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Gregor, Town Board Battle Over New Leaf Pickup Program

Do a reverse Green Bag program. Every homeowner gets 10 Town Leaf Bag (orange for Halloween). Additional bags are $1.50. Then whoever takes them to the dump gets $1.00 redemption from the town. After you finish your leaves you should plan on getting a lawn chair and watch the fun. There will be people fighting for your leaves.

And can someone please stop them from calling free branch drop-off as an amnesty program. We are not criminals and we don’t need forgivness, we pay the bills!
" Oct 26, 11 8:24 AM

Protesters Turn Out At Romney Fundraiser On Meadow Lane

Just a question . . . who paid for the busses? Or do you think all those people just chipped im?
Whoever paid for the busses got half page of Anti Romney coverage on the Southampton Press FREE. Not a bad deal. " Jul 14, 12 8:41 AM

Norsic Celebrates 80 Years In Business

They wake our entire household (and our neighbors) every Monday morning shortly after 6:00 AM. We've asked them to come later, even the president of our neighborhood association officially asked them to come later. They ignore our requests despite 7:00 AM Town of Southampton noise ordinances. Not so nice." Aug 30, 12 6:59 AM

§ 235-3. Noise standards. . . . residential district . . . (1) From 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.:

(a) Airborne sound in excess of 65 dBA's;

(2) From 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.:

(a) Airborne sound which has a sound level in excess of 50 dBA's;

Where does it say they are exempt from Town Noise Law? 50 dBA's, the back up beepers are far louder and the compression of the trash exceeds this limit. They have to be very quite until 7:00 AM.
" Sep 4, 12 11:20 AM

Tuckahoe Students Could Be Pulled From Westhampton Beach District If Merger Advances

The truly sad thing for those paying the taxes is that the consolidation is at least 10 years overdue. If it weren't for taxes paid by the seasonal residents and the golf courses, in my opinion, it is unlikely that this boutique school district would have stayed alive as long as it did. I understand that the golf courses won big reductions in their school taxes and that is what has forced the change.

This has been a classic case of ignoring obvious efficiencies because it's other people's money. A 587 student school system in the midst of populated areas with bigger school populations, simply does not make economic sense." Jun 26, 13 2:05 PM

Players Take On Sebonack In First Day Of Competition At U.S. Women's Open

It is a pity that none of the worldwide and local media will have a view of the growing crime scene less than 100 feet from the LPGA play.

On the beach below the “big dune”, adjacent to Sebonak Golf Club is the crime scene: hundreds of broken bottles and the ashes of untold illegal beach fires. In some places the broken glass is 2 inches thick. Had it not been for Sandy, the broken glass would be 3-4 inches thick. The fires are left unattended so with an unfortunate wind the Nature Preserve and Golf Course would burn.

I call the Police and the Fire Marshals, the despicable behavior just continues. All these hundred thousand dollar a year people on the dole, and they can't stop this? Three years no leads? I call the police and offer license plate numbers (I have photographs, they do not want them, why). Nothing changes. Come now, don't we have someone in town government who can catch a bunch of drunks who light big fires and defile our beautiful beach?

Those horrible people are now again breaking the bottles on the street. So no bare feet at beach at Cold Spring Point Road beach.

Shouldn't we expect better? Who will stand up and get the job done? " Jun 27, 13 10:02 PM

List Ignites Investigation Of Hundreds Of Hampton Bays Properties

This whole affair is scandalous. Town government officials and town employees had been so derelict in their sworn duties and jobs that the civic group obviously saw no alternative. The CCHB chose the absolute right and moral path, public safety. CCHB probably saved a few lives.

It was raciest for the Town not to act immediately after the “secret” winter meeting. How many could have died in house fires? Winter is the most dangerous time for heating with space heaters. Evidently in one house it could have been 21 people dead. If the town learned that the fire exit doors were welded closed at the movie theater, would they have waited several months to take action? It would appear that who is inside determines the priority level of the Town’s response.

Government appears too busy extorting charity money from wealthy residents who want to host last minute parties and need permits. Mr. Nuzzi, this is not “a quality of life issue”, it is a live or death issue. And the Press runs a drivel editorial on some Internet site rather that expressing appropriate outrage. It seems that the citizens are the only ones outraged.

I can think of no government scandal in the Town of Southampton that comes close to this. True leadership would have gone public, summoned the resources of the town and treated this as a rescue mission.

