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Southampton Town Will Not Receive $3 Million Grant To Raise Dune Road

If this is true about Alex Gregor then I've lost respect for him. Yes, he's a loudmouth and that's what I liked about him. Now, it's cost us a dry road during high tides when all us regular people are trying to get to the beach. I love just making payments on a rusting car. Alex, shut up!" Apr 12, 16 6:57 PM

Warren Booth Will Keep Job With Hampton Bays Water District, Over Town Supervisor's Objection

He really has no soul. The little he gets from stealing will come back to him whether its nobody visiting him in the hospital or going to a party or his funeral. The material things won't mean much when it matters." May 14, 16 8:15 AM

Smorgasburg Food Expo Chances Looking Dim In Westhampton Beach

I've lived in WHB. At one time it was ok. You could actually spend a Saturday night at the Dodger, head over to Snapper Creek, Ottomanellis and then go to Casey's. Actually see people. It's shut down at 6pm now. Not saying it's all about the nightlife but there is nothing now. I thought Teller was bad. Moore is just insignificant. She'll be nothing but a fading memory. No leadership at all. " May 19, 16 10:09 PM

Alright, that kinda made sense...Can't help wonder why Westhampton "feels" dead but that made sense..." May 20, 16 11:15 PM

UPDATE: Victim In Reservation Shooting Identified; Does Not Live On Reservation

The Shinnecock are their own worse enemy. You never hear anything good coming from the reservation." Jun 9, 16 9:36 AM

I'm sorry about the blanket statement you feel I made. I never heard anything about what you wrote mentioned so I only go what is printed. " Jun 13, 16 3:50 PM

Southampton Town Trustee Files Workplace Complaint Against Another Trustee After Back Slaps

What a bunch of yahoos. When do you hear them doing something good and not screwing up or hearing about drama instead of substance. I'm serious, for my own knowledge, let's hear the good for once." Jun 27, 16 3:48 PM

Westhampton Beach Village's First Female Police Officer Begins Making The Rounds

Thank goodness that the old guard at WHB is gone and we can see some positive things coming out of the PD." Jul 1, 16 10:05 AM

Police: Six Sold Alcohol To Minors In Sting Targeting Southampton Town Businesses

I agree, these are deli clerks and gas station attendants. They don't make much and to ruin their lives for a mistake or hesitating to ask for ID seems kind of simple minded. Like we're actually accomplishing something by this. A 26 guy in WHB just died from a Heroin OD. Come on.." Jul 11, 16 9:47 AM

UPDATE: DWI Charges Against East Hampton Real Estate Agent Upgