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Southampton Town Board Accepts Town Attorney's Resignation

"Not comfortable with the terms of the agreement "means that ATH handed him a big bag of money to leave. Tax payer money it goes without saying. And how much will it cost to clean up his mess?

The former employees in Hicksville which this big, bad attorney "reduced to tears" when cross examining them after they tried to expose corruption there ought to be told about this. Good riddance." Feb 11, 11 4:09 PM

Southampton Town Board Rejects Pair Of Speonk Condo Applications

FINALLY, the Town Board has been forced to deny a PDD application. Senior citizens living atop a polluted plume. Everyone should attend the March 8th public hearing on the PDD law and ask that it be repealed. The 19 previous applications
for PDD changes to zoning slid right through to the benefit of the developers, not the public." Feb 25, 11 9:30 AM

Heaney Seeks Nomination To Run Against Schneiderman

Heaney was thrust into a political seat when his father died. Perhaps that is why he thinks he is part of a dynasty. It is more like the vampire culture we live in, reviving the undead. He was undistinguished, unfit, uncouth, and unconcerned with the public good when he was in the Supervisor's office. Steve Levy rewarded him for his lousy service with another -high-paying job plus car. Heaney created J. Murphree in his gov't lab and now we are stuck with him. How fast can you back pedal? This guy should be run out of town, not running for office." Mar 16, 11 11:46 PM

Building Inspector Defends Three Controversial Rulings

It is enough to read Benincasa's decision in the Little Fresh Ponds Summer "camp" controversy. In it he simply says he agrees with everything the developer's lawyer has stated -- period. This is being challenged at homeowners' expense, and it should be. It is not enough for the books to sit on his desk. Let him provide precedents and explain his decisions more fully. He was foisted on SH Town by the Republican Party after their defeats in Nassau County. He earns $100,00+ salary; another $40, 000 in benefits and of course, has a free car, gasoline etc. " Dec 29, 11 7:46 AM

Head Of Southampton Town Planning Department Jefferson Murphree Resigns

Murphree will handle the other side as he has handled this side by promoting
business, and playing his cards close to his chest. I agree that the entire Land Management Bloat should be reevaluated with an eye to dividing the "tasks" of management among the stalwarts in the Dept. and upping their salaries. Murphree has been a burden for 13 years. Has anyone added up the combined cost of his salary, benefits and cars for those 13 years and divided them by his positive contributions? Hiring F. Eisenberg to "guide" development from NYC will be compounding the problem. The Town is still creating pointless job titles and throwing money away. " Dec 29, 11 7:55 AM

Contractor Claims Southampton Councilman Locked Him In Office After Worker Broke Into Home

A Suffolk County Clerk believing he has the right to hold someone against his will and acting on that has committed a crime. Ludicrous but actionable. The contractor is right to go public with this and I hope he stands his ground. If it revives interest in Malone's double-dipping it is doubly good. Note the comment above from another contractor who says he was stiffed. There is too much free lance fascism all over this place.
" Jan 11, 12 10:51 AM

Southampton ZBA Decision On Day Camp Adjourned To A Later Date

Mr. Jacobs bought a camp upstate and promptly leased it to Hess for fracking. Check the NY Post, Page 6 for the full story.
Mr. Jacobs has sued the concerned citizens who lead the opposition against him with a meritless SLAPP lawsuit.
Mr. Jacobs has blasted the public with his full page ads. The ZBA & Town Atty's office taking extra time to justify it's decision does not auger well." Feb 18, 12 4:39 PM

Pine Barrens Advocates Sue Over Speonk Sand Mine

Well, Little Miss Supervisor gets her way again. Mr. Amper should pursue this lawsuit to its ultimate conclusion and then through Appeal if he doesn't prevail in the local biased courts. As a preliminary, track donations from individuals and corporations connected to this "hardship" and see how much was donated to Anna Twit Holst -- legally that is. As for the two comments by "Nature" above they are totally on point and relevant. The only thing missing is how much tax payers are actually paying to keep Marty Shea and others on payroll in that overstuffed Planning Department. Can you imagine these guys are actually afraid of this dried up cheerleader??. " Jan 3, 13 3:48 PM