Hooray for HB and Godspeed to HB Village. No more a step child.

Back to the town: there simply must be consequences for this outrageous failure. 4-6,000 people living in peril of losing their lives.

" Jul 15, 13 3:33 PM

Nature, so I had the wrong analogy. This didn't happen in a few weeks or months. CCHB would not exist if government only did what they said they would do.

What about the rest of my comments? The fact you would appear to claim that it is tough and complicated inferring that the time line is excusable, doesn't inspire excellence. In the private secter, it would be time to freshen up your resume.
Government should have come to the people and have explained the problem and followed a path to fix it. This approach is called leadership and it is lacking in this town. We pay big $ and we expect government officials to solve tough problems. If you can't, stand aside and let someone else try.

It is obvious, Hampton Bays got written off, probably, not enough votes to swing an election.

How about this: US Census 2010 Hampton Bays Population was 13,000 +++ Where are the 3-5,000 people living in dangerous, sub standard and illegal housing in the census? You've got 20-30% ++ of the entire population living at risk. That's a crisis in any book and ultimately a community hardship. I stand by my assertion that it should have been coordinated like a rescue mission. Unless there is some people not worthy of rescue?

If you put everyone on the polygraph, all the elected officials, all the fire marshals, all the police department, the building department, Betts's staff you would find that hundreds of people in government knew about the severity of this problem in Hampton Bays. And they turned their backs, everyone was complacent or not up to the task. They only revaluation was that those heroes in CCHB were hard at work.

Now take Betts' quote that after the winter meeting he only got the information in early spring. NTW I think we're entitled to real dates not seasons for the time line. And I'd like to know why there was any gap? Betts was (is?) the enforcer, he should have gotten the information immediately (like he could get to work right away, this is serious, right), reasonable? Was the unknown period delay used to investigative Betts? Good idea. Or was it to allow slum lord buddies to clean up their act? Sell properties. Bad. Or was it to allow everyone on government to pull up their pants after agreeing on the spin?

Putrid is the only word to describe this. The tax payers deserve better leadership and accountability. This is not acceptable, we have a right to know the full story.

And why not?

" Jul 15, 13 9:59 PM

Ethics Panel Extends Bishop Probe

She seems experienced to me, not stupid, Bishop has paid his daughter $513,305 from his campaign funds since joining Congress in 2002, according to Federal Election Commission records. He has raised $10.6 million since then." Aug 14, 13 12:25 PM

Hampton Bays Vigil Calls For Renewed Push For Immigration Reform

too many spaces after post, looks like topic is ended." Sep 14, 13 10:12 PM

Not a surprising, it is documented but not publicized. It is an established fact (WSJ) that illegal workers actually LOWER THE INCOME OF OUR HOME-TEAM WORKING POOR (depending by market) by about 5% (because of wage competition). Thus, they block the ascension of our working poor into prosperity by undercutting them on wages. Think blocking the American dream here.

It is fiction that the illegals totally do what our workers won't do (they say "refuse to do"). This fiction is propagated by employers who pocket the difference between fair market USA worker wages and illegal wages. This pushes our working poor back to the end of the line. The studies show the economic benefit goes in the pockets of the employers, period.

We spend $20 a pound on fair trade coffee and feel good about ourselves because we feel we've helped some poor farmer on the other side of the world, yet we don't care if our own poor have an equal shot at bettering themselves. Stupid.

I've seen a 5 million dollar house (start to finish) built almost entirely with non American workers. How I know, American trades people show up in big USA built pickup trucks, they don't show up with 5 small men getting out of a 20 year old Toyota. Si?

This is so wrong, if you love your fellow Americans (it is not about hating others, but about loving our own) and want them to have a fair chance, you'd stand up and demand that we just give them their right to be legally equal. In light of all the call for rights for illegal workers (and calls to just give them everything our people have worked so hard for), some how the label LEGALLY EQUAL seems especially fair for our own. Perhaps the town should create a special section of the sidewalk near 7-11 and make it a "LEGALLY EQUAL ZONE" for our own poor who want to work for cash and pay no tax. It would seem fair, si?

