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Southampton Village moving forward on new ambulance corps headquarters

I think that a better ambulance headquarters is much more needed than the African American Museum. That project can be put on the back burner until the current facilities and volunteer agencies are brought up to date. God forbid one of the volunteers gets hurt at the ambulance headquarters, then the village will be in a major lawsuit. It makes more sense to take care of the problems now, rather then wait. And also, this is not approving a new ambulance headquarters. This is just to allow the SVVA to move on and do more research on this. Often times, the services of the volunteers get overlooked and when the volunteers ask for something, people immediatly complain before thinking about what is really going on.

Also, fdny7318, think before commenting on articles." Dec 1, 09 10:34 AM

Southampton Village denies request for police records

This is another example of Southampton Press trying to stir up the pot. Why do they care about these records?? They have no use for them and they just want to have something to report on. I'm sure if the records were available, the Press and Chris Broich would find something to complain about, even if nothing was wrong about the records. Chris Broich is trying to retaliate against the police dept. and wont accept the fact that he got fired because he screwed up! Its not that the Police force hate to tell the truth, they are with holdig private information. Would you all like for your job to release your personal records to the press and the public? I know I sure wouldnt want that to happen. Before everyone immediatly mad the the village police and start to point the finger, take a step back and look and the big picture. There is no reason why the press needs these records. They simply want to create more problems with these records. Chris Broich wants these records so he can create problems as well. Its not only the Police Department holding the records, its the Village as well. Maybe the Southampton Press and Chris Broich should mind their own business!" Feb 19, 10 8:24 AM

Neighbor files complaint over condition of George Guldi's gutted Westhampton Beach home

If it bothers the neighbor so bad, why doesnt the neighbor offer to pay to knock it down or fix it. Seems like it worries the neighbor more than the house owner...typical!" Feb 19, 10 8:39 AM

I presume that you are one of the neighbors or a friend or relative of one of the neighbors. And that comment was not ignorant...it;s the truth. I think this is another desperate attempt to get Guldi in more trouble.

Why dont you put yourself in his shoes and think if your house caught on fire. Would you want the neighbors complaining about the appearence of your house? I don't really think so! I'm sure you would have plenty of other things on your mind and you wouldn't want the neighbors complaining.

I am serious when I say if it bothers the neighbors so much, they should offer to fix it!

P.S. EQme- Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and mine is keep your's to yourself! (How's that for ignorant??)" Feb 24, 10 5:10 PM

Southampton Village releases some secondary employment information

Its just the Press trying to create problems and create a story. They have nothing else t report on so why not try to create some tensions and write about it. They have absolutly no use for this information. Shame on you SH Press!" Mar 3, 10 6:12 PM

The only reason why you want them Chris is to harrass these employees at their other jobs and try to get back to Southampton Village for firing you. " Mar 3, 10 10:11 PM

In case of emergency: East End SWAT teams

You know highhatsize, your user name explains you well. You have an awfully big head full of air. You would be the first one to complain if one of your family members was held hostage and the local police agencies had to wait for the NYPD ESU team to come out. These are fairly new teams for the village. You cant expect them to be pros right off the bat. The whole point of training is to get better. Their gear that you make fun of, will save their lives. How about you offer to be on the SWAT team and go without their gear and see how you make out on a real call. You are very ignorant and should get a life." Mar 4, 10 8:53 PM

Brendan J. Smith of Hampton Bays succumbs to cancer at 32

My condolences to Mr. Smith and his family!" Mar 5, 10 1:04 AM

In case of emergency: East End SWAT teams

Sounds to me like you got a DWI and are just seeking revenge on the Town Police. You keep referrng to DWIs is many of your posts.

If these Police agencies are getting alot of DWIs, isnt that making the roads safer? Why would you complain about that? You are a knuckle head." Mar 7, 10 1:41 PM

If the town police put the video cameras in every car, that would cost alot of money and we all know how you would complain about that. I am not disagreeing with you about putting the video cameras in the cars, but since you are complaining about these departments spending money for improvement for the SWAT teams then you would surely complain about them spending money for the video cameras." Mar 7, 10 5:51 PM

taxraven- you are absolutly correct. I cannot agree with you any more. Very well said! You certainly hit the nail on the head there and I commend your comments. I think it is the best option for the local police departments to train and combine with eachother. This is very good because each agency will get used to operating with eachother and know what to expect form eachother. This will help the teams operate on the same levels and help get jobs done quicker.

In regards to your other comment, I think police should be agressive when dealing with drunk drivers. Drunk Drivers are not only a harm to themselves...they are a harm to everyone else around them and can take someone elses life away in the snap of a finger. Police are one of the few ways drunk drivers are taken out from behind the whelel and I totally suport whatever they need to do to help get these drunks off the road." Mar 7, 10 11:15 PM

Parts of Southampton Village parks and beaches may become smoke-free

Aaron, think before you post things.What does this have to do with Wickapogue being paved? " Mar 12, 10 12:04 AM

Oddone sentencing moved to April

It is the second time the sentencing, originally scheduled for February, has bene postponed at the request of Mr. Oddone’s attorney, Sarita Kedia.

FYI: Been is spelled wrong.

May justice prevail." Mar 25, 10 12:18 PM

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