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Horse Farm Application In Water Mill Sparks Concerns By Neighbors

let the horses prevail- mcmansions instead- go reconsider" Apr 28, 12 1:16 AM

Image Overhaul For High-Goal Polo Tournament In Bridgehampton

looks like attendance will be way down- why go to a polo match and watch polo, without getting drunk and behaving like idiots." Jul 16, 12 10:03 PM

ZBA Approves Front-Yard Pool In Bridgehampton

why is this news" Sep 22, 12 2:18 PM

Old Stove Pub Sign Will Have To Comply With Code

i really hope this is a joke-what is up with sign obsession in these villages- get a life, sagaponack trustees" Oct 10, 12 9:06 PM

Bridgehampton School Is Not Ruling Out Piercing 2-Percent Tax Levy Cap

totally agree. as the parent of a child who briefly attended the high school,the school is a cesspool, run by a glad-handing ,back slapping idiot, and taught by incompetent overpaid teachers." Feb 1, 13 5:45 PM

More Lights For East Hampton Crosswalks

what took so long ?
this should have been a priority years ago" May 8, 13 12:35 AM

UPDATE: Driver Of Porsche In Monday's Southampton Village Crash Charged With DWI

where is he awaiting arraignment ?
" Jul 9, 13 4:07 PM

Garbage Bags Filled With Marijuana Found During Traffic Stop In Water Mill

why jail for these two- who hurt no one, while drunk drivers- who can kill- sleep it off and go home . " Sep 29, 13 11:03 PM

Long Lane In East Hampton To See $2 Million Reconstruction Project

roughly $50,000 a day for 2 months(40 weekdays) for a road that needs some drainage improvement, and a new recharge basin seems ludicrous. great idea for new surface which will only encourage current dangerous and excessive speeding and passing . let's not forget special curbs for the turtles. funny how these things always happen near election time. schneiderman just lost my vote !" Oct 16, 13 4:53 PM

Police: Couple Left Children Alone In Car While They Went Shopping In Hampton Bays

what does their ethnicity have to do with this ? i am sure a white couple would have been given a warning and let go." Feb 22, 14 4:15 PM

East Hampton Town Rescinds Permit For New 7-Eleven In Amagansett

The racist undertone of many comments- you know who you are- are disturbing, yet not surprising. Shame on all of you . " Feb 22, 14 4:43 PM

UPDATE: Bridgehampton CAC To Hire Attorney To Fight CVS Pharmacy Plan

The building inspector to determine whether or not CVS can split into 3 different corporations in order to occupy a building ? This is not only unheard of but should pave the way for CVS. To the CAC: save your money on a lawyer and take care of the trees.
" Mar 25, 14 4:37 PM

Why, then, is Ms. Scalera indirectly quoted in the article as saying it is under Mr. Benincasa's purview. Who needs the discipline here- the Board or the CBI ?
CVS must be having a good laugh right now." Mar 25, 14 5:10 PM

State Budgets Money For South Fork Mental Health Services, Tick-Borne Illness Prevention

one would have hoped the funding amounts were reversed-$500,000 for mental health care for our children and $150,000 for lyme disease. seems like a no-brainer." Apr 1, 14 8:58 PM

has anyone determined what this $150,000 "seed money" will cover ,besides administrative overkill ?" Apr 2, 14 3:04 PM

East Hampton Village Board Revises Construction Code

a noise complaint hotline ? how many meetings to decide on this?" Apr 8, 14 10:45 PM

UPDATE: State Supreme Court Denies PSEG's Application For Temporary Restraining Order Against East Hampton Town

could someone please explain to me why all of these very important permits, papers. etc. are not on file with town hall and pse&g for confirmation of the facts with dates and signatures ? the public needs to know ." Apr 10, 14 4:36 PM

Former Plitt Ford Building Demolished To Make Way For Home Goods Store In Wainscott

What happened to our meaningless town board's manifesto on the proposed ban of chain stores in East Hampton town of several weeks ago ?

" Apr 11, 14 4:35 PM

looks like 7-11 and cvs should have set their sights here instead." Apr 11, 14 6:11 PM

Bridgehampton School Board Votes To Pierce Tax Cap

more money for teachers, less resources for students.
this district is a nightmare and should be shut down" Apr 24, 14 2:28 PM

Bridgehampton Board Agrees To Present Same Budget To Voters

same budget for bridgehampton- still same $651,070 in the increase going for employee benefits (retirement and medical insurance ). so much for the kids." May 28, 14 8:40 PM

correction: $641,070 " May 29, 14 2:41 AM

Southampton School District Fires Security Guard

what took so long?
was he still getting paid ?" Jun 18, 14 2:43 PM

East Hampton Town To Consider Plastic Bag Ban

why does this require a meeting ? " Aug 12, 14 11:18 PM

why wait till fall ?- would this include the summer haven of citarella ?" Aug 12, 14 11:20 PM

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