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Beach Nourishment Begins In Westhampton Beach

Why not an artificial reef instead of pumping sand every 4 years.
" Nov 3, 14 11:33 PM

Amid Wealth And Comfort, Homelessness Persists On The East End

There are a lot of homeless people in Florida coincidentally but a little empathy wouldn't hurt Marlinspike. It can happen to anyone, even you or me.
" Nov 26, 14 11:43 AM

Southampton And East Hampton Towns Adopt Plastic Bag Bans

Pat yourselves on the back Town Board. A drop in the bucket of what is really effecting the lives of people that live and do business in the Town. Green movement lemmings. I'm all for re-use and recycle but of all the injustices in the Town like $100,000 plus salaries (Russell Kratoville) this is their touchdown, hurt small business without asking their situation? " Dec 19, 14 12:09 AM

Shinnecock Canal Redevelopment Plan Has Strong Support Among Southampton Town Board

Gee, I see Anna at the Rechler's ground breaking at Gabreski, she applies for a real estate license while in office..wonder who she'll be working for when she gets out. Property Developers! The Town Board backs down to big money again. Bender is useless, what has he done besides photo ops? Stan is spineless...etc." Dec 21, 14 10:27 AM

Authorities: Convenience Store Clerk Befriended Elderly Westhampton Beach Man To Steal Estate

I knew that clerk! Really friendly and flirty when I'd go in. Taking advantage of the elderly? Just goes to show you what greed does to people..." Feb 17, 15 12:14 PM

Bay Fishermen Say New Rules Are Needed

They rape the bays for their own sake, not for the sake of the future, the environment, tradition, all while crying it is a way of life that is the "history" of our forefather crap. Guess what, times have changed. This isn't 1890 before the outboard motor, pollution, overpopulation. Do what the rest of us did/do in the Winter, find a job somewhere else, plow snow, work odd jobs. My dad had to travel out of state to support his family at one time. Don't feel sorry for the Baymen one bit. I'll eat Tilapia in the Winter." Feb 26, 15 10:22 PM

UPDATE: Two-Hour Delayed Opening At Several East End Schools Friday

We pay over a dozen people $100,000 per year and for the life of me I don't know what they do. The guys plowing make next to nothing in comparison. Look at the salaries of Russell Kratoville and the Town Attorneys. The Comptroller gets a car and over $100,000 and is hardly there. Go after those guys, not the guys up all night plowing. Geez...." Mar 5, 15 9:09 PM

The Town Attorney Tiffany Scarlato makes $120,000 to give away the house in litigation. Name several cases where they fight and win a case. I shouldn't have said all Town Attorneys. Or you get the Town Board appointing guys like Mike Sordi or Garett Swenson. both left office due to being scum. http://www.27east.com/news/article.cfm/Southampton/324527/Town-Releases-Details-Of-Sordi-Separation-Agreement . " Mar 6, 15 4:24 PM

Bay Fishermen Say New Rules Are Needed

I know what Tilapia is and how it comes about. I was kidding. You didn't get my point. Fish in SEASON! If you really need to rape the bays in Winter then it is purely for selfish reasons. Eat other stuff in the Winter. It's called being responsible and letting what's left of the species have time to recuperate." Mar 10, 15 10:12 PM

All these guys, would rather see the bay as a whole get wiped so they can eat whatever they want, when they want. They probably pull shorts whenever nobody's looking. " Mar 10, 15 10:15 PM

Amagansett Man Dies In Single-Car Accident

The more you respond to Cupsogue the more she "gets off". It's called "trolling". She's just looking to incite a response, a feeling that she can affect others emotions to perhaps to fill a void in her own life. The way she so casually talks about a life lost, a son, a brother, a friend...just proves it. Don't encourage her." Mar 17, 15 6:23 AM

Fish Farm Idea Floated For Ocean Off South Fork

You can already buy farm raised Striped Bass at places like Citarella's for $9 a pound instead of double that for wild caught. The problem will always be unscrupulous fishermen that pull and keep shorts, exceed their limit, greed/money, human population increase.... You can't fix that with another farm. Sacrifice and conservation so perhaps the fish population can rebuild." Mar 24, 15 1:09 PM

I have access to Google too and know that farm raised Striped Bass is a hybrid. That wasn't my point. My point is that even if you believe it is the most highly regulated species in our waters there is a decline. You're telling me the 100 of guys surf casting on the beach don't pull a short once in awhile or throw an extra one in the truck when the wife wants fish for dinner? The guys sitting on Shinnecock Inlet from out of town are leaving without a fish after driving from up the island? The DEC/Trustees/Constables are patrolling every second? If anything you're statement is ignorant or you're in denial. I grew up out here, things have changed. I wish they didn't but they have and to try and right things we have to change the way we consume. I'd eat Wild Caught Striped Bass everyday if I could. It's awesome, but if I have to eat it only once in awhile to help save the species or god forbid eat a farm raised or chicken sandwich instead I will. Guys like you would eat the last pregnant female Striped Bass without even blinking." Mar 25, 15 9:07 AM

