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Water Mill residents oppose 77-foot-tall cell tower

When did the word 'stealth' become a verb? Why of course - when it was needed to say something untrue! 'Stealthing' a cellphone tower is a euphemism for 'utterly failing to disguise a vast and unmissable eyesore'." Jul 24, 09 5:01 PM

Business partners will seek shorter lease to open skydiving operation at Gabreski Airport

How does a small piston engined propellor driven aircraft get from the ground to approximately 14,000 feet without being heard at ground level?" Mar 2, 10 1:49 PM

Toxic algae bloom might be worse this year

ICE and Nature, can you both comment on the various factors that seem to be under suspicion for the red tide - temperature, nitrates, and so on. Specifically, I'm interested in whether these factors are like the essential ingredients for fire - fuel, oxygen, and ignition (they teach - or used to teach this in the Navy). If you remove any one of the three, the fire can't start. Is the red tide like this? Would it make sense to concentrate on one specific factor and prevent the red tide by removing one of its essential components?" Aug 13, 10 10:59 AM

New proposal for religious boundary on public roads spurs questions in Westhampton Beach

Oh don't be absurd. Bloomberg did not say that at all. His point was about freedom of religion - quite the opposite of what you make him out to have said. How is an eruv different from bells ringing at a church? For one thing, the eruv doesnt make any noise! If you start regulating eruvs, then the next thing you know, someone will file a lawsuit against a church for ringing bells on a Sunday. Let them put up the invisible boundary - and keep government out of it!" Aug 26, 10 4:22 PM

Dodger and GoldenBoy, these are all good points, but think about what would happen if the town denied an eruv. The moment the town gets involved in permissions for religious signs or markers we'll be up to our eyeballs in lawsuits against bells, nativity scenes, crosses, or christmas trees. You can't have it both ways - either the town stays out of religious issues, or it regulates them all. The only winners in that scenario are the lawyers." Aug 26, 10 5:30 PM

Major, I'm not afraid to oppose something that has consequence. A Taliban stockade around Westhampton would certainly be of consequence, and I'd fight it tooth and nail. But a string is of very little consequence - arguably right about the same level of consequence as church bells or nativity scenes, for example. I dont agree with the eruv, and I sort of hope it just goes away as an issue. But I dont think fighting it is worth the money." Aug 26, 10 6:02 PM

sirpoochala, I'm not entirely sure that the Town Code requires an approval for an eruv, particularly if it isnt a string eruv (like little black markers on telephone poles). The approvals issue with the eruv is that the orthodox Jews don't qualify it as a valid eruv unless someone in 'authority' has approved it. I dont know the details, but I think the definition of 'authority' is fairly loose. The Westhampton Beach blogger has already come up with the idea that the permitting authority they will approach might even be LIPA." Aug 26, 10 7:00 PM

Shinnecocks want three casinos on Long Island

Gabreski is not in the middle of nowhere." Oct 1, 10 12:15 PM

Rechlers Seeking Amendments To Gabreski Airport Project

Building 9 is the hotel, which is closest to the intersection for obvious reasons. That's an ugly-ass hotel, too. And good luck to anyone who tries to walk or bike to work in this development; the sidewalks all end at the entrances to the parcels, so you have to walk across the parking lot to get to the buildings.

Oh - and how about that Jitney stop? Nope - they didn't include that either." Jan 28, 11 12:41 PM

Gregor, Town Board Battle Over New Leaf Pickup Program

Cancel the whole program! For a year or two I let them pick up my leaves, but after they repeatedly gouged a 4 foot square chunk of my lawn, I decided to compost the leaves instead. I have an acre and a half with oak trees that produce a pile of leaves roughly 8 feet long, 6 feet high, 6 feet wide each fall. By spring that pile has composted down to about one tenth of the size - and I spread the mulch on my garden. Like Sandydog21, I have no sewer, lights, garbage pick up, water, or sidewalks. What am I paying for? A bunch of guys and a bucket loader? What a total waste of money! " Oct 20, 11 9:37 AM

Nature, you have a fair point. In fact, I very much like having no street lights - that's part of why I moved here instead of somewhere more suburban. In my indignation about the leaf program, I'm attacking the wrong target.

