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East End Residents Participate In Marches Protesting Gun Violence

Foreign how exactly is the 2A "open for debate" and "subject to judicial review" still? Are you seriously not aware that both a USDCA and the SCOTUS have already conclusively ruled on it? Or are you just one of those who if something does not go the way YOU want then you will pout and whine and complain, demanding second chance after third chance to try to manipulate things until you get your way. " Mar 27, 18 3:09 PM

Foreign how exactly is the 2A "open for debate" and "subject to judicial review" still? Are you seriously not aware that both a USDCA and the SCOTUS have already conclusively ruled on it? Or are you just one of those who if something does not go the way YOU want then you will pout and whine and complain, demanding second chance after third chance to try to manipulate things until you get your way. " Mar 27, 18 3:09 PM

Sorry June but there is nothing unclear or ambiguous about the 2A any longer. The US courts and the SCOTUS already clearly interpreted it (you know that is the job of the courts, interpretation of the laws not writing them). Just because you disagree with what they said doesn't make it not true. The world does not bend to your opinion. The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals basically said the second comma divides the amendment into two clauses: one 'prefatory' and the other 'operative.' On this reading, the bit about a well-regulated militia is just preliminary throat clearing; the framers don't really get down to business until they start talking about "the right of the people ... shall not be infringed". The SCOTUS and Justice Antonin Scalia stated “The Amendment's prefatory clause announced a purpose, but does not limit or expand the scope of the second part, the operative clause. The operative clause's text and history demonstrate that it connotes an individual right to keep and bear arms.” Pretty clear and unambiguous." Mar 27, 18 3:15 PM

I think you just unwittingly made my point. There are plenty of cases in which the SCOTUS and other courts have successfully interpreted the 2A. So there is absolutely no need to re-write or repeal the 2A as desired by June and most on the left because the courts have had no problem deciding where its limits are and are not. I am very well versed in the Heller case and the Miller case, so I don't need your twisted interpretation of their clearly reasoned holdings. Just because you don't like the answer from the court doesn't give you the right to ignore or minimalize their decisions." Mar 28, 18 11:14 AM

Funeral Service For ANG Member To Be Held Thursday Morning At Westhampton Beach Firehouse

Blue skies and tailwinds. Thank you for your sacrifice. " Mar 29, 18 10:39 AM

School Districts Saying Little About Any Planned Local Participation In School Walkout On Friday

Responsible gun owners do not feel threatened by these young adults (they are NOT young children at 17 and 18 years old by any stretch of your melodramatic imagination). We are actually concerned about the other young adults at school who may not agree with their rhetoric or adhere to their propaganda. These young Bolshevicks and their adult puppet masters are aggressively bullying, attacking, harassing, and intimidating anyone who doesn’t fall 100% in lockstep with them. One of their adult handlers was caught on video last time slandering and vilifying any student who didn’t participate in the walk out by characterizing them as being out buying assault weapons in order to kill people. Funny how you don’t care about how those “young children” were being maligned for supprting their 2nd Amendment rights. " Apr 19, 18 4:51 PM

East Hampton Ousts Popular Helicopter Service From Airport, Files Complaint With Federal Agency

Huh?? PBR you just get more and more disconnected from logic and reality. Just because local pilots support the safe and continued operation of our airport and the helicopter companies also support the safe and continued operation of the airport does not mean we are "in bed" together. The board's decision has nothing to do with local pilots. We STRONGLY support everyone involved to follow the FAA rules and regulations (that includes the board). If Blade has been violating its operational approvals or has been improperly acting as a scheduled commercial carrier, then the board and the FAA are entitled to take appropriate action against Blade. What the board is not entitled to do is continue to obstruct and prohibit the airport from performing necessary scheduled work projects and maintenance, which it is still doing. Nor are they entitled to enact arbitrary and discriminatory restrictions that are a violation of ANCA. Just remember that if you get your way and close the airport entirely, Blade already has plans in place to just send exponentially MORE of its helicopters to SH heliport, Montauk airport, and the floating helipads they are going to set up in Sag Harbor." Apr 20, 18 12:38 PM