The term "Immigration Reform" is a misnomer. We have already been invaded, over run. We didn't say OK. So it is not "reform", reform would mean we made them do the right thing or somehow pay (remember "reform school"?) All the bad effects to our own workers and their innocent FAMILIES has already been done and sadly they might not ever "catch up". So they become wards of the state, they go "on the dole". They become part of a bigger problem, our own people become outsiders within our prosperous country, yet they are truly our own. A tear should drop from every American eye for them. They are our own innocent poor.

It is tough for our own: my daughter ran out of unemployment benefits and the NY State unemployment case worker actually suggested that she move out of NY State.

There is an undermining process taking place. Like Americans have to move to find work while illegals are not bridled? We do belong here, si?

The advocates of "immigration reform" innocently do not see the hurt on our poor, they can't seem to understand that our poor have been legally waiting for their chance.

Without sarcasm or malice, until we've taken care of our own, perhaps those advocates should go work in those other countries? We've got our hands full here. And there is an element of fair play missing here.
" Sep 15, 13 12:21 AM

Nature, do you really deny the problem (or do you just enjoy reading your own drivel)? " Sep 15, 13 12:56 AM

House Ethics Committee Says Reason To Believe Bishop Violated Law With Campaign Donation, Bishop Also Probed By FBI

Ha, ha . Love it . Still blaming Bush? Lack common sense? Trillions down the drain and Bush is still the scapegoat? Very funny.

" Sep 20, 13 8:08 PM

Four Hurt In Early Friday Crash On County Road 39

Another preventable accident. Rumble strips, low cost, proven solution. Shame on our elected officials." Dec 2, 13 10:32 PM

Part of Flanders Road has real rumble strips (groves in pavement). I've not seen any on 39." Dec 4, 13 5:31 AM

Dozens Rally In Southampton Village For Immigration Reform

Sadly, no one seems to advocate for our own working poor. They are the true victims of illegal immigration. While it is profoundly obvious that illegals very successfully compete with our working poor, the studies show that typically illegals in the workforce lower the income of our own poor working citizens by 4 to 5 %.
Our working poor are the forgotten Americans in the immigration problem.
To keep them out of the limelight, we’ve increased social welfare, reduced federal education standards to camouflage the ongoing tragedy. A mother with two children in New York, for instance, is able to collect $38,004 per year in welfare handouts. This is greater than the starting salary of a teacher in the state (CATO).
Employers who tell you they can’t find Americans to do their work are not being totally fair. The fact is they simply do not want to give up margin and pay a competitive wage or they can’t compete with companies who only employ illegals. Regardless of the reason, our working poor suffer.
The administration has quietly gutted workfare. We don’t need minimum wage reform, we need to free up those jobs taken by illegals, wages will go up. We also should go back to the old workfare rules. This all puts Americans first. So we might have some inflation, as long as it means our poor are once again moving up, I’m willing to dig deeper in my pocket.
What a novel idea, putting Americans first. It is not racist to want to take care of our own. Don’t tell anyone, it’s really “patriotic” to help Americans. Patriotic, a word we don’t hear enough in this country, Si?
" Dec 12, 13 10:01 AM

Ok big boy, are you saying that illegals do not cause economic pressure on our working poor? Park the retoric, yes or no?" Dec 14, 13 8:23 PM

East Quogue Golf Course Development Gets Green Light For PDD Application

Tuckahoe Schools lost millions when the golf courses got big reductions in their taxes. Don't think for a minute they will pay their fair share here." Jan 16, 14 10:04 PM

Quogue Residents Speak Out Against Village Land Sale; Trustees Table Resolution

What no estimate as to how the docks improve the value of 2 ocean front lots?

Minimum a million each and small taxes, what a huge give away." Jan 17, 14 8:17 PM

Southampton Town Board Ousts Pair Of Veteran ZBA Members

As a member of a group that objected to a variance, in my experience the ZBA is a disgrace to the community and all the taxpayers. The town tacitly is to blame. During the course of the hearings the chairman had numerous side bar discussions with the applicant’s representative while we were speaking. By doing that he was unethical and rude. It is on the video tape. By the Chairman himself I was threatened with ZBA retaliation for voicing my objections (paying taxes from 1951 means nothing). Board Members ignored sworn testimony and admonished taxpayers for being hypocrites. We were even referred in a condescending manor as “God bless you people in those small cottages, I couldn’t live like that.” In one case a neighbor was ostracized by the chairman of the ZBA because a previous owner of her property, 20 years ago, had gotten a 2 foot variance for a deck, “you’ve got yours but they can’t have theirs.”
The town does nothing (zero) to help taxpayers wanting to be heard against a variance request. You have to drag out of the planning department staff the basis of decisions by the board. To the issue of learning the rules, the Chairman retorted, “If you want to know how this works, watch us on TV.” The ZBA never publicly discusses anything. They write the opinion before they vote, everything is a done deal. The makeup of the ZBA is almost anonymous just names with no openness as to their occupations or credentials. They are likely not a cross section of community members.
Caution, do not think you can get anything done without a lawyer; the ZBA just runs over you and ignores you. Time for some sunlight and help for the taxpayers!
" Jan 29, 14 6:16 PM

