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Shinnecock Fights For Right To Fish Freely In Southampton Waters

Isn't Silva a Brazilian last name?" Jan 20, 18 8:57 AM

Women's March Draws A Crowd In Sag Harbor On Saturday

Women get their way more than men. All they have to do is cry victim which they've been doing for years when things don't go their way because of guess what? Their own actions or lack thereof. " Jan 21, 18 12:15 AM

I love my mom. She worked hard, never blamed anyone else, kept her nose to the grindstone but yes she can nag my dad to death. Listen to Judge Judy's take on feminism. She's not blaming anyone for anything in her life. A breath of fresh air." Jan 21, 18 10:29 PM

Nobody decides your fate but yourself. You don't have a job, get one. Someone DOES harass you then use the law, not a podium 10 years later. Good to hear a STRONG woman's voice not some crybaby." Jan 22, 18 10:19 PM

Hampton Bays School District Files $10.6 Million Notice Of Claim Against Town Over Illegal Rentals

How about clean it up. If you let 8 people live in a room they will. The heyday of 80's with clubs and drunken summer partiers are over and frankly not much better. Enforce max occupancy, upkeep etc. Young people could move in and law abiding immigrants. There's not much else around unfortunately. " Jan 29, 18 7:28 PM

I agree. Simply because it is easier and less disruptive with less backlash. Smoke detectors yes but some of the up to code things are something you wouldn't do in your own home. Make everyone follow the rules or not at all." Jan 30, 18 5:37 AM

Yes, please stop with the race card and I'm not white. It's about following the law. They became laws for a reason. Better yet, enforce the law and you won't have these problems. Problems that didn't happen overnight. The motel eviction/evacuation is basically telling people to leave with no place to go in this shortage. Too many people..." Jan 30, 18 5:45 AM

You call people "illegals" and then the other side "racists". Just debate the facts." Jan 31, 18 4:15 PM

New Owners Of Former Hampton Bays Diner Plan To Maintain Building As An Eatery

A lot of suggestions but restaurants are tough and if all the people who comment "It'd be great if we had a ..." actually went out then all these restaurants wouldn't have failed. Just the facts ma'm.." Feb 3, 18 2:45 PM

You know what would be great, a diner. No wait a Moe's. Not wait a Friendly's yeah that's it. " Feb 5, 18 1:39 PM

I count at least 5. Scottos, Francescas, John's, Uncle Joes, Villa Paul. If you can't pick between them you're not going to another one. It sounds like the only one not shopping local is you. " Feb 5, 18 10:44 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Police Put Forward Plan To Station Armed Officer In Schools

The Police station is literally a block away from the school and you can drive across any point in Westhampton in five minutes, they really hire another officer to patrol the area with 14 officers already?" Mar 1, 18 9:53 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Village Police Say Additional Threat Led To School Lock Out

Teacher Happy Hour" Mar 5, 18 3:40 PM

I was there, it was 2 cops with helmets and one cop car. Not a Columbine or Parkland scene." Mar 5, 18 9:52 PM

Bishop McGann-Mercy Diocesan High School In Riverhead To Close In June

Take a hard look at the demographics. " Mar 13, 18 8:38 AM

Take a hard look at the demographics. " Mar 13, 18 8:38 AM

UPDATE: Police Offer No Leads In Thursday's County Road 39 Fatality

2:30am.. the person was not out buying milk. Who the hell else was out at that time. You hit the only other person on the road? DWI, freaked out..left scene. Some relative, friend should report that their "friends" car has a big dent in it. Let the family at least find justice." Apr 5, 18 9:46 PM

Maybe, but a person responsible enough to hold down a 3-11 shift would run a person over and flee? You only flee when doing something wrong and how many people on the road? Either way the person is gone and the family is at a senseless loss." Apr 6, 18 4:54 AM

UPDATE: Remsenburg Teenager Charged With Vandalizing Westhampton Beach High School

I agree. News has turned into the National Enquirer. Please delete me 27 East. Try to be unbiased for once." Apr 9, 18 6:21 AM

