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Town Trustees reject land swap with Westhampton Cemetery Association

Oshaunnessey - call me and I'll explain to you exactly why I didn't support the land swap. Also, read my letter to the Editor in last week's Press - I explain it very thoroughly. But don't let it deter you from calling me - if you're going to question my commitment to my community, the least you can do is have a conversation with me so I can tell what you're wrong about in your assessment of my decision. I will be happy to explain, and you will probably quickly understand that our decision has NOTHING to do with a disregard for the cemetery or the community. I guess this is the world of politics and emotion reigning over logic, but I wish people weren't so quick to make such bold assumptions - unless, of course you have another agenda....?
I look forward to speaking with you. You obviously know our number in the Trustees office.
Brian" Feb 23, 09 7:07 PM

None of your scare tactics about being re-elected phase me, ladies and gents. I do what I think is right, plain and simple. Assuming that I make my decisions based on getting votes is pathetic and inaccurate. I make my decisions based on fact, my outlined duties as a Town Trustee, and what I feel is right.
A conversation always beats letters to the Editor and making comments online, even though the latter are easier. However; feel free to call me to discuss your concerns if you'd like.
Brian" Feb 23, 09 7:44 PM

Westhampton Cemetery expansion continues to hit obstacles

Bob and Frank - firstly, the minutes are public record. Go check them out for yourselves. I think you'll be surprised - I checked them and all that the Trustees said was that they would look into it and see what restrictions there were on the land. Which leads me to the real issue at hand that you're ignoring. The land that the cemetery wants was given to the Trustees to protect. What don't you understand about that? The cemetery cannot obtain and develop our parcel, plain and simple. We've offered to work with them to find alternatives but they are too emotionally bent out of shape that they would rather bash the Trustees. Not a very productive tactic to expand their cemetery, do you think? Also, the DEC would never give them approval to expand onto our land, so this is a losing proposition. The sooner they accept that, the sooner they can serve their clients with another piece of land. As I say with everyone who comments on websites, call me if you would like to discuss the issue. 287 5717." Jun 28, 09 9:49 AM

Frank, you ask me to identify myself - my screen name is briantymann. With a space in between, it is Brian Tymann. I am a town Trustee.

By "our land", yes you are correct - it is land entrusted to the Town Trustees on behalf of the Freeholders and Commonality of the Town.

As I do with all people, with very limited success, I invite you to call me and meet me at the site so I can give you the full picture. 287 5717. I thank you for your interest in this matter.
" Jun 29, 09 1:53 PM

I'd still like to speak with you, Turkey Bridge. I don't think any conversation is pointless. Have you asked the two gentlemen you plan to vote for how they would handle this? My guess would be that they would see it the same way the 5 Trustees do now. Perhaps not, but I certainly wouldn't base my vote on spite or a guess - it's nto going to solve this issue. True, what was said in the past is important to some degree, but do you think our stance on not swapping the property is wrong? You seem to dwell on what was said in the past, but I have to make decisions today - and my decision to not give away the Trustees parcel is what I think is the right thing to do by the resident sof the Town and by the environment.
" Jun 30, 09 5:31 PM

Southampton Town Trustee incumbent Brian Tymann (R)

Nice try all, but I've missed 2 meetings this year. One was because my Grandmother died and the other because I was at a solar conference in California. Look at the facts, you can confirm this in Town Hall. I''ll show you my solar conference badge and my grandmother's death certificate, if you don't believe me.
Stop in at the next Trustee meeting and let's talk...unless you're trying to remain anonymous? I don't see any names on your comments. You must be politically motivated or even candidates, otherwise if you were just looking out for the public, I'm sure you'd reveal your names, right? Are we adults or in second grade here???
Call me at Town Hall, if you grow up and can reveal your identity....I won't be back on this site, so I won't see your comments after this message. I will be doing my job as a Trustee, not blogging.PS, to INS...254 comments? No one is taking someone like you seriously!!!
287 5717.
Thanks." Nov 3, 09 4:55 PM

Fallen soldier's remains arrive on the East End

I hope that everyone takes some time today to think about this young man and how he sacrificed himself for all of us. We are indebted to him, his family and his friends. May he rest in peace. Thank you Lt. Theinert." Jun 10, 10 2:04 PM

Celestino Gambino, founder of La Parmigiana, dies at 73

One of the finest men I've ever met....and an equally incredible family he created. We will all miss you, Zio." Jul 5, 10 11:33 AM

Developer behind Westhampton Beach bowling alley project is close to breaking ground

As a WHB local, I'm looking very forward to seeing the improvements to these properties. Kudos to the Village and the developers for making it happen. I'm sure it will be great for the Village in many ways." Sep 14, 10 9:49 PM

