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Sag Harbor Interdependence Walk Takes Place Sunday

Don't hop your neighbor's fence, don't go walking through someone else's house, break into someone else's car, cross international borders illegally. Hmm...follow the law? Enter legally? Surely you jest." Jul 16, 19 12:12 AM

Shinnecock Hills Golf Club Demands Southampton Town Remove St. Andrews Road Sign On Private Road, Accusing Highway Superintendent Of 'Fraud'

As much as I respect Gregor's attempt at bucking the system he's the equivalent of a bull in a china shop. " Jul 16, 19 4:18 PM

Southampton Village Residents Fed Up With Nightclub Noise

Let me guess, in your daily life you could care less about your fellow citizens, strangers...people in general. Screw em' it ain't my problem." Jul 17, 19 4:06 PM

Signs On Wheels May Sidestep Towns' Billboard Bans

There's this big 60 foot billboard thing on Sunrise that just popped up..." Jul 21, 19 9:47 PM

Zeldin Votes Against Massive Budget Deal, Along With Most House Republicans

A Democrat playing the race card? How original...You do know Dems founded the KKK right?" Jul 30, 19 6:12 AM

When Sand And Prayers Meet At The Beach

I agree. Where does it end? I am all for MY religion but to make it public is wrong. What if someone NOT in my religion, their religion is just sitting on a PUBLIC beach in peace, serenity, solitude, or with others just peacefully going about their business? That is why there are synagogues, churches, retreats, what have you....it willl end in resentment. Human nature.....unfortunately." Aug 22, 19 12:11 AM

Forgotten Surfing Restriction In Westhampton Beach To Get Axed After Surfer Points It Out

It was a known thing through the 70's thru the 90's. WHB High School kids all had names for the driveways and houses. Back then it was strictly Memorial Day to Labor Day. The rest of the time the houses were empty. No vandalism, just parking. The owners didn't know, there were no cams. Different times...." Aug 27, 19 12:06 AM

Former Executive Editor Of The New York Times Speaks About 'Truth In The Time Of Trump'

The paper used to have an Editorial section. Now the WHOLE paper is an editorial section. Opinions and narrative are the norm in "reporting"." Aug 27, 19 2:02 PM

Southampton Village Mayor Says Courtyard Owner Deliberately Destroyed Property

The problem with a millenial public official. Hold your breath when you don't get your ice cream for desert. It's PRIVATE property. YOU nor the village own it so beat it." Aug 30, 19 12:06 AM

From the looks of the picture his interception was fumbled." Aug 30, 19 3:35 PM

Two Men Wanted For Stealing $400,000 Worth Of Jewelry From Southampton Village Home

I asked my Mom, "Do you want some cams?" She's 72 and wiser than me. She says, "What for? If someone wants to rob you they'll rob you". After seeing so many of these maybe she's right." Sep 4, 19 10:07 PM

Maintaining Roads Vexes Southampton Town Trustees

What do the Trustees ACTUALLY accomplish besides issue permits and rope off plover sites? A lot of collecting money but the DO? Not so much." Sep 8, 19 6:49 AM

A Village At A Crossroads: A Roundtable Discussion

What about a Candy and Comics shop? The 80's....." Sep 13, 19 12:10 AM

As Flu Season Approaches, Doctors Urge Public To Get Vaccinated Now

Rub some leaves and dirt on it. " Sep 13, 19 12:33 AM

Southampton Village May Require Building Owners To Cover Windows If Stores Remain Vacant

Millenial problem solving. Pretend a problem doesn't exist..." Sep 23, 19 10:13 PM

UPDATE: The Vanna White Is Pulled Off Montauk Beach But Sinks In Harbor; Young Owner Left Homeless

Life lessons the hard way...at that age I just wanted to pay off student loans, do the grind painting houses, bar back, scrimp, look for a "real" job. Big dreams for this kid, maybe he should start with the basics and go from there." Sep 27, 19 6:09 AM

Major Housing Complex Proposal Sees Resistance From Westhampton Beach Neighbors

You put that much density next to Rogers Avenue with access to Rogers you'll never be able to pull out of your driveway if you live there. You'll never be able to make a left turn onto Montauk Hwy. Cars will be backed up the whole road during the commute. Trucks couldn't use Rogers as a route during the asphalt days but the folks on Rogers Ave Ext. probably had to tighten the screws on cabinets, furniture etc with all the rumbling. Build, but no access to Rogers Avenue. Let them live in peace for once after 40 years of the plant. " Oct 2, 19 1:09 PM

UPDATE: Crews Maneuver 100 Truck Loads Of Sand To Bolster Hampton Bays Dune

Jay with skinny jeans just lost my vote. " Oct 12, 19 9:33 AM

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