Nuzzi Gets County Nod; Malone Won't Seek Reelection In Southampton

IS THIS A JOKE: FRANK ZAPPONE? He HAS BEEN A FLUNKY OF ATH'S for years. These two are going to work the system until their pensions are in place as they wreck this place. Just what public service has Zappone ever performed. Neither he nor ATH could get a job anywhere else, so give them the Town? Just when you thought it couldn't get worse -- IT JUST DID. What a sleazy duo! Add pomposity to ignorance, incompetence and conceit. I could vomit.
" May 15, 13 1:07 PM

Affordable Apartments Plan In Tuckahoe On The Table Tuesday

What is the record of the Town on ameliorating anything, enforcement simply addressing any problem with efficiency or any success? The answer is self evident every time you step outside your door. And, as with all their generosities, it is not low wage, needy people who will get into these apts, but the children of
the connected. Franca - the Flanders group shot down Little Miss Supervisor when she tried to become a municipal landlord and this should get the same swift denial. And what about the "bittersweet" sewer project of Christina Scalera. She will no doubt vote to add more housing/waste and then bleat about how waste has to be reduced. Get rid of them in Nov. Baboons would be an improvement." Aug 8, 13 10:09 AM

Town Could Approve Sandy Hollow Apartments Thursday

The public hearings held on this controversial project took the Southampton Town Board to a new low -- even for them. 835 Petitions against the project were brushed aside like confetti. Arguments and experience provided by many members of the public were ignored in favor of an obvious done deal and a deal done to please Anna Throne-Holst. .None of the boners in the application and "reports" were addressed. And Atty Tiffany Scarlatto had to be awakened from a stupor to answer a question to rousing laughter from everyone present. While it is bewildering to understand why this Board marches to this woman's tune, it is clear that there is no diversity despite their seedy little spats. Scalera is always "sympathetic" to public concerns and "struggling" before she locks steps with ATH. Bridget Fleming while complementing her own diligence and strategic opposition jumps on the wagon much more often than not. Bender talks out of both sides of his mouth. This leaves Glinka and this vote will mark him. Upon leaving the

Town Board to a new low -- even for them. They

" Jun 11, 14 7:45 AM

Southampton Town Will Post Armed Security Guard At Public Meetings

This is not about "order" or "threats" or "security". This is about ATH's dysfunctional and offensive relationship with the "people" in the People's Room and her equally dysfunctional ego. . Somehow she thinks it is her Throne Room. People wondering about the cost of this latest misuse of power should know that the security firm asked the Town if they could bill for 5 hrs even if the meeting is 3 hrs to "make it worth their while". The town agreed to that. Scalera is just an echo of ATH, like a ladies maid, but biding her time. Really people. This Board must GO! First to go in 2015 should be Fleming and Scalera: they are useless adjuncts to the worst Supervisor & Co. this Town has ever had. VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE! Or we could pray some cable channel offers them a reality show and they get out of everyone's hair and their business. Don't underestimate ATH, she really a bad piece of work and loves abusing power and spending your money doing it. " Jul 25, 14 7:05 PM

Study Recommends Preservation of Driving Range, Elks Lodge But Offers Little On King Kullen

Who is the "we" in "Toma Noku"'s comment above? The community at large decries the Morrow mega-mall," wink, wink Mr. Morrow" This "study" "which was arbitrarily limited to 5 miles traversed by Cty Rd 39, based on a fabricated, non-existent "Tuckahoe Hamlet" and tinkered and tortured by ATH to try to justify her pal Morrow's project is hardly a good study -- and it took 6 years to produce, or more than a year per mile -- to finally be dumped on the public. In the interim anyone who criticized it was dropped from the process so the enablers could hold forth. Selective participation as usual. No matter what this "study" shies from saying, this Supervisor will ignore it or distort it to advocate relentlessly for Morrow and this unnecessary abomination on a severely compromised roadway. " Sep 24, 14 5:14 PM

Neighbors File Lawsuit To Stop Sandy Hollow Apartments

Forget how this story was written and "journalistic integrity" and focus on the real issue: the integrity of the Supervisor and the Town Board. They ignored the laws they have to uphold and operate under. They ignored the overwhelming public opposition, the SEQRA requirements and did not even attempt public outreach or an unbiased public hearing. They justified their outrageous behavior with sanctimonious and hollow pronouncements, but never attempt to answer to the public. . I urge everyone to read the particulars of this lawsuit which lays out in simple language how this disgraceful Board conducted itself. They goaded the public to sue them, now they have been sued and we, the taxpayers, have to pay for their defense. " Oct 15, 14 9:24 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Gets Real Estate License

