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NY Times Poll: Zeldin Leads Gershon, 49-41, In Upcoming Congressional Race

Haha TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP! Sorry but liberal agenda has revealed itself. America first! BYE BYE Gershon." Oct 13, 18 8:45 AM

Trump Endorses Zeldin; Giffords Supports Gershon In East End Congressional Race

Just love little crybaby liberals. No free stuff. Sorry. Lee is Jewish. Just love Dem name calling. Just because you say it doesn't mean it's true. Didn't your parents teach you that or are you the one who got everything because you're so "precious"." Oct 18, 18 9:49 AM

Just love little crybaby liberals. No free stuff. Sorry. Lee is Jewish. Just love Dem name calling. Just because you say it doesn't mean it's true. Didn't your parents teach you that or are you the one who got everything because you're so "precious"." Oct 18, 18 9:50 AM

Southampton Town Police Lieutenant Receives $185,000 Settlement From Town

I can't wait till the next SHPD community barbeque. It's a great time to connect with our law enforcement. Wait, the only news you hear is when one of their officers is suing. " Oct 21, 18 7:44 PM

Heidi Dean Hayes, Formerly Of Westhampton Beach, Dies October 4

If this is the Heidi Dean who graduated in 1991 then I knew her since nursery school. A nice person." Oct 27, 18 9:28 PM

Zeldin, Gershon Spar, Parry In Home Stretch Of Campaign

Obama was a charismatic speaker. Always stating. Love is the key..we need to stick together.... That's great and all but when there were people with no jobs, no hope, racial divides, cop hating, no respect from the Middle East, nukes flying in the South China Sea, open borders. Him taking 400K to speak at Cantor Fitzgerald after his presidency you realize that talk is cheap. Sorry, but I get the same feeling from Perry. " Nov 1, 18 9:56 PM

Southampton Village Administrator Stephen Funsch To Retire In January; Russell Kratoville To Step In

I've worked for the Town and never was Russell involved in any decisions that made the wheels turn. My department head never once went to him to resolve an issue. Russell would walk around schmoozing with Jay or the board. The big joke around Town Hall employees is "What does Russell do? It's a patronage position." Nov 3, 18 6:54 AM

The department heads run their staff. The staff do the work. The Comptroller controls the money. I worked at Town Hall, Russell was never in the picture. He had nothing to add in the 10 plus years I was there and he was there. No hard feelings towards the man but it truly was the joke amongst employees. What does he do?" Nov 5, 18 9:19 PM

UPDATE: Lee Zeldin Defeats Perry Gershon In 1st District Congressional Race

Let the results speak for themselves. The majority is a forgotten concept. I will accept them if you do..." Nov 6, 18 7:21 PM

Congressman Lee Zeldin Prepares For Third Term In U.S. House

Pretty sure criminals and psychotics could care less about gun control. But, I believe if you can limit access to people who have mental health issues it wouldn't be bad. But just listening to people like you spewing childish insults makes me vote red all the way. Because while you are sitting looking for a handout from the Dems we are out working for a living and want a better America." Nov 13, 18 9:15 AM

Everybody liked Obama oversees. Why not, he's letting them do what they want and giving them billions of dollars. Trump is looking out for America first and while he's not always liked who cares. It goes in cycles. Sometimes it's better to be feared than loved." Nov 13, 18 9:18 AM

Fugitive Pleads Guilty 20 Years After Fatal Car Crash In Springs, According To DA's Office

Bail for non violent crimes, not manslaughter. I" Dec 20, 18 9:33 PM

Southampton Town Continues To Fight East End Opioid Crisis With Community's Help

Drugs have been around forever. You can stop doing drugs, you can't make someone else. It starts with the person, home, family THEN the law." Jan 19, 19 5:17 PM

Governor Cuomo Proposes Cutting State Aid To Local Municipalities

He also just decided that DACA kids can now received State funding for a college education. Hmmm, how do you afford that? And I have no problem with DACA, in fact I believe they should have a path to citizenship but do you see how he's being "kind and generous" on the taxpayer's dime? On News12 a mom of American citizenship who also wants to send her kids to college had a good point. Is this fair?" Jan 23, 19 11:57 PM

Man Who Left His Friend In A Burning Car In Springs Is Sentenced 20 Years Later

Oooh... lemme guess a Democrat liberal who only knows name calling. Screaming and chanting work better." Jan 28, 19 9:30 PM

Lemme guess, no job or don't pay taxes. Illegal immigrant by chance?" Jan 28, 19 9:32 PM

Hampton Bays Coach, Teacher Dave Goodman Is Put On Indefinite Leave After Dispute With Administrators

There are too many "administrators" making over $100,000 each. They increase our taxes along with the bureaucracy. Why are there so many? I swear in the 90's we had a Superintendent, Principal, and a Vice Principal." Jan 29, 19 9:49 PM

Scalera Mulling Run For Supervisor In Southampton Town; Schneiderman Will Seek Another Term

"I love what I do"...yeah unless something better comes along. Let's not forget he'd ditch the Town in a second for a better paying, more high profile job. LOYALTY still matters to people like me and if Christine runs you can bet I'll check her box. " Jan 30, 19 10:53 PM

South Fork Commuter Connection To Kick Off In March

What a lot of people have said is "I hope a lot of people take the train so the road is less congested so I can drive". Nobody wants to be stuck at work with no car and suddenly there is an emergency at home. There needs to be a bunch of shuttles in order for this to work as people still work at Supermarkets, Real Estate Stores, small shops etc. not just Town Hall, Schools, and the hospital. BUT at least something so kudos." Feb 1, 19 11:20 PM

Census Says Shinnecock Nation Numbers Are Declining; Tribal Officials Disagree

I think this is a fair question. Do you have to be Shinnecock to live on the reservation? Last week some lady pulled a shotgun on workers trying to remove propane tanks and she did not look Native American. What about the gang member who ran over the truck driver delivering granite on 39 last year?" Feb 3, 19 9:05 AM

Sag Harbor Restaurateurs Want To Revive Success Of La Superica At Same Site

I would like high end small Mexican tapas plates please! No street food, that would only cloudy the place...Sag Harbor needs to go NYC style." Feb 5, 19 11:14 PM

Unlawful Clearing At CPI Townhouse Site Raises Concern Among Town Officials

You have to be blind to not see the construction going on but either you prevent or fix. It's better to ask for forgiveness than permission in this town. The people keeping watch though should be more involved or let them build." Feb 10, 19 7:30 PM

Southampton Town Approves Ban On Plastic Straws And Polystyrene Products, Starting In May

Small government becoming big government. See John Stossel's Green tyranny. So what do you use when you get takeout? It's Corningware,just bring it back when you're done. Do you know a pizza box can't be recycled if it has just a bit of grease on it. Yes, the world is going to pieces but when you're burger or chinese is cold when you get back to the office don't complain. Oh and all you social justice warriors who are going to say I'm not for the environment but buy new cars every 3 years, don't turn off lights, use AC, throw away TVs, IPhones every year are just hypocrites. Those can't be recycled either. " Feb 14, 19 5:47 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Town GOP Chooses Candidates For All Town Board Positions Except For Supervisor

Jay showed his true colors and loyalty to the Town. He would ditch his best friend if he has one in a second to get to the head of the line at the celebrity party. Do we really want someone like that? John and Julie are like the Malone and Pope of yesteryear. " Feb 21, 19 10:52 PM

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