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Commuters Frustrated By Traffic Delays At Start Of U.S. Open

He doesn't have to deal with traffic. He lives East. The other town board members aren't sitting in traffic either. He's schmoozing right now as we speak at the Open itself." Jun 13, 18 12:34 PM

Locals Offer Mixed Reviews Of Golf Championship's Effects

County Road 39 was flowing significantly better because everyone was on Montauk. No way! How do you figure? So when they said that and people went back on 39 it was all ok? No it wasn't. If you shut down all the side roads and put on all blinking lights of course things will change. What won't change is when you put them back on Monday. Short term thinkers for big salaries is what is in place." Jun 21, 18 12:05 AM

Zeldin Says Families Should Be Detained Together, But Sees Little Sign Of Legislative Progress

Ok, I vote for Zeldin. Does he not make sense about obeying laws? Laws take forever to exist in this great country. What's great is that if enough people agree to change them it can happen. If not, then obey the law." Jun 22, 18 11:29 PM

State DOT Shuts Down Southampton Town's Plan To Blink Water Mill Traffic Light During Rush Hour Commute

After 15years that's all he/they've come up with? I solve a dozen problems a day at my job. At this point though all I want is a job like Neely's and Jay. Sad we've lowered the standards for government so much that this is considered progress. " Jun 28, 18 5:55 AM

Zeldin And Gershon Come Out Punching In First Days Of Congressional Campaign

I don't like guns but I know enough that criminals don't care about gun control laws. Drugs are illegal too but why are they everywhere? It's just an election tactic that uses emotion over logic. Bashing Trump doesn't work either. Separating ILLEGAL immigrant families is something the ILLEGAL immigrants brought upon themselves by entering the country ILLEGALLY. Enter through the port of entry legally and apply for citizenship and you are doing it the right way." Jul 4, 18 11:57 AM

If you can't afford insurance or don't have enough money for healthcare then do something about it. This coming from a person that had to pay for his own knee surgery. I decided that I can't get wiped out again so I made it happen. It's not up to other people to take care of you otherwise people wouldn't want to become doctors and we would have no innovation in medicine." Jul 4, 18 9:58 PM

I'm pretty sure my hospital bill came to me not you. As far as people with no SS# or ID I'm not sure." Jul 5, 18 9:18 AM

Changing The Perception Of Hampton Bays One Project At A Time

Unless you live on one of the canals HB has been stuck in time. At least the canal condos will be nice. I think I'll get one of those." Jul 9, 18 10:38 PM

Zeldin Weighs In On Trump's Remarks At Helsinki Summit

I love guys like you who call everyone nazis. That's a very strong statement not to be used lightly. You only diminish your argument. " Jul 17, 18 10:22 PM

You reek of pretentiousness. Just imagining your nose in the air, googling sycophant. Trump is enforcing laws, the economy is strong, speaking with leaders Obama didn't even get close to for 8 years, race riots, gay shootings from Muslim terrorists. Trump hires blacks, Jews, women in high profile positions. Yeah Neo-Nazi..." Jul 18, 18 11:23 PM

Former Riverside Diner Demolished To Make Way For Medical Offices

I remember it as a Howard Johnsons back in the 70's. My mom took me and my brothers there for fish n chips and then sundaes. It was a real treat and a good memory." Jul 25, 18 1:28 AM

Demolition Begins At Former Star Room Property

The 90's kind of ruled! The last of just going out for the middle class people "stuck" here. Now it's all Instagram." Jul 27, 18 11:33 PM

Schneiderman Pursues County Comptroller Race Despite Not Getting Anticipated Party Line

18 years...such bull. Just say it so people hear it even though not true. My property taxes went up just this year! He will diminish services, not give Town staff raises except the department heads he appeases. Not to mention his own pockets. Then claim he's for the people so he can keep HIS job." Jul 28, 18 6:39 AM

