilots are the ones that told the town in a written recommendation back in 2014 that the proposed restrictions and method of imposing those restrictions was illegal and would be struck down by the court, and we specifically recommended doing the part 161 instead. We warned them that if they listened to PBR and his fellow ant-airport faction they would waste millions of dollars and lose. Instead we were ignored. WE HAVE ALWAYS SUPPORTED a reasonable nighttime curfew system and continue to do so. We have always been willing to work with the town to help resolve the concerns of those few people (and it is just a small handful) who are affected by aviation noise and have proposed many solutions (which are ironically now being considered). But PBR and his people have attacked, threatened, vilified and been nothing but downright nasty to us the entire time and refused to work with us in any manner - they wouldn't know what "harmoniously" was if it dropped in their lap. So it's PBR and the anti-airport group that bears the entire blame for why we now have to spend millions more after having already unnecessarily wasted millions and years. " Oct 7, 17 2:14 PM

The FAA would pay for lots of things so the local taxpayers won't, but this Town Board wont use any of these freely available funds. The town attorney point blank said it was so the town can close the airport in 2021. Taking money from the FAA won't affect the town's ability to put noise restrictions in place or engage in ways to mitigate aircraft noise in any way - the only thing it does is prevent the town from closing the airport. So it can't be any more clear that the real reason the Town Board won't accept FAA money has absolutely nothing to do with noise and everything to do with closing the airport and redeveloping the land into lots of giant houses for rich people. " Oct 7, 17 2:22 PM

Court Dismisses Suit Against Bowling Alley At East Hampton Indoor Tennis

This lawsuit was brought by Barry Raebeck who is one of the leaders of the group trying to close the airport. His attorney is Jeff Bragman who is running for town board. They have together sued the airport many times and lost all of the cases, and Raebeck was one of the ones behind the town board’s expensive losses on the illegal airport restrictions. This is yet another example of how Raebeck and his hired gun Bragman plan to restrict all growth and business there and close the airport so they can work a back room deal to buy up all the land up in that area at a “special price” and redevelop it as dozens of multi million dollar mansions to make themselves a personal fortune - to the detriment of the rest of the community. Glad the courts stopped them yet again. Currently in lawsuits it’s Raebeck/Bragman/et.al = 0; East Hampton residents and community = 5. " Oct 8, 17 9:55 AM

East End Shelters Step Up To Rescue Animals From Puerto Rico

So very thankful and proud of everyone who worked so hard to rescue these poor animals! Please remember THIS every time you see one of those false ads claiming that local airports don’t benefit anyone or anything. The truth is animal rescue flights and other humanitarian flights are very common at our airport and are done by local pilots who volunteer their aircraft and their time entirely free of charge (we even pay for the fuel) to help others and better our community. " Oct 11, 17 8:36 AM

County Issues Water Quality Advisory For Private Water Wells In Wainscott

Terrible misleading reporting. The airport itself has never had any firefighting foam or used these chemicals. But several independent companies who leased the commercial property adjacent to the airport from the town during the 60s, 70s, and 80s May have used them. " Oct 11, 17 11:18 PM

Westhampton Beach Board Of Education Unanimously Votes To Get Rid Of Class Rank

But what if student A spent the last 5 years working hard and getting consistent top grades but had a cold/grandmother died/etc. the day of the SAT, while student B slacked off for most of 5 years, would only put effort in occasionally, and had mediocre grades but happened to get lucky in a lot of his guesses on the SAT. Student rankings show the consistency of a student’s grades and effort. As an employer, I’d take student A all day long. " Oct 17, 17 11:59 PM

East Hampton Airport Sign Vandalized, Again

The anti-airport people have become so pathetic to repeatedly vandalize the airport sign. Absolutely disgraceful. They should be arrested. " Oct 23, 17 6:47 PM

Governor Signs Into Law Measure Allowing Voters The Opportunity To Overrule East Hampton Taking FAA Grants

Yet when the same town board was asked to pass a resolution stating that any effort by the town board to close the airport was subject to a permissive referendum, and would require the residents of EH be allowed to vote on the airport’s closure...they refused. So much for of the idea people, by the people, for the people. Apparently it’s only applied when it benefits certain friends of the town board. " Oct 27, 17 3:28 PM

