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UPDATE: Top Cops Dispute Charges That Street Crime Unit Office Was Strewn With Drugs

Do any of you people have anything better to do with yourselves? Go outside and take a walk for pete's sake..." Mar 8, 13 5:50 PM

UPDATE: Police Believe Teacher Recorded Students With Cellphone; Released After Posting $25,000 Bail

Let's wait to find out if it's true before deciding that this guy is scum, please. I don't know him from a hole in the wall, honestly, and if it's true it's an awful thing to have done, but what if it's not true? We need to (hopefully) let the justice system will get to the bottom of this. Could you imagine if your phone was stolen and this happened, how your life would be ruined? Again, he could very well be guilty - I don't know - but neither do you...
" Mar 20, 13 11:46 AM

Westhampton Beach Teachers Reject Proposed Salary Freeze

Amen. I have friends losing jobs left and right and unions want guaranteed salary increases? Increases....now? Unions blow my mind....and you read my mind about the football field. Ridiculous. " Mar 20, 13 11:51 AM

UPDATE: Sex Offender Trailers Shuttered, But Remain On Site

Haha...Schneiderman goes 7 years without doing anything but whining and passing the responsibility on to others, then gets a worthy opponent and acts in a matter of weeks? There's no reading into this - it's plain and simple: Jay does nothing with difficult issues unless he needs to. He'd rather work on crosswalks and traffic lights (both important things too, just much easier). He's a joke." Jun 3, 13 11:03 AM

Rumba Discussion Continues, Reluctantly

He only fights battles that will make money for his organization, directly or indirectly." Jul 26, 13 12:29 PM

UPDATE: Baykeeper McAllister Says He Was Fired Illegally: Denies Charges Of Affair

Good riddance. He's always been a hypocritical sycophant hiding behind a good-guy/save the environment facade, picking and choosing his battles based on emotion as opposed to science - and misleading the public into thinking he's an actual "official" named the Peconic Baykeeper. He worked for the Peconic Baykeeper Organization. Let's get someone effective and honest in that position to protect our waterways for real." Mar 25, 14 11:12 AM

Thirty-Foot-Tall 'Walking Girl' Statue Causing A Stir In Westhampton

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And this thing is one of the ugliest, most awful pieces of crap I have ever seen. They couldn't plant a big beautiful tree there? It's so bad I can't even drive by it without getting angry. " Jun 9, 14 10:24 AM

Kanases Make $2 Million Donation To East End Hospice

Well said, Nature." Jul 3, 14 12:37 PM

Westhampton Beach Board Taps Gonce As Next Police Chief

Trevor = Great choice. Well deserved.
Police Commissioner? Are you kidding?" Dec 12, 14 9:08 AM

Southampton Town Board Ready To Make Decision On Canoe Place Inn Plan

Yes! Many of you have it so right! Swap the construction. I can guarantee that I, many other locals, and tourists will visit canal-side restaurants, cafes and shops a lot more than a renovated CPI hotel/catering facility. This plan is just plain backwards." Dec 12, 14 9:52 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Could Withdraw Police Commissioner Idea

There's so much I'd like to say, but you all said it so well above. I guess I can just add that there seem to be 5 Village Board seats up for grabs over the next few years. I wouldn't be surprised if a dog could beat any of these characters. Unless, of course, they're executing an elaborate comedic attempt to entertain the residents...kind of like Andy Kaufman on April Fool's Day. I certainly hope so. This commissioner idea is worthy of a very, very hearty laugh." Feb 6, 15 10:42 AM

Billionaire Ira Rennert On Trial For Allegedly Looting Company To Build Sagaponack Estate

Y'all need some more productive hobbies. The bay is gorgeous today. Get out and take a look..." Feb 11, 15 2:23 PM

Developer: Dune Deck Will Not Open This Summer

What's sad about a new gorgeous restaurant and hotel? That place is falling apart...I've stayed there and have eaten there many times!" Mar 25, 15 4:37 PM

UPDATE: Cause Still Unknown For Fire That Destroyed Dune Road Condos

The firefighters and police should be commended for responding so quickly and for doing a terrific job containing one of the biggest blazes I've ever seen - the two structures to the east and west are extremely close and were saved. That is no easy feat. " Apr 20, 15 3:50 PM

Jay Schneiderman Will Run For Southampton Town Supervisor

Jay reminds me of a person in a supermarket...a political supermarket...with a shopping cart, rolling up and down the aisles shopping for public office. Aisle 1, County Legislature. Aisle 2 Southampton Town. Aisle 3 East Hampton Town. In the deli department we have the Republican Party on sale. Democrats can be found in the bakery, while if it's Independence Party you crave then look no further than the meat department. You can also find many specials on Blanks (no party affiliation) at the ends of each aisle. I hope the voters finally shut this pathetic store down." May 29, 15 9:46 AM

Because he's good at getting elected. Note: that doesn't mean he's good at the job(s). I think we can all agree that crappy people get elected to office repeatedly." May 31, 15 10:45 AM

Alec Baldwin Joins Local Campaign Against The Hills, PDDs

This guy is a sensationalist clown who would rather jump on board with a popular environmental initiative than to learn facts. Would love to hear what he actually knows about the project...but, no matter, he will look like the same idiot that he usually does when he finds out that the project is going to reduce nitrogen in groundwater (hint: one of the SCWA wells there is loaded with farm nitrogen, which will be alleviated by the developers). That's just one of the benefits. Got to learn the facts, folks. The words golf courses, development and PDD's make so many people run for the hills (pun intended) before they even attempt to see what benefits can be obtained. Shame. Read the DEIS. And Alec, get a life." Jan 29, 16 11:53 AM

Smorgasburg Food Expo Chances Looking Dim In Westhampton Beach

DeeAngelo's? What/where the heck is that????" May 20, 16 2:09 PM

Environmental Study For The Hills In East Quogue Rejected For Third Time

Amper is a sycophant and a sensationalist he doesn't care about East Quogue. He cares about his job, which is to blindly oppose anything that will get him attention. Every person in that room opposing The Hills is, whether advertantly or inadvertantly, advocating for a residential subdivision. Shame on them. If The Hills doesn't happen, we all know who to blame for the awful development and the influx of kids into the school. " Aug 24, 16 2:17 PM

Fred Havemeyer To Challenge Southampton Town Supervisor In Democratic Party Primary

God help us if this clown is running the Town. I can't decide if this is more terrifying or comical. I guess a little bit of both. " Jun 9, 17 5:59 AM

Lofstad, Bouvier Reject Findings Statement On 'The Hills' Project Tuesday

I am extremely, extremely dissapointed in both Julie and John. I was so ready to support Julie, be part of her campaign and vote for her. Now I can't do any of those things. This is simply irresponsible government, with two elected representatives choosing to ignore the very information that they said would dictate their decisions. If they were against it from the beginning I would have respected them admitting that. And they obviously were, but lied and said they were waiting for the report from Dr. Gobler. What he determined was a surprise to them and caught them off guard. Now they are ignoring that report because it's not what they wanted it to say and they already promised their people that they wouldn't vote yes for the project. Very, very sad. So long Julie. I expected more from you. " Sep 27, 17 3:36 PM

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