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The Noise Of Summer Riles Those Seeking Peace

I feel bad for any 3rd-shifters who have to sleep during the day through all of this.
" Apr 9, 15 1:43 PM

'Legs' Documentary Explores Division In Sag Harbor

I don't think this subject is worthy of a film. And I can't stand the thought of Vered/Lehr being viewed as victims. The legs having 'almost the same weight as the Sag Harbor Cinema sign'??? Wow. The legs have been here only since 2008. Get rid of them." Feb 11, 16 12:00 PM

Dean Pace, A Friend To Everyone, Dies At 48

Very sad.... I think this is also the same type of brain cancer that John McCain has." Dec 16, 17 11:36 PM

Southampton Village Begins To Prepare For Stony Brook Southampton Hospital Move

So we're going to have 100 acres of rolling grass land between 2 highways now blighted by a hospital...very disappointing. Before you know it they'll set up a helipad. I think this also goes against the agreement the state initially set up with LIU... how has the town gotten away with it?" Jun 1, 19 10:40 PM