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Glennon Shares Perspective On Proposed Supermarket Law

The only person who stands to gain from this is Mr. Glennon. The market economy dictates that at a fair (market) price his lot would be leased. His private business needs are not at one with the purported "needs" of the village for a supermarket. Mr. Glennon has a contract with a market that does not address the "needs" of the villagers who say they want a new supermarket. It is a gourmet store with high prices and none of the sundry items that most people purchase at a supermarket.
Zoning is in place to protect every property owner. Making changes to suit one person is a dangerous precedent and will lead, in this case, to further deterioration of the village retail climate. All village property owners deserve the protection of the zoning that exists now for Highway Business. Do not allow
our elected officials to change the zoning.
" Feb 10, 12 10:21 AM

No thanks. As a property owner, I have a right to an opinion and I have the right to try to protect my property interests.

By the way, how are you privy to the communication to Village Hall on this matter? " Feb 10, 12 5:27 PM

Tuckahoe King Kullen Plans Won't Deter Village Push For New Grocery

And what about the village citizens who live near the proposed site on County Road 39? Wickapogue, Old Town Road, Hampton Road? They don't count?
" Mar 7, 12 5:22 PM

Supermarket Opponent Offers $1.6 Million For Glennon Property

The village has no business changing the zoning. If Mr. Glennon has car dealerships interested, then he should lease his property to them. I thought Glennon said he was unable to lease his property and therefore needed the zoning change. Even if he did, it's not the business of the government to satisfy
the needs or greed of one individual. This is a real mess created by the Mayor and Trustees of Southampton. They should be worrying about the pension and
benefit packages they have doled out that will cost everyone a fortune in taxes.
" Mar 14, 12 7:35 PM

Southampton Village Nixes Sidewalk Sales During SeptemberFest

A "famers' market" with only one stall selling vegetables, a couple of sad bands playing in the rain, and no sidewalk sales. This is a silly waste of taxpayers' money and no help to the village. On a normal rainy weekend, plenty of people come out to shop--but with these less than appealing offerings, everyone seems to have stayed home or headed East to shop or eat. Rock bands don't bring in the kind of retail business that the village needs. Whoever is running this event, should be removed and perhaps the event should be abandoned. It does nothing and costs us plenty." Sep 29, 12 1:53 PM

Southampton Hospital, Stony Brook Usher In "New Era Of Regional Health Care"

Is the mayor's father-in-law going to buy up the old hospital and then put in houses
on one sixth of an acre? I wonder. And what about Paulson's new emergency room for which he gave $5 million? Is it going to be bulldozed in five years?
" Oct 5, 12 5:02 PM

Former Parrish Museum Could Be Future Home Of Public Radio Station

Twenty million dollars for a radio station to have a home? Radio is not a visual art.
Why not just turn the space into high end retail shops in a fancy arcade like the
Burlington Arcade in London or the Gallerie Vivienne in Paris? That would be
financially sound use of the building and would help house upscale stores that now
show up and then leave after the summer season ends. Maybe a small gallery would be nice as in Paris at the Gallerie Vivienne. A radio station can be anywhere because they broadcast sound and music. There is absolutely no visual component to radio" Oct 10, 12 8:20 AM

Southampton High School To Reopen Upgraded Planetarium To Public On November 1

The planetarium is something for the 20th not the 21st Century. How about getting up to speed with technology? The schools in Southampton are way behind in technology instruction for both students and teachers. They all need computers or notebooks to use daily. Without this, our students are not going to be ready for the real world out there. This is a frivolous expenditure just like the "viewing stand" and concession stand for the sports fields. When will the district wake up and figure out that they need to reassess their priorities? " Oct 22, 12 8:14 AM

Southampton Village Intersections Getting Upgrade With State Funding

The Pine Street work has resulted in a totally confusing and unsafe traffic pattern that makes accessing parking behind Main Street difficult. The fact that Pine Street is half one-way and half two-way traffic is a disaster waiting to happen. I think the entire traffic plan for this area is just plain wrong and has made the
school drop off and pick-up perhaps more dangerous than in the past. Getting a federal grant for something that is so poorly designed is just a waste of taxpayers money. " Dec 20, 12 10:41 AM

Southampton Village Homeowner Asks For Relief From Pyramid Law

This is a difficult situation but the owner is ultimately responsible to obey all the existing zoning laws. As a builder, he must have know better. And, frankly, the naked eye can easily detect that there is something amiss. I am dismayed that the building department did not handle this more carefully. Since the owner is a builder, I wonder what provoked such carelessness. If the ZBA allows this, then a truly dangerous precedent will be set. The second story of this house has to be
removed and proper plans submitted to conform to the pyramid law and all other
zoning laws of the village." Feb 15, 13 2:52 PM