She has been for all intents and person a real estate :"sales person" throughout her long time in office while she scrambled to create a resume for herself and suck up to brokers and lock in contacts. that might advance her career path. Not to mention flouncing around uttering stupidities and frustrating the public in service to developers and her dim ideas. Real estate interests are well represented in Town. Sundy Schermeyer, Town Clerk is also a real estate broker.. Herb Phillips, Chair of the ZBA is also a real estate broker, Thanks to cell phones, no one can calculate how much real estate business goes on during working hours. By electing and appointing these people to office we have made it easy for them to work both sides of the street. Real estate salesperson isn't the oldest profession in the world,but it is a close second. " Oct 17, 14 5:06 AM

Southampton Town Will Tap CPF To Buy Hampton Bays Motel

Another misinformed, moronic statement by self-serving Anna Throne Holst. By law the CPF can also be used to purchase "problem sites". While I am happy for the beleagured Hampton Bays citizens and commend the Concerned Citizens, for the years they put into this project, I would like to know how much money has poured into the CPF from sales in the Village of Southampton . I think this Superviosr is too giddy and too rapacious to be entrusted with funds of any kind. " Nov 13, 14 5:27 PM

PS: ;Note how T-Holst is quick to assure that she and her board "don't buy up nuisance properties or whatever..." The Town doesn't do anything else about nuisance problems either. Enforcement is selective and sporadic, but more important they let these sights fester so they become prime meat for developers
to come and "improve" while increasing density and their profits to heights they
only dreamt of. This real-estate broke/Supervisor is deep into that. " Nov 13, 14 5:30 PM

Local Push To Save Pyrrhus Concer Homestead Gaining Traction

This would be like exhuming Joan Rivers, giving her a new face lift and propping her up in a window . There is too much money in the CPF fund and it is not used to the best advantage. If they 'reconstruct" the house using salvaged materials, it will look like a local Pain Quotidien and further advance the ersatz, theme park quality the town creates to cover all its desecrations. " Feb 19, 15 12:12 PM

Nathaniel Rogers Renovation On Track To Cost $9 Million, Take 13 Years

Remember, folks: ATH has been discussing building a new Town Hall. If she gets elected in 2015, for one last term, she will push for a new Town Hall, then be free and clear in two years leaving the bills, the lawsuits and the mess behind her. Look at the mess she's made in the current Town Hall already. We do NOT NEED TO SPEND MONEY ON A NEW TOWN HALL! We also can't afford to keep her in office any longer either. " Feb 24, 15 11:03 AM

UPDATE: Wednesday Afternoon Crash On County Road 39 Caused By Driver Who Fell Asleep

Check out Rickenabacker's letter in this week's Southampton Press. You won't have to look hard to find it. No one cares if he is "corrupt" or not; he is an aging flunky who discovered his fervent desire for a huge supermarket and shopping center when a developer decided to build one against the community's wishes. In his world a stadium sized supermarket is small and a handful of other flunkies singing the same song is "overwhelming'.support If this monstrosity gets approved look for him working the checkout counter. " Feb 27, 15 7:45 AM

Alternatives To Tuckahoe King Kullen Proposal Are Debated

The success of the Morrow/ThroneHolst campaign to make their change of zone to BENEFIT developer zone change application about the "need" for a supermarket can be read in the first line of this article. How many opponents have "acknowledged" the need for a new supermarket? That is a gross and misleading statement. The only issue here is TRAFFIC, A VERY ILL-ADVISED ZONE CHANGE THAT GOES AGAINST REASON, EXPERIENCE & PLANNING & PURE, UNADULTERATED GREED. Naturally the developers want attention drawn away from the traffic explosion they will create. And they must craft a simple message for Anna, the their developer doll oo spout. without dribbling into incoherence. The "desperate need for a supermarket" -- which was never expressed until this property was purchased with an eye to development-- was what they came up with. Hardly original; hardly credible. As was the straggling band of "advocates" the developer produced from ss far away as Greenpoint and Patchogue t. Now it seems King Kullen MAY NOT be the supermarket around which this fiasco was anchored. That ATH is a petty, nasty, feral little egotistical snot nose was amply observed by all as she attempted to sharpen her claws on Nancy McGann. Her handlers better walk her back if you can do that on disco high heels." Mar 25, 15 8:18 PM

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