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Quogue Police Sergeant Retires After 22 Years Of Service

Congrats Ed, Don't listen to the BS comments. You've served the community well and deserve a happy and healthy retirement!" Aug 3, 15 9:40 AM

Hampton Bays Fire District Rejects Freedom Of Information Act Request

Everyone needs to start voting NO. Every vote held is always an increased budget. Did they really need another multi-million dollar firehouse south of the tracks? Riverhead town did the SAME thing when they held a vote to build their new firehouse. They stapled a small sign to a pole saying vote tonight and told only supporters to come vote yes. The library vote is comming up soon. Please be sure to vote NO. Unless of course you are in favor of another tax increase!!!" Aug 6, 15 9:48 AM

UPDATE: Hampton Jitney Accident On County Road 39 Cleared

The car may or may not have cut the jitney off, however most of the jitneys on 39 are doing well over 50 in the 30mph zone. That's a fact, not an opinion. " Aug 20, 15 9:27 AM

Councilman Stan Glinka, Councilwoman Julie Lofstad Discuss Future Of Hampton Bays

Priority number one should be illegal rentals. Absentee landlords don't care about the impact on our schools. They collect thousands per month on each house they rent out to multiple families. It has to stop. " Mar 29, 16 2:44 PM

Hampton Bays Repaving Work To Begin Next Week

Memorial day weekend to disrupt the city people that think they walk on water." Mar 31, 16 9:35 AM

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