But I stand by my point about the leaf program. It amazes me that there even is one, not to mention how much it costs. And what about the carbon footprint of an operation that collects and transports leaves at this scale? Is this really a priority, particularly in such a difficult economy?" Oct 20, 11 12:30 PM

Family Moves Into New Habitat For Humanity House On Quiogue

I'm so glad that this newspaper uses the traditional 'On' when referring to Quiogue, instead of the much less interesting 'In'." Nov 4, 11 1:10 PM

The Beach Box Might Be 'Coming Soon To A Dune Near You' Says Developer

I wonder how the carbon footprint of these houses compares with an ordinary wood framed building. Judging by the pictures, those steel containers need a lot of modification before they get used.

And what R-values are they getting out of them? How much insulation is there? What's the heating cost of a steel shipping container with interior insulation over a New York winter?

Is this really a sustainable building, or is it a design fad disguised as an eco-project?" Dec 5, 11 5:38 PM

Mr. Z, I am still doubtful. A thermal imaging camera will prove that the house doesn't leak air (and therefore heat), but unless the surface temperature readings are compared with the heat you are putting into the building, it tells you nothing about how much energy the house uses. So while it makes a case for sealing houses, it doesn't tell us that a shipping container has a good R-value.

Are these container designs getting the same level of insulation as a 2x6 'stick house'? Really? If you assume both types of construction are properly sealed, my money is on the stick house to win hands down.

Add to that the efficiency of building with wood joists and plywood - both of which are renewable resources - are we really convinced that a steel shipping container is a responsible construction technique?" Dec 6, 11 11:11 AM

I don't buy it. The developer's website has no thermal performance data, and no account of the whole-lifecycle energy use. As a whole, this is a great idea (although not new), great design (if you like modern design), and I'm glad someone is building smaller houses.

But I'm taking the environmental claims with a pinch of salt until they can document them." Dec 7, 11 9:27 AM

It makes a difference that the house would be occupied only seasonally or on weekends. But energy consumption by the building is only half the picture. The developer doesn't make this distinction, and he makes a lot of expansive claims about efficiency, energy use, lack of waste, etc that simply aren't documented.

I wish him the best, but nobody should take him at his word with these claims until he can document them. Mr. Z is right to encourage us to look into these ideas, but until the research has been done, I will continue to advocate a contrarian position to that of the article." Dec 8, 11 5:06 PM

Developer Seeks Change To Westhampton Beach Zoning Code To Allow For New Supermarket

Just because we want a better supermarket doesn't mean we should change zoning for it. Why not put it where the zoning already allows?

The only reason for the zoning change is to line the pockets of Mr. Mendelson.

The best thing WHB could do is to invest in proper sewer infrastructure for Main Street." Jan 10, 12 7:22 PM

Horse Farm Application In Water Mill Sparks Concerns By Neighbors

Maybe a Horse Farm is a special exception use - i.e. it is allowed by zoning, but still requires compliance with special exception rules, among which are a requirement for a public hearing. Southampton has a SE rule for horse farms." May 1, 12 11:14 AM

Tip Leads To Two Arrests In Restaurant Burglary; Register Pulled From Bay

I think the mackerel did it. It was a suicide." May 24, 12 6:26 PM

New Westhampton Beach Mayor Seeks Pay Increase

This is a very positive sign from the new Mayor. She wastes no time in setting the agenda that will define her administration - and her legacy. She's already making sure to properly manage the message so that everybody understands her priorities. It's refreshing to have someone in charge who has a clarity of purpose, and who sets a good example with her single minded focus on her own salary... Wait, what?" Jul 9, 14 10:52 AM

Airbnb Opens Doors To A New Type Of 'Hampton Rental'

On a few occasions the summer renters next door to my house made a lot of noise in the middle of the night. I said something about it to them the next day. They were apologetic and made sure not to do it again. This is fine by me if it happens once or twice in a year - because the rentals were legal and properly regulated, and it was the same people every weekend.

