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Supervisor has bone to pick over councilwoman's dog

Wow! One would have thought that a single mother raising 3 teenagers, with a full time job in public service would also be allowed to have some concern for animal rights too. Unless there was a public outcry against small pets in the work place, I would rather have a public servant working 16 hours a day, then have her rush home to have to take care of her pets. When I lived in Washington DC all the public servants left the office at 4.55pm, you have someone working to 9pm every night and you want her to have to leave early ... crazy! Even the president gets to have a pet at the office. Thank goodness for dedication to the community like this! And she wants to train the dog to be a service dog too... you should be giving her a raise, not castigating her... I would have thought that in this economy perhaps Ms Graboski would want to focus on families in need, low cost housing, environmental issues, the efficiency of the provision of public services, the welfare of the local residents and the public employees who are under her domain, rather than some distracting rant about her colleague's dog! We are lucky to have Ms Throne Holst, as usual, respond to these petty issues by simply being above it all and (sadly) removing the allegedly offensive dog -- who by the way - looks incredibly cute peaking out from the chair in her office. Perhaps everyone can now re-focus on cleaning up the financial disasters of the past, implementing good governance for which we elected the new members of the council, and collectng the support from all of us to face the immense challenges that lie ahead." Mar 4, 09 3:34 PM