John Tortorella Buys Former Friendly's Building, Plans To Put In New Restaurant

Have you ever seen Centro's prices? Every appetizer and salad over $15 minus 1 should give you an idea. If you can afford it I'm sure it's great. " Aug 3, 18 7:12 AM

How We Got Here: Pain, Suffering And The Roots Of The Opioid Epidemic In The Medical Community

I agree somewhat. Yes, drugs are too readily available but so are matches, hammers, alcohol, cigarettes, pot, cartoons... If somebody wants to do something there is a way. Been that way since...ever? It's about teaching kids not to want to do those things. Something that adults haven't figured out when dealing with kids since they became adults." Aug 9, 18 11:31 PM

DEC Scolds Southampton Town Trustees Over Rose Hill Modifications Without Permits

These guys would be better off staying on the dock, not taking care of our waters." Aug 14, 18 10:24 PM

UPDATE: President Trump Arrives In Southampton

No he didn't. You can just tell." Aug 18, 18 7:04 AM

Surfboard Fin Can Help Scientists Study The Effects Of Climate Change

Are smartfins, surfboards, wax, stickers, leashes, traction pads biodegradable?
" Aug 28, 18 8:40 AM

Just don't claim to be a steward of the environment while you hop on a jet plane to go surf in Puerto Rico. There's no carbon footprint in anything they do? It's just gathering data, not accomplishing anything. The hypocrisy is the only thing I'm pointing out. What is your point?" Aug 28, 18 10:52 AM

All I'm saying is that it studies wave patterns? Surfline can predict a swell five days out. PREDICT. NOAA will tell you if you need to get those sandbags two weeks before a storm. Sandy happened a couple of years ago...eh let's just delete the data. Introducing heavy metals and toxic circuit boards to an already "forever on this earth" fin I think is kind of naive to something that's supposed to analyze climate change. Better off encouraging the plant based resins and foams they are trying to develop. I don't think Surfrider is evil, just wrong on this one." Aug 29, 18 9:06 PM

I understand your point and while data collection is great how about a case for prevention? Collecting data and then sending a .pdf to a polluter to tell him to stop won't do much. Lobbying state officials would do more. What about when there are no waves? You won't find many surfers out when it's flat. I know I'm being negative but I'm skeptical. Are they really free or is there a hidden agenda ie. big business." Sep 7, 18 4:15 AM

Southampton Schools Ordered To Release Bulk Of Farina Investigation Material

There is justice perhaps. The schools shouldn't be policing themselves with their bloated salaries and golden parachutes. Taxes are way too high with most of it going to them." Sep 11, 18 11:37 PM

Erosion Exposes Montauk Sandbags In Summer For First Time

I was against sand bags once. "let nature take it's course" I thought. If they weren't there then that beach would/will be flat. But is the Army Corps of Engineers really qualified? They don't necessarily have the best track record. Can someone say Katrina?" Sep 12, 18 11:06 PM

Facts are cheap? They built worthless levees in LA and they paid the price with lawsuits they lost. New Jersey beach replenishment failures? Sandbags are exposed and that lighthouse will have to be moved. How again is it cheap?" Sep 13, 18 10:01 PM

Southampton Trustees Look To Close Duck Blind Loophole That Favors Homeowners

I have to put myself in the homeowners shoes. If I could legally get the blind next to my house I would do it too. That being said should it be legal? That's like saying 100 yards out to the water from my Gin Lane beach house should be mine only to swim, fish. Where does it end?" Sep 14, 18 10:09 PM

Sean Ludwick Denied Parole For Conviction In Fatal 2015 Crash

Give him another chance. He can be a meaningful member of society if just given another chance." Sep 17, 18 11:43 PM

Southampton Town Highway Superintendent Wants To Reclaim Road From Shinnecock Hills Golf Club

Jay will take care of it. He's looking out for us. No worries right Jay? Jay what are you doing with that shrimp cocktail in your mouth at the club get over here!" Sep 25, 18 9:24 PM

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