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Suspended Westhampton Beach Village Police Officer Drops Federal Suit Following Arrest

Talk about milking the system... geez. You didn't have something better to do with your time officer?" Jun 14, 17 1:18 AM

Brookhaven Town Wants PSEG To Remove Metal Poles In Eastport; Utility Has Other Upgrades Planned

What a bunch of mooks. So after 70 of these space needles go up finally it's not ok? I'm not affected by them directly but like someone said, too little, too late. The cost of redoing almost doesn't justify it. Someone at the Town of Brookhaven was sleeping at the wheel..." Jun 15, 17 4:29 PM

Dune Deck Takes Shape In Westhampton Beach

I can't wait to book my reservation at the restaurant during their off peak days. I hope I get in. Cross your fingers!" Jun 15, 17 5:02 PM

Southampton Town May Consider Looser Rental Code Allowing For Airbnb, VRBO Short-Term Rentals

It's not a problem until it's your neighbor. Imagine it's 1am and the "house" get's back from the bar. "Splash" everyone into the pool! whooh, whhooh! Yeah, shots! Let's get naked! Cops don't care, code is a joke so you're basically SOL. Lived it..." Jun 19, 17 11:26 PM

UPDATE: Two People Taken To Hospital Following Accident In Water Mill Tuesday

I see acts of road rage everyday on my commute out East. People fed up with the traffic or something..." Jul 12, 17 6:11 AM

Three Men Arrested By East End Drug Task Force, Charged With Selling Drugs In Southampton Town

I hate taxi companies. Friggin' gougers..but now I feel sorry for him. " Aug 4, 17 10:36 PM

New Owner's Plan For Old Hampton Bays Diner Property Remains A Mystery

Everybody says they loved the diner but when was the last time you honestly ate there? Once, twice? Apparently not enough.." Aug 16, 17 4:07 AM

East Hampton Committee, Formed To Open Town To Latino Community, Abandons Town Hall

They're here illegally, period. I believe in a path to citizenship but you can't break the law, say sorry and then think awww c'mon.. I didn't mean to. Make me a citizen! Rental rights for tenants. You know how many overcrowded houses occur because 4 people are on the lease and as soon as the paper is signed they are subletting to everyone they know who needs a bed? That's why they can pay the high rents, there are 12 of them giving 200 a piece, three or four to a room. I've been to Central America, a dirt floor, no running water, no electricity, it's an upgrade." Sep 5, 17 10:28 PM

Suffolk County Septic Improvement Program's First New System Installed In Flanders

Nothing is "free" in this world. Someone else is paying for it." Sep 11, 17 9:36 AM

Plans For Hampton Bays Diner Building Are Moving Forward

We had a Diner...it failed. We don't have a place for lunch... what about Buckley's, Francescas, Scotto's, Gators....umm here's your chance. GO Have lunch! Be a patron! !before you're back and saying why don't they have a nice restaurant there..." Oct 3, 17 9:39 PM

Southampton Town Considering Creating Opioid Task Force To Combat Spread Of Drugs

Basically what everyone is saying is that if people ie.cops, teachers, parents etc. did or do what "everyone" just talks about there wouldn't be a problem! Let me tell you this, you can stop taking drugs, but you can't make other people stop taking drugs." Oct 5, 17 11:29 PM

Interest Grows In Former Friendly's Building In Hampton Bays

When Friendly's opened it was like wow that'll affect the Diner's business. Then the Diner closed and then now Friendly's a well known national chain is closed without the Diner competing. Why does anyone think another food place is going to be better off? I would love a nice place to eat breakfast/lunch....obviously you don't because if you did the place wouldn't have gone out of business." Oct 7, 17 7:59 AM

People still rattling off chains... like what a novel idea! Then you go once until it goes out of business." Oct 8, 17 7:47 AM

UPDATE: Victim's Family Members Speak Before Sean Ludwick's Sentencing Of Three To Nine Years For 2015 Fatal Accident In Sag Harbor

3-9 years is not a lot for taking a life. Think about it. Robin Williams killed himself 3 years ago and it seems like yesterday. Same thing with everything, time flies. What about the guy who put the choke hold on the corrections officer at the Public House. He's out too. Someone can think, gee I hate that guy/girl, why don't I just kill them? Get out and go about your life." Oct 18, 17 10:59 PM

Firefighters Respond To Bed-And-Breakfast Blaze In Westhampton

Says the guy who's never seen an out of control fire... a sheltered life you must lead." Nov 4, 17 8:42 PM

Lost Artwork Is Returned, And Memories Are Rekindled

I just thought Bill Hughes was a cop that wanted to run for political office for personal gains. I might be wrong. A guy who's proven himself as a role model in the community..." Nov 7, 17 7:23 PM

Alec Baldwin Decides To Not Donate To Sag Harbor Cinema, Representative Says

A pillar of the community. He'll stand by the farmers, fisherman, treats the busboy with respect. Salt of the earth guy.. You can just tell by looking at him." Nov 15, 17 5:46 AM

South Fork Community Sounds Off On Opioid Overdose Prevention At Southampton Task Force Forum Wednesday Night

People who don't do drugs don't understand why people who do them. Drugs overtake any other urges, wishes, and wants. This isn't new or going away anytime soon." Nov 17, 17 10:06 PM

Southampton Town Police Detective Sergeant Lisa Costa Settles Discrimination Lawsuit

I believe in society and didn't think of that this time. Brainwashed to just settle. I agree, if you take a job in public service and have a grievance, sue the public, the public has a right to know the settlement." Nov 22, 17 10:16 PM

I think it's more of he said/she said. There's no way to prove what happened, therefore no right or wrong. With the legal system it means settle. She's buying a condo and a new car now. Congratulations..." Nov 22, 17 10:20 PM

Town's Lobster Inn Purchase Stalled As Officials Change Finance Plan, Bring In Private Partner

Jay definitely lining up his future when he inevitably gets ousted for self interest. How much of a raise for yourself next year? Look at Neptunes. How many years has it been since the Town purchased it? It looks like a demolition site now." Nov 29, 17 5:10 AM

East Hampton Again Considers Tax To Combat Erosion In Montauk

A picture says a thousand words..." Nov 29, 17 4:47 PM

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