Hampton Bays Fire District Treasurer's Salary Has Doubled Since Taking Office

As my good friend Al used to say, "Pigs get fed, hogs get slaughtered. "
It is time get a new, reasonably compensated treasurer. " Feb 3, 14 2:40 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Served With Injunction; Bank Accounts Remain Frozen

According to today's Newsday the Town Board has authorize the town lawyer to issue a demand letter to take control over all of the trustees funds. If this happens you can say goodbye to the status quo. Everything will be for sale. Shame on the Town Board." Feb 17, 14 4:13 PM

Bishop Bill Pushes For Medal Of Honor For Haerter

Latest news, President Milk Toast raised his mighty pen and signed what he describes as the harshest sanctions on Russia since the end of the Cold War. The Russian stock market rallied up nearly 4% on the details of President Milk Toast’s sanctions. I’m sure Bishop is 100% on board (as always)." Mar 18, 14 11:29 AM

I would resign. This is not a single foreign policy blunder but yet another instance of rhetoric without meaningful consequence. Our allies no longer believe we’ve “got their back”. We’re now viewed by the world as “All pistoleros, no bulletos”.

If I woke up in The Oval Office tomorrow morning, I’d send the Secret Service out to beg Charles Krauthammer and George Will to come help me. From the hip I’d follow Charles Krauthammer’s advice in his column: “Still time to thwart Russians”. (Which the left and right should read).
" Mar 18, 14 4:21 PM

Do the similarities between Putin/Russia today and pre-WWII Hitler/Germany escape you? If so, start reading you unbiased history books. We are at a very serious point with little room for error." Mar 18, 14 9:14 PM

State Test Opt-Outs In Eastport South Manor, Hampton Bays Exceed State Cutoff

I don't think any support to "opt out" should be given.
My grandmother used to say that when a baby was crying, it was good. It helped develop its lungs and learn to deal with frustration. Today dear grandma would be accused of "child abuse".
Frustration is part of the growth process for children and it helps them learn to deal with difficult tasks. The world is unfair and those who learn to deal with it get ahead.
Unfortunately the race for excellence seems to be out of vogue and the "squat for fairness" is its replacement.
The helicopter moms opting out should be sure their kids learn Spanish so that they can compete for those treasured landscaping jobs.
You won't see any Asian American children opting out.
Our culture is going the wrong way, 50% on the dole.
My 2 cents.
" Apr 9, 14 9:13 AM

UPDATE: Neil S. Fyfe Had Just Finished First Day As Caddie At Sebonack Golf Club When Killed

Our elected officials do nothing to make 39 safer. The blood is on their hands. How many must die? There is not even a sign to ask drivers to be safe. At least on Hill Street there are signs saying the speed limit is strictly inforced. It is not safe to drive a car much less a bike on 39." May 7, 14 11:27 PM

Man Charged In Noyac Home Invasion Takes Plea Deal

Get used to this type of occurrence, President Milk Toast wants to legalize marijuana and he, along with our AG, Eric Pot Holder, want to let drug dealers out of prison. Not very well covered by the media is the fact that cheap heroin is flowing into Colorado, the drug cartels are not going out of business, they are changing their product line. Rightly the Press editorializes the loss of a local youth to heroin. We however need to approach the problem from every angle. Right now letting 70,000 drug dealers out of jail doesn't seem in the best interest of our youth." May 17, 14 4:31 PM

Benchmark to India? We should freeze legalization and study Colorado. It won't happen, the tax is like crack to politicians. I don't think legalization will help the 47 % on the dole? In the end more inner strength will be needed to experience the American dream. Perhaps those newcomers from asia and india who are successful here can share the secrets." May 17, 14 10:05 PM

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