It was a bill created at the direct request of the Town Board and falsely sold to the assembly as being just a small local issue. Instead it sets a precedent that any current government can pass a law preventing any future government (likely from the opposite political party) from changing their rules. Imagine if Trump had congress pass a law that required a permissive referendum to be held every time a future president wanted to overturn or negate one of his policies on immigration, taxation, the Wall, gay rights, etc. It would clog the system up for decades, plus voters would get tired of having to take time off work to go down to a voting station to vote on reversed issues every other week. I see you ignored my point about how the board refused to allow the closure of the airport to go to a vote by the people. Why don’t you think the people of EH should have the right to vote on this issue? " Oct 29, 17 12:23 PM

East Hampton 2020 Renewables Goal Is Lost, Town Officials Acknowledge

In this case they did neither. They just mouthed some unattainable promises pretending to be "green" to get some naive people to vote for them. Just proves that a lot of people out here will believe just about anything politicians tell them." Nov 6, 17 3:08 PM

They aren't talking about the cost because it is astronomical. The people who push these kinds of "green energy" programs typically contribute $0 towards them. They expect everyone else to pay for their lofty ideals." Nov 6, 17 3:15 PM

In East Hampton, A Lively Town Board Contest

It’s too bad the election will be decided by people who don’t even live here. Thousands of non locals were recently asked by one party to reregister here instead of NYC where they live so that party could control the election outcome and negate the decision of the actual locals. " Nov 7, 17 9:16 AM

East Hampton Democrats Retain Majority In Tuesday's Election

PBR the true local people (the ones that actually live here, not all the NYC residents who the Dems gathered up and re-registered out here to manipulate the election) already clearly spoke on this issue and said the airport was dead last of their concerns. While you may be obsessed about it, the rest of the real local community is not and strongly supports the airport. Maybe the local Republican Party should take a page out of the Dems book and get thousands of Republican NYC residents to register out here for the next election since their votes in NYC are pointless anyway. " Nov 8, 17 12:30 PM

Please tell us how many jets have flown over your house at 4am in the past two weeks? Past month? Past two months? I bet is was a whopping ZERO. How many seaplanes and helicopters have flown over in the past two weeks? Past month? I bet is was no more than a small handful and all before 6pm, especially since the seaplanes all moved down south for winter several weeks ago. Or do you not know because you don't actually live here the other 9 months of the year like the rest of us do but complain anyway." Nov 9, 17 12:41 PM

Alec Baldwin Decides To Not Donate To Sag Harbor Cinema, Representative Says

Maybe he’s just an arrogant, bullying, narcissistic *rhymes with swoosh* bag who really doesn’t give a rats about our community and only helps when enough people have sufficiently worshiped his ego and he is going to personally benefit. " Nov 14, 17 6:08 PM

HE contributed nothing personally towards the library or any other worthy cause. The foundation he uses as a tax avoidance scheme did. Put your hundreds of millions in a “foundation”, spend just a tiny little portion on a charity, and avoid tens of millions in taxes. Ask Bono and Clinton how it works. It’s not altruism - it’s self interest and greed. " Nov 14, 17 10:27 PM

State DEC Will Investigate Chemical Contamination In Wainscott Wells

To be clear, firefighting supplies containing these compounds have been stored ADJACENT to the airport on non-aviation industrial land parcels and used in connection with non-aviation related firefighting and training. None of these chemicals have been stored or used on the active aviation portion of the airport property, nor has the contamination come from aviation operations. Anyone trying to blame this on any aviation operations is outright lying. The DEC will determine through its testing whether the contamination came from the non-aviation industrial parcels or from other nearby non-town owned lands. " Nov 28, 17 8:48 PM

Wind Farm Cable Would Come Ashore In Wainscott; Company Would Fund Fisheries And Scenic Improvements

“Lightly travelled local roads”? Are they kidding? That stretch of Wainscott Stone Rd and Wainscott Main are the primary routes used by locals trying to between EH and BH in the summer. Some days it’s nearly as congested as 27! That will be a fun traffic nightmare when they close those in the summer. " Dec 6, 17 1:34 AM