Westhampton Beach Farmers Market Will Have New Home This Year

Jay can comment about a Farmer's Market but doesn't say squat about the person who died and traffic at a standstill for 8 hours. Sorry to bring it up but sick of the "easy" politicians." Apr 13, 18 7:47 PM

Tempers Flare Over Rose Hill Road Deal Between Southampton Town Trustees And Water Mill Homeowner

What GOOD have the Trustees done? Self righteous jerks looking out for themselves on the premise that they are protecting the waters. THIS is so wrong in so many ways." Apr 24, 18 10:42 PM

What GOOD have the Trustees done? Self righteous jerks looking out for themselves on the premise that they are protecting the waters. THIS is so wrong in so many ways." Apr 24, 18 10:42 PM

Sources: Police Seized Vehicle On Shinnecock Reservation In Connection With Probe Of Fatality

A person died. Traffic backed up for hours and not one Town Board member, Supervisor, Head of Police says a word. Why? because it's a difficult subject so you'll see them at Parades and feel good events but not the ones that affect citizens on the daily. Better to lay low than be seen." Apr 30, 18 6:22 AM

Southampton Town Board Voices Support For Separate Trustee Taxing District

If you've been to the Trustees Office you'd know it's a rudderless ship. Do you really think, after seeing firsthand how any of the Trustees handle a situation they are ready to collect taxpayer money and then manage it? Take a hard look at each Trustee and ask if they could mow your lawn straight." May 9, 18 10:43 PM

Gas Station Proposed At Site Of Former MtBE Plume In Hampton Bays

Traffic in that area is already horrible. Forget about across the lane exits. Luckily Tom Neely the Town traffic guy is on it." May 14, 18 7:49 AM

Westhampton Beach Village Residents Concerned About Ice Cream Truck Approval

Afraid of Mr. Softee. I've heard it all. I would only get annoyed maybe because of the music but once a day is not bad. A soft serve on a hot day or after dinner? And it comes to you. It's classic American. It's like $5 for one scoop on Main Street. " Jun 9, 18 8:06 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Village And Town Police Work Together On Traffic Signal Modifications

A complete joke our local county government. How was watching the practice round Jay? " Jun 11, 18 6:49 PM

Tom Neely actually came out of hiding. His one showing of the past 10 years for the 90,000 dollars he makes each year. But this has been going on for over 20 and not one word from Bellone (his putting probably stinks) Jay, or any of the Town Board members. Oh it's because they're sipping champagne at the Open tents. Over these self serving bureaucrats. " Jun 11, 18 8:27 PM

Parents To Take New Legal Action Against District After Son Is Rejected From Volunteer Position

Because you don't want one child to be deprived of an experience you're saying it's ok to deprive several or more children an experence. Even if it's volunteer, what if it's say swimming lessons or another safety important task? I'm not trying to be mean but reasonable. I admittedly shouldn't be in charge of a bunch of kids. Maybe neither should he. It's not personal. He can still be a part of the camp or whatever...." Jun 12, 18 2:25 PM

Commuters Frustrated By Traffic Delays At Start Of U.S. Open

Let's please not forget that when this all ends we'll still have traffic. This should be an eye opener for people who pay taxes and vote fools or do nothings for office." Jun 13, 18 11:09 AM

He doesn't have to deal with traffic. He lives East. The other town board members aren't sitting in traffic either. He's schmoozing right now as we speak at the Open itself." Jun 13, 18 12:34 PM

Locals Offer Mixed Reviews Of Golf Championship's Effects

County Road 39 was flowing significantly better because everyone was on Montauk. No way! How do you figure? So when they said that and people went back on 39 it was all ok? No it wasn't. If you shut down all the side roads and put on all blinking lights of course things will change. What won't change is when you put them back on Monday. Short term thinkers for big salaries is what is in place." Jun 21, 18 12:05 AM

Zeldin Says Families Should Be Detained Together, But Sees Little Sign Of Legislative Progress

Ok, I vote for Zeldin. Does he not make sense about obeying laws? Laws take forever to exist in this great country. What's great is that if enough people agree to change them it can happen. If not, then obey the law." Jun 22, 18 11:29 PM

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