But I'm not going to be happy if I have to tell a different bunch of tenants to pipe down every night of the week! This is why tenancy is regulated in SH and EH towns - not for some paltry fee, but for quality of life for everyone who lives near the rented properties." Jul 23, 14 12:37 PM

East Quogue Neighbors Concerned About Proposed Rehabilitation Facility

This issue has nothing to do with rehab or treatment, and everything to do with a commercial use in a residential neighborhood. When a facility offers full time care, it is acts effectively as a commercial use. That means parking for staff, shift changes at all times of day, lighting, noise, deliveries, garbage removal, repairs, visits by family and relatives, commercial grade kitchens and cooking exhaust fumes, and all the characteristics that cause zoning experts to separate commerical uses from residential uses. If you look at the number of residential facilities proliferating nearby (there are several full-time staffed group homes nearby, as well as the new hospice in Quiouge in additionl to the facilities mentioned in the article), you will see a worrying trend of these businesses creeping into our quiet residential neighborhoods under the cover of being non-commercial, or under special exception rules. Call it what you like, but if it acts like a commercial use, then we should be treating it as such." Dec 2, 15 10:41 AM

I happen to like the hospice. Good site, good design, good mission, good people all round. If there were just one of these facilities in each residential area, then how could anyone complain?

But there isn't just one. They are proliferating, and they are not getting less commercial in their behavior. More full time multi-occupancy facilities = more lights, more noise, more shift changes, more commercial grade cooking equipment, and on and on." Dec 3, 15 9:27 AM

Westhampton Beach Rendering Pitches Second Roundabout For Main Street; Project Cost Goes Up

Roundabouts are a very bad idea for Main Street Westhampton. They are deeply unfriendly to pedestrians. If the purpose of revitalising Main Street is to improve its commercial vibrancy then these plans need to pay attention to the encouragement of foot traffic. The very worst thing you can do as a planner is to cram a vehicle roundabout into a commercial shopping district.

Roundabouts are notorious for isolating areas of commerce from each other, and they are well known to traffic engineers as hazards for visually impaired pedestrians. Additionally, because there is no stop light at a roundabout, vehicle drivers must pay attention to each other so they can decide when to pull into the constantly moving stream of traffic. Because they are watching other vehicles, drivers have less attention available to watch pedestrians.

For these reasons (and more), roundabouts are rarely used in pedestrian districts in Europe, and especially in the UK.

By all means put a roundabout at the Mill Road intersection. There are few pedestrians there. But it's a disastrous idea to put one at the top of Library Avenue. It suggests that the planners are paying a lot of attention to vehicles and not so much to pedestrians. Main Street Westhampton is not the same as Old Country Road in Riverhead. Our Main Street depends on pedestrians. Cars don't shop. Pedestrians do." Aug 23, 17 6:14 PM

Renovations Planned For Westhampton Free Library

Providing an excellent library doesn't excuse the underhanded way that it's delivered.

I'm supportive of the library and its programs, and it would be a shame if either were compromised. But the success of the institution doesn't justify the apparent cronyism and opaqueness of its board.

I gladly pay the WHB library tax. My family uses the resources there. I hope the trustees eventually come to understand that their success in delivering it can't always shield them from frustration about the structure of the board. If they don't start the process of reform now by involving citizens who appreciate their aims, then they might end up fighting a losing battle later against citizens who don't. Trying to remain perpetually unelected always works out worse for the board and worse for the institution." Aug 30, 18 8:43 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Considers New Code On Exterior Lighting

A snap-on shield that fits most yard lights cost $25 last time I looked. A small price to pay to make your neighbor very happy for ever!" Sep 11, 18 2:53 PM

Residents Still Fighting To Stop Proposed Equinox Facility In Bridgehampton

Exploiting the system would be one thing - but they are not even doing that. They are asking to circumvent the system entirely, for no other reason than to suit their own purposes." Oct 23, 19 10:53 AM