Suffolk County Health Department Finds More Contaminated Wells In Wainscott, Expands Survey

Once again this reporter can’t get his facts straight. There is absolutely ZERO record, documentation or known history of any PFCs being stored or used at the aviation portion of the “airport” property. There have only been 3-4 aviation related accidents on airport property in the past 30 years and only one resulted in a fire. That one was extinguished with water only. The aviation fire truck only uses water. The PFC contamination came from the commercial and industrial property to the south of the aviation portion of the “airport”. Those property leases were between the Town and various industrial businesses, including the fire department. But I guess these reporters don’t care about pesky little things like facts when they have an opportunity to smear the airport and vilify all things aviation out here. " Jan 6, 18 11:11 PM

Why? The aviation operations at the airport didn’t cause ANY of the PFC contamination. That came from the industrial park to the south of the airport. " Jan 7, 18 2:18 PM

East Hampton Airport 'Set Up For Future' After Another Surplus And A Windfall

Not quite accurate about the taxiway. It’s just the completion of a small section connecting the two halves of the existing taxiway that already has existed for decades but had a small unfinished gap. Here’s a question - since the airport can clearly fund its own maintenance and projects with plenty leftover why did the town take out a bond to pay for the taxiway completion? Why has the town taken out a bond on every little maintenance issue, even for as little as $50k? Why are they hoarding the airport’s cash reserves? Seems like Overby and VanScoyoc are planning on using the airport’s own funds to create a war chest for the legal fees they will need when they try to close it and are hit with billions of dollars in lawsuits. They have LOST every single lawsuit about the airport to date and lost millions of dollars on attorneys. If they close it they will lose again and the taxpayers of this town will feel the brunt of the multi-billion dollar judgment against the town because of the actions of Overby and VanScoyoc. " Jan 10, 18 9:06 AM

UPDATE: David Lys Appointed To The East Hampton Town Board Thursday, Over Objection From Bragman

You now get to see what Bragman is really like. He’s against diversity and inclusion and opposes the concept of finding middle ground amongst the broadly diverse opinions and needs of the local community. It’s either his way or the highway, tow the line or be silenced, lock step or be shut out. If you’re not one of his legal clients you will get no support from him on the board. Lys is a great appointment and a much needed voice of moderation. " Jan 19, 18 1:29 PM

Women's March Draws A Crowd In Sag Harbor On Saturday

So only people who support Zuckerberg and his leftist thought police will be allowed to comment? That's a great way to ensure that you create an echo chamber of just one point of view and exclude all rational discussion by any varying view points. Kind of like Bragman tried to do with the EH board. Conservatives don't like to comment using that type of social media because leftists have proven time and time again that they have no compunction against engaging in public doxing and will work to thoroughly destroy the reputations, livelihoods, and families of any who simply express an opposing viewpoint. Why am I not surprised that a media group on the east end would actively work to suppress conservative commentary and participation to deceptively create the appearance that everyone thinks the same out here. " Jan 22, 18 12:52 PM

Nail on the head Joe. There have been countless examples, both locally and nationally, of those on the left using social media to dox and attack the personal lives and businesses of those with whom they have a political or opinion difference. My colleagues' business has experienced multiple rounds of vandalism by those who have come on to this very comments section to vocally oppose them. I nearly had to get a restraining order against one of the commenters here who followed me around filming me and yelling rude things trying to harass and intimidate me when he saw me out in public one day. Switching to only FB comments will guarantee the silencing of most on the right because of fear of what some will do. It seems that this newspaper supports this outcome and no longer wants the business of local conservatives. " Jan 22, 18 1:06 PM

UPDATE: David Lys Appointed To The East Hampton Town Board Thursday, Over Objection From Bragman

It appears that you are the one who may need a brief lesson in vocabulary. According to Merriam Webster, diversity means "an instance of being composed of differing elements or qualities : an instance of being diverse : a diversity of opinion." According to Dictionary.com, diversity means: "1. the state or fact of being diverse; difference; unlikeness : diversity of opinion. 2. variety; multiformity." SJW's should stop using Facebook and Twitter to learn definitions of words - you'll embarrass yourselves every time. Not everything is reduced to race, sex or some other physical attribute.
" Jan 22, 18 1:47 PM

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