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Day Camp Application Up For Planning Board Meeting

there has never been 400 campers plus counselors on that property in the last 30 plus years. 72000 square feet of property will be cleared and it is not considered an expansion?!?" Oct 5, 11 3:25 PM

A Third Of Southampton Town Now Preserved

Please do not leave North Sea out of the mix - It is not mentioned anywhere in this article - nori is Tuckahoe" Dec 1, 11 2:07 PM

UPDATE: Schiavoni Withdraws Proposed Moratorium On Development In Aquifer Districts

This legislation needs to be accomplished
The changes to the water shed zones in addition to the constant bombardment by developers to maximize the housing numbers on already zoned land is very disturbing
Real estate professionals will not be happy when all of the vistas that make our hamlets unique and special are gone because of over development
Please keep us special" Jul 19, 18 5:27 PM