Southampton Company Helps Provide Solar Panels To Non-Profits

Thanks man!!!!" Apr 28, 11 2:20 PM

Hello LovedHerTown,
I sincerely apologize if you (or your friend) had a bad experience with SunStream. We are told often that we do a very good job by many happy customers, and have been lauded in the industry as being very competitively priced, but if we fell short of that with someone I apologize. If there is ANY further information that you might be able to give me regarding this situation, such as the name of who your friend spoke with at SunStream, I would GREATLY appreciate it - my e-mail address is brian@sunstreamusa.com
Kind regards,
Brian Tymann, Director of Operations" May 3, 11 1:48 PM

UPDATE: Sears To Remain In Custody, Orders Of Protection To Be Requested For Children

There are two issues here. One is the question of whether this man is guilty or not ("innocent until proven guilty"). The second is the subject matter, which is child pornography. If this man is proven guilty, then he needs to go to jail, and anyone on this thread who even shows an inkling of pity or understanding for him or child pornographers, including those people who are delving into the deep discussion of "whether the morphed pictures are really child pornogrpahy," all need to stop. There is no grey area in this type of sickness folks. As an aside, I won't be reading or responding to any retorts, so please don't expect any or be offended by the lack of response...someone sent me a link to this story and I found it so perturbing that I commented. Cheers to all!" Jan 25, 13 3:47 PM

Nuzzi Will Challenge Schneiderman For County Legislature Seat

Chris Nuzzi is one of my best friends. He's a great father, husband, friend, public servant, and individual overall. It's tough to read politically charged slander about him when I know what a solid person he is. I don't partake in these comments much, but when I do I like to use my real name. I hope that for those of you who know me, my opinion of Chris carries some weight. Like me or not, I've always been honest and upfront - and that's exactly what Chris is like. Many. If not most of you anonymous posters have an obvious agenda - and that's OK - I respect your opinions. But I also acknowledge that you might have other reasons for bashing Chris and his abilities. You want your candidates to win and Chris to lose. I get it - this is politics. I've personally tried to talk Chris out of staying in politics, as a friend. I hate seeing people criticize him! But alas, he is following his heart and true passion, which is to serve his community in the ways that he feels is best for them. Go on and tear him apart...the comment in the article about him being "popular" is based on his ability to win by comfortable margins. It's not rocket science! As I mentioned, I don't partake in commenting on this site much, and I won't be returning to it to reply to any retorts (I'm sure there will be some by you George!). I wish all candidates luck and I look forward to supporting Chris in his race, as a friend and a concerned citizen. He is top notch and second to none and I know that the majority of voters see that. Be well, all. " May 2, 13 9:29 AM

Havemeyer Will Not Seek Reelection To Southampton Town Trustees

Although I disagreed with his recent political strategic moves by changing parties, Fred has been an excellent Trustee and a tireless worker. His replacement will have big shoes to fill. " Jul 25, 13 2:30 PM

Southampton Town ZBA Denies Eruv Application

Couldn't have said it better myself." Aug 6, 13 10:41 AM

Early Monday Crash Closes County Road 39 Once Again

PS - SLOW DOWN" Aug 6, 13 10:45 AM

Vincent M. Zorbo Of Westhampton Beach Dies February 8

RIP Uncle Vin. I will miss you tremendously." Feb 11, 14 11:55 AM

Westhampton Beach Man Launches Cigar Company

Thanks GoldenBoy!!! I appreciate it.
" Jul 30, 14 11:08 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Board Taps H2M To Map Sewer District

Just to be perfectly clear, the special exception permit application is for the property owner to be allowed to have a 10,000 square foot space in this building. That's all. The application is NOT for a CVS. The only involvement that CVS has is that according to the property owner, they are interested in leasing the 10,000 square foot space. I, and the board, are not, and cannot, vote for a specific store to open there. Maybe CVS will sign a lease. Maybe a different store will.
Also, the board's ruling must be based on the requirements for a special exception application as written in the Village Code. In this zone (B1), you can have up to 3,000 square feet of space "as-of-right" and between 3,000 and 10,000 square feet if the requirements of a special exception application are met. Those requirements evaluate many things, one of which is the impact on the community. That refers to safety issues, a market study, traffic, etc. It does not refer to whether or not the decision will have an impact on other businesses from a competition standpoint. And the purpose of the 3,000 square foot target is for aesthetics in a downtown district...keeping the small store look. That is achieved by facing the small stores to the street in this particular application. This is not going to ruin the Village folks..." Feb 6, 16 8:36 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Trustees Rubio, Tymann Are Sworn In; New Advisory Committees Formed