Google “floating helipad Ritz Carlton Miami” for a good look at the version there. Unfortunately no tiki bar though (wind from the heli probably blows the drinks over). " Apr 21, 18 10:36 AM

That has to be the most twisted and tortured, not to mention completely 180 degrees opposite, interpretation of what I said. Why on earth would we be in FAVOR of those plans since they require a closing the airport?!? That’s the worst possible outcome because Blade still inundates the area with helis but us quiet little plane local pilots are permanently grounded with no runways. You have disappeared so far into crazyland there’s just no purpose in having a discussion with you anymore. You’re so obsessed with trying to find a way to malign the little local pilots that don’t even realize how badly you destroy your own credibility. " Apr 21, 18 6:37 PM

Sagaponack White Family Loses More Land, And Family Home, In Court

Disgusting NIMBYs. They bring nothing good to the area and cheat the locals. This soulless one aspires to be as foul as Rennart. He’ll tear down that historic family home to build some hideous monstrosity. " Apr 27, 18 5:54 PM

LIRR Will Offer Several Trains, From Both West And East, For Spectators During U.S. Open

Per the article "the LIRR will provide service for fans traveling from both New York City and eastern Long Island." Plus the article title says "LIRR Will Offer Several Trains, From Both West And East, For Spectators During U.S. Open". Hopefully that means they will stop via both directions." May 4, 18 7:45 PM

Southampton Town, USGA Officials Formulate Traffic Plan For U.S. Open Without 'Cops And Cones'

Thank goodness we still have the EH airport! I'll be ferrying friends and family between EH and Gabreski so they can avoid spending hours that epic traffic jam just to get back and forth between EH/Montauk and Riverhead/Quogue. Just a 10-15 min hop to avoid all the mess!" May 9, 18 8:20 PM

Governor Proposes State-Wide Plastic Bag Ban As Suffolk County Shoppers Adjust To Five-Cent Bag Fee

Reusable bags at the grocery store are fine. But it’s ridiculous to have to have 15 different types of reusable bags cluttering up your car because now you need some for the groceries, one for clothing stores, one for hardware store, one for office supply store, one for CVS, one for pet food store... unless you don’t mind putting your raw chicken in the same bag as your lawn pesticide or your new shirt in the same bag as the cat litter. " May 23, 18 9:08 AM

UPDATE: Memorial Services Scheduled Thursday At Funeral Home For Victims Of Plane Crash

Absolutely devastating for their family and the whole community. What a terrible tragedy. No words. " Jun 2, 18 6:37 PM

A huge thank you to all of the local first responders, fishermen, and just regular people who dropped everything to go try to help them. We truly have an amazing community when it really matters. " Jun 2, 18 10:31 PM

Jon Kenneth Dollard Remembered By Friends And Family After Saturday's Fatal Plane Crash

Jon was a great pilot and a wonderful person who always had a kind word and a smile for everyone he met. He will be missed. " Jun 7, 18 9:10 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Village And Town Police Work Together On Traffic Signal Modifications

I’m going to take the plane up tomorrow and take aerial pictures of the traffic mess just in case certain people forget how bad it will get - all summer long - if they do something crazy like try to close our local airport. " Jun 11, 18 9:43 PM

East Hampton Finds Little Encouragment From FAA On Airport Restrictions

Overby and Bragman unequivocally have expressed that they want to close the airport because they both stand to personally profit from its redevelopment as more empty McMansions. They only care about short term profits for themselves so they will sabotage any effort to achieve a reasonable resolution with the FAA. They don't care at all about the $20M annual loss of revenue to the community and businesses, or the over $10M annual loss in direct salary income to local workers the closure would cause, or the hundreds of locals who would become unemployed, or how local's home values will plummet because once our tourism industry will disappears the market will be flooded with homes for sale during the mass exodous. Having Overby and Bragman in charge of the future of the airport is like having a staunch anti-vaxxer in charge of managing our children's vaccinations. " Jul 3, 18 9:04 AM