As I stated, I don't favor farm raised fish. I wish there were plenty of Bass for everyone to eat, catch, sell. I consider farm rasied an alternative to a depleted natural stock. My point again is that the wild caught Bass isn't sustainable at the going rate. Something is wrong. You are obviously a commercial or recreational fisherman who doesn't like to be told what to do. Maybe you are responsible and respectful with what you take from the wild, it's the other half that aren't and that's why we have a problem. I hold no ill will to people who follow the rules set by the law for the greater good. " Mar 26, 15 9:08 PM

Southampton Looks To License Garbage Collectors

Another reason for Christine Fetten to justify her over $100,000.00 a year salary. I don't know what I'm doing but I'll challenge and charge private businesses that are already monitored per capitalism with a license I won't even monitor to justify my position as "environmentalist" and waste manager. Who is going over her books? NOBODY!" Apr 4, 15 2:09 PM

Judge Rules Against Former Southampton Town Councilman James Malone In False Imprisonment Suit

What a jerk. Accomplished nothing as a Town Board member. One and done and won't ever be remembered for anything good. Obviously had no parenting growing up. No humility. The last guy you would want at your party." May 1, 15 6:14 AM

East Quogue Superintendent Resigns; Board Announces Budget Cuts

I hope these educators aren't teaching the kids about finance!" May 6, 15 11:26 PM

DEC Closes Western Shinnecock Bay To Shellfish Harvesting Due To Toxin

I think they should build waterfront condos on the canal and another golf course. That will ensure the way of life and allure of the east end for the long term locals and their children to return to as they get older and look through fences and red tide." May 8, 15 10:20 PM

Flashing Lights Experiment To Ease Traffic On County Road 39 Won't Happen By Memorial Day

You have a guy whose sole job is transportation and has been for years, and he makes bank. It's ridiculous. So many overpaid and pointless jobs given to people in Town Hall." May 14, 15 10:39 PM

Throne-Holst To Challenge Zeldin For Congressional Seat

We've already been down this road with guys like Jim Malone. Once elected he'll just be a seat warmer. I don't know of one thing that he has done for the East End and I've been here my whole life. If someone can say something then I'll gladly listen. I do see him in a lot of photos of parties and gatherings. Life has been pretty good for that guy. Let it continue but not on our dime." May 18, 15 9:14 PM

Bender Pitches Bag Ban To Westhampton Beach Board

I agree with the above comments. My family reuses the bags. Maybe they're just twice reused but sometimes more. If we didn't have them we'd buy Glad bags or whatever for bathroom bins or for the garage etc. At work and it's a big building the custodians use plastic bags too. Local merchants having to buy paper bags for customers will surely suffer. Don't tell me paper is better. It's like buy a Prius! Where do you think those batteries go when they're depleted? Buy solar panels! Look it up, they're not sustainable with what they put in them. I don't like what has become of the world and plastic but it's useful." May 27, 15 8:07 PM

I go to the beach a lot. You know what I pick up more than anything? Balloons! All those helium balloons that get released in the air for graduations and stuff go to the ocean so some poor Sea Turtle thinks it's kelp. Close the balloon shops Brad and Anna! Just kidding..." May 29, 15 12:44 PM

Town Examines Stormwater Runoff Alternatives In Hampton Bays

The Town did have a Stormwater department run by Walter Bundy who was let go about 6 years ago. No raise in taxes equals personnel cuts, crappy roads, no bulk leaf pickup, run down beach pavillions but somewhat happy tax payers. I don't think he did much though. Water goes downhill and into the bay and ocean. How many years does it take to figure that out? The Town is 375 years old." Jun 14, 15 7:23 PM

You really shouldn't blame the CSEA employees. If you take a look at who is in charge and in management positions you'll find that almost 100% of them are "Administration". Meaning they aren't Union CSEA and get paid a lot, get 4 weeks of vacation to start and only answer to the Town Board. It's usually the Department head and their second in command ie. bureaucratic "meeting attenders". The front line Union guys are just the worker bees." Jun 15, 15 8:34 PM

UPDATE: Sandra Schroeder Elected Mayor Of Sag Harbor; Lisa Rana Voted In As Village Justice

Why do the Southampton Town Trustees get so much flak and never even hear what Village Trustees do. What are their responsibilities? " Jun 16, 15 11:29 PM

Residents Explore Options After Losing Summer Retreats On Dune Road

In another 10 years this will be nothing more than a community of rich second home owners and the recent immigrant working class here to support them. Nobody in their 20's or 30's unless you're a teacher, cop, lawyer, or doctor wants to stay here year round. They don't want to live with their parents or pay 1500 to live in someones basement. Throw in nothing for them to do, no jobs, and it's a grim future. " Jun 24, 15 12:09 AM

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