LOL...but that shirt is from Banana Republic...not nice enough??? I even tucked it in!
Also, just FYI...my last name has 2 "n's"" Feb 19, 16 10:40 AM

Westhampton Beach Board Discusses Sewer District Options With Designers

1. Across from the Country Club is officially off the table.
2. Residences aren't part of it because:
a) It will make the entire project too expensive
b) Most of them don't need it - their septic systems are not causing a problem like the downtown businesses are
c) Residents like you probably won't want to pay to hook up to it, so why would we include residences? The sewage problem exists downtown only, right near the water. That's where we will likely install sewers. Pretty straightforward.
3. There is no vacant land next to my house so a pumping station isn't an option there, but I assure you that we will find appropriate places for stations. But I think you were being facetious anyway.
4. There's no way to know the costs or grants until we spend the money on the map and plan unfortunately. It would be great if we knew that information without spending a dime, but it's just not "realistic." I feel that it is a very worthwhile investment in our Village.
Thanks for your perspective. Brian" Feb 19, 16 10:54 AM

Realistic - give me a call or email me, I'd love to discuss this with you. btymann@westhamptonbeach.org
Thanks. Look forward to hearing from you.
Brian" Feb 25, 16 9:33 AM

Realistic - assuming you want to remain anonymous, you could email me from an unknown email address. However, I'm going to take a guess and assume that you won't, otherwise you'd use your real name in your comments. That said, here is a list of responses to your comments:
1. Fertilizers and storm drainage is next on our list to tackle. But addressing the sewerage entering the bay from downtown is a much more important first step. I can show you video and data confirming this.
2. We're not moving Main St. to higher ground. That's ridiculous and I assume that was said in jest.
3. I'm not "selling" anything other than cigars and solar panels (my day jobs). The majority of the community understands that sewering Main St. is extremely important for environmental and economic reasons.
4. You shot yourself in the foot on the vacancy example. Yes, stores are both vacant, and limited to dry uses, precisely because of the lack of proper sewage treatment downtown. The landlords would be able to rent stores to wet uses and also fill apartments with a sewer system. It's a downtown - of course we want to make it vibrant.
5. If we're so insane, I suggest that you run for Village Board (I'm not being sarcastic).
I'm not one for back and forth via 27east, so that's my two cents and I will be leaving it at that. Thanks for the input and I do really still hope you will contact me for some more dialogue. Cheers. Brian" Feb 27, 16 10:30 AM

Deli Owner Challenges Westhampton Beach Village's Decision To Run Beach Concession Stand

I hate reading generalizations and false statements.
1. Mayor Moore simply put her salary back to what it was before Teller reduced it. I believe he reduced it to just under what he was allowed to make while receiving social security, but perhaps he did it out of the kindness of his heart. I'm not to say, only he is. Regardless of why he did it, Mayor Moore put it back to $25,000 with no raise this year. I'm sick of hearing this weak criticism of her. At $25,000 she makes about $13 an hour, give or take. Pretty inexpensive for running the Village full time.
2. We spent $71,000 on the sewer district design, not "hundreds of thousands."
3. Realistic, I asked you to contact me about the sewer district weeks ago and it seems that your're more concerned with protecting your secret identity than engaging in productive dialogue with me. My door is still open, and you could even make up an anonymous email address and contact me.
4. I don't agree with the concession being taken in-house, nor does Rob. But my other fellow board members want to give it a try and my options are to whine and complain about a done deal, or to do whatever I can to help make it successful for the benefit of the community. I believe that's why I was elected. I don't expect it to be successful, but I would love for it to be successful. I don't wish it to fail to prove a point, I just want to have a happy community. Since the decision is made (and we all made our voices heard about it, for or against), let's see how it does, ok?
" Apr 18, 16 7:17 AM

I forgot one other thing - I'm not sure what you don't understand about the map and plan for the sewers - for the hundredth time I have to explain this: We paid $71,000 for the map and plan of the sewer district. Part of that work is to figure out the costs and available grant money. Those things CANNOT be figured out without a map and plan, as the cost is based on the design details and the grant money is dependent on the design details and the outcome of the water quality studies that will indicate just how much we need the money. It's really quite simple. So no - the Mayor, I, the board and YOU don't know how much it will cost and who will be paying for it. That's precisely what we are working on now. Is that coming clean enough? This is easy stuff to discuss person-to-person. It's really sad that we have to do this in a blog section with fake names. " Apr 18, 16 7:27 AM

Quogue Mayor Unveils Tentative $8.4M Budget For 2017-18

Kudos to a great mayor!" Mar 22, 17 7:47 AM

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