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Town Changes Leaf Pick-Up Program Again

We thought the "compromise" had already been reached - just leaves no brush - that works fine - do we really want to become East Hampton and leave seniors and people who can't afford paying for private leaf pick-up services to try to round up school children to do it for them? My friends in Amagansett nearly killed themselves getting this done and they have a truck! I have a station wagon that can at most fit 6 bags of brush - it might take me 100 trips to the dump to get rid of my leaves - who's going to pay for my gas?

I was just thinking what a great job you were doing Alex with getting so many roads paved - you seem to be managing your budget really well. surely you can find $1.25 million for the taxpayers who think this is the main service we get from the Town." May 12, 11 10:54 PM