Yeah all 10 of you who want to close the airport really do make up the "community". Meanwhile thousands of members of our local community expressed their support for the airport at its fun day event last year because they know this community NEEDS its local airport. But I guess they don't count huh. Your little group of 10 represented over 58% of the complaints filed about the airport, with most of the other 40% only filing one single complaint in an entire 12 month period. Just because you loudly and incessantly wail, moan, complain, and bellyache ALL THE TIME doesn't mean you represent the rest of the community." Jul 3, 18 9:17 AM

Jury Says East Hampton Town Is Responsible For Montauk Erosion

I agree that this board is repeatedly making bad decisions at the expense of the local taxpayers and perpetually losing in the courts. The airport currently pays fully for itself with absolutely no taxes required of the local community. However, if Overby and team succeed in their efforts to close the airport the lawsuits against the town will be well into the 9 figures which will have to be borne by the taxpayers. They initially tried to pin the Wainscott water contamination on the airport until the tests showed it was actually the town's firefighting facility south of the airport that caused it, so now the taxpayers are stuck with that disaster too. " Jul 3, 18 9:35 AM

East Hampton Finds Little Encouragment From FAA On Airport Restrictions

The majority of the anti-airport group is made up of real estate and developer interests including contractors, REIT investors and attorneys. It's closure is hugely profitable a business acquisition wolf dressed up in the sheep's clothing of being about noise (which could have been mitigated years ago and still can easily be done if that was really the goal). The 660 acres of airport land is worth over $1B undeveloped, and quite a bit more if developed into residential homes. Bragman has been the paid attorney for the anti-airport group for over a decade. Overby is best friends with the anti-airport leaders who will ensure that she benefits from their profitable redevelopment of the land, plus its sale will fund all of her personal pet town projects for years. The $10M in lost salaries comes from NYDOT economic studies and an NYU economic study of the airport's economic contribution to the local community. Let's see your math about the fact that these numbers were ascertained and calculated by ECONOMIC PROFESSIONALS as opposed to... what were your credentials in economic analysis again?" Jul 3, 18 11:21 AM

Community Members Protest Immigration Policy At East Quogue Village Green Saturday

Oh so knowingly breaking the law is ok if it’s for a chance at a better life...? In that case I am pretty sure more money will give me a chance at a better life. Clearly you won’t mind if I come over to steal all of your stuff and empty your bank accounts and open a bunch of credit cards under your name to run up millions in debt... because that’s an acceptable “American thing” to you. " Jul 3, 18 3:37 PM

East Hampton Emergency Communications Need $1.7 Million In New Towers

Meanwhile there is absolutely zero cell reception from Wainscott to 114 to SHP to Northwest Woods. Every time there is an accident or emergency someone has to be tasked to drive 5+ miles to get enough reception to call 911. But every time a proposal comes up to add the small unobtrusive technology to existing tower structures to create coverage, the Town Board rejects it. Great job. " Jul 5, 18 12:01 AM

East Hampton Finds Little Encouragment From FAA On Airport Restrictions

Fake “pilot”. You are not a pilot and have never been one. Real pilots know the FARs and regs about why it a violation of federal law to prohibit one type of aircraft from an airport. Real pilots would never call for the wholesale closure of an important airport. You’re as much of a pilot as I am the captain of Brazil’s World Cup team. Shows how pathetic and desperate the land thieves trying to close the airport really are. " Jul 9, 18 9:46 AM

So you bought a house right next to an airport that has been there since 1936 and has been running commuter flights since 1946 and helicopter commuter flights since 1979 (using SIGNIFICANTLY larger and louder aircraft back then) and you now are complaining about it and trying to close it. I bet you bought your house at a notable discount because it was next to the airport too, and now you want to close it in hopes that your property value will temporarily go up and you can make some money. " Jul 9, 18 9:54 AM

