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Bishop touts economic stimulus package

OH hogwash... like the amount we might receive will stimulate anything but the pockets of the utility company's. It's nothing but a wee little gasp of air instead of a big breath to stay alive.....Its a slow death for some of us...Pay the taxes or buy food for the children. Bishop you met with me a couple of years ago, asked for copies of my paperwork I brought with me, I gave them to you, promising me you would do something about the Child Support System. Never heard from you again. You had all my info. Good work, he is now over eight THOUSAND behind. Trying to get any info from CSEB is like pulling teeth with no Novocaine. I had to do the work on locating father of the year, found him, gave all info to the proper authority and nothing happens, it's been over a year. I guess they are waiting for him to relocate again and move all his assets leisurely. For now we are still at the same address, who knows where I will be with my two children next month, maybe in a cardboard box on the side of the road." Feb 19, 09 9:37 AM

Mark Halsey Recalls 40 Years Serving Customers At Herrick Hardware In Southampton

Herrick`s hardware will never be the same without your smile and laughter. We will miss you! Happy Birthday in advance.....
" Jun 23, 19 8:25 AM

Southampton Village Board Amends Surfing Restrictions, Will Set Up Committee To Look At Issue

What did you expect from the Land of NO.
" Aug 19, 19 7:31 AM