Female Southampton Town Police Officers File Sexual Discrimination Claims

Has Chief Pearce been on the job long enough to know anything about this particular situation? Wilson was perhaps not interested in promoting women." Feb 20, 13 3:24 PM

80 Wooley Street Has Been Up For Sale; Neighbors Argue A Big Profit Will Still Be Made

Granting a variance would set a precedent that would be detrimental to our village.
Many mistakes or oversights seem to in the mix here. The only correct way to address them is to deny the variance and make sure the house conforms to all the zoniing laws. A good look at the Southampton Village Building Department might be in order now. " Feb 21, 13 8:10 AM

Southampton Village ZBA Grants Pyramid Law Variance For Wooley Street Home

The mayor appoints the ZBA members. He needs to rethink who is sitting on this board. They do not represent the villagers who hope, year after year, that someone will actually attempt to preserve what little is left of the village center and the neighborhoods. Developers and inappropriately large residential buildings just like Valk's are what the ZBA is sanctioning. Shame on them." Mar 3, 13 7:36 AM

Southampton Village Community Members Supportive Of Citarella, Concerned About Parking

The village needs this year-round store as well as a grocery option. Citarella fills
both needs and draws people INTO the village. The parking is always an issue
in the village. And in the summer it's terrible but that's just how it is in unless more space is opened up and employees have a lot for themselves. The village should be working on parking. The recent refiguring for "safe routes to school" is a sham. I have never seen any student walking to school. How about dismantling that mess and making Pine Street a two way street again? That would be a huge help to all of us and take some of the congestion off Hampton Road.
" Mar 5, 13 6:21 PM

Separate Emergency Room Billing May Be Bitter Pill To Swallow

This kind of thing happened to me. It is a disgrace that the physicians who have privileges at the hospital can do this to the patients who have no choice in an emergency. I was charged over $600 by a physicians who never came back to check on me. Eventually, I had to be sent to Stonybrook where the care and the coverage was good.
The hospital should only aalow physicians who are in their network to work. No outsiders robbing the unsuspecting public. Shame on Chaloner and the board
of directors. " Mar 11, 13 4:15 PM

Drugs, Money May Be Missing From Southampton Town Police Headquarters

Amazing. I think every officer and administrator of the Town should be sent
packing. There seems to be corruption everywhere and the town trustees and
supervisor seem to allow it all to happen. The DA needs to dig deep and actually
do something about this NOW. This police force is paid way too much and this is what we get. I am just plain amazed." Mar 21, 13 12:36 PM

Southampton Village Board Adopts $25.6 Million Budget; Still No Movement On Supermarket Law

The Glennon property is not considered by the GIbbs study to be in the business district and as a result it will be detrimental to the village retail stores. Mr Glennon seems unable to realize that a Fresh Market would be bad for traffic, bad for the village and unnecessary. And, a zoning change to allow him to lease his land is not in the best interest of the village retail and it is an assault on property owners who depend on zoning laws to protect them. Changing zoning to accommodate
Mr. Glennon is not in the public interest---it only benefits him. " Apr 27, 13 2:43 PM

Southampton Village Planning Board Approves Citarella Site Plan

Hampton Road parking and the lot behind is plagued with all day parking by school employees and also real estate agency employees. I wonder why the Southampton Village Police is too busy to ticket these people after their two hour
parking allowance has expired. I think the Southampton Village Police could easily handle this not too taxing job. Why don't they?" May 7, 13 8:59 AM

Road Work Slows Traffic In Southampton

It is amazing that they do not plan to do this before the traffic situation heats up.
Same for the corners in Southampton Village that have been an eyesore since last fall. Is anyone paying attention? Obviously not." May 21, 13 5:33 PM

Fourth Of July Parade Held In Southampton Village Thursday Morning

The deafening sirens with a crowd close to the emergency vehicles is unnecessary and can damage our eardrums. I found the parade to be less
inventive in terms of the floats and more commercial. I was disappointed this
year. Time to encourage participants to make more of an effort. Plus the Tea
Party yellow banners and their militaristic demeanor make me cringe. They have every right to be in the parade (free of speech) but I find they are tone deaf in terms of their presentation. It's a great tradition in the village but someone needs to take more control of the what goes on and in the sequencing of the bands." Jul 8, 13 8:02 AM

UPDATE: Police Identify Woman Killed In Fatal CR39 Accident

It was a tragedy but the village and town police departments did little or nothing to help those trapped in traffic. What about phone alerts from the town? Why not post cops to "police" traffic at the big intersections on CR39 and in the Village of Southampton on Main Street. I think they should do this every morning and evening at the rush hour. Public safety never seems to be a concern of the police. Our governing officials need to take a good look at this situation (and a similar one happened last year too at this time of the year) and make a plan to deal with the traffic when it's really busy out here and when there is a special problem as yesterday's fiasco showed. It doesn't have to be this way. We need leadership and action. " Jul 26, 13 8:53 AM

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