You do realize that if the close HTO the number of helicopters will increase by 400-500%? The only aircraft affected by closing HTO are fixed wing planes, which make up 4/5 of the operations at HTO. All of the people who used fixed wing planes will take helicopters now. They will land at Southampton, Montauk and Sag Harbor/Noyac where Liberty Helicopters is going to park its Baylander. Oh you didn’t know they already purchased a Baylander to use as a helipad in the harbor and bay? It’s just the first step in their plan to expand service if you close the airport. So now the helicopters will travel over your house in swarms because you forced the industry to adapt and you can’t control all the places a helicopter can go. If you close it, you will be directly responsible for the exponentially massive increase in helicopter traffic and will make the helicopter companies wealthy beyond imagination. Great plan. " Jul 9, 18 10:08 AM

If the town had not rejected the request to raise the ATC tower height a few feet so they could see over the trees to the south and rejected the request for technology that helps our ATC guide traffic in clouds, then those helicopters would be able to be routed to the south. Currently the tower can only allow helicopters to approach from the north when there are low clouds because they have to visually see them (no radar in the tower) and can only do that if they are to the north. The tower and the local aviation community wanted to fix the problem so the helicopters could use the south route on cloudy days for the primary reason of helping relieve those under the northern routes from the noise. We BEGGED the town to make this small change so the helicopter noise could be over the ocean to the south instead of peoples homes when it was cloudy. But Overby refused outright to even consider it. " Jul 9, 18 10:19 AM

I hope you enjoy helicopter noise because if you close the airport there will be a 400-500% increase in helicopter traffic to our area. Do you really think Clinton, Baldwin, Beyoncé, Rennart and the other 150,000+ hedgies and summer people using the airport will suddenly spend 5 hours driving out here from NYC? The helicopter companies are loving your plan to close the airport because their business will skyrocket. They will launch a massive marketing campaign to drive all of those people and more to take helicopters instead. They will land at SH helipad, Montauk airport and Sag Harbor/Noyac on that Baylander they conveniently purchased. Local airplane pilots want to limit and reduce and control helicopters - your plan guarantees they will exponentially increase. You just want to permanently ground us little prop planes because you are petty and vindictive and promised to destroy us if we didn’t join you. Amazing that you would knowingly inundate the area in swarms of noisy helicopters. " Jul 9, 18 10:40 AM

Hahaha! That’s some funny stuff Frank! Too bad you got absolutely nothing right in that comment. And I mean nothing. But that’s ok, everyone already knows you have a difficult time getting your facts straight. By the way I think I’ve only set foot in NJ for a total of about 6 hours combined in my whole life. Thanks for the laugh, it’s been fun, but I think I’ll head over to Wainscott beach and pick up some trash while on my afternoon run now. " Jul 10, 18 4:29 PM

East Hampton Town, Village Agree On Northwest Fire Station

Can we get a cell tower put on top? That is smack dab in the middle of a complete dead zone for reception. " Jul 12, 18 1:14 PM

Can we get a cell tower put on top? That is smack dab in the middle of a complete dead zone for reception. " Jul 12, 18 1:14 PM

Numerous Forgeries Charged In Lawsuit Over East Hampton Campaign Nominations

This is exactly the kind of thing David Gruber would orchestrate. Not surprised at all that he is defending and supporting this political manipulation. " Jul 31, 18 10:02 PM

Medical Marijuana Becoming New Norm For Treating Severe Illnesses

It absolutely terrifying to hear a purported medical professional claim that “everybody’s 90- to 100-percent better“ just by smoking pot. No they’re not better, and their illness is not being treated. They are just too high to care anymore. Plus we get the added bonus of hundreds of people stoned out of their minds driving around on our roads thinking it’s totally ok because it's ”medical”. " Aug 5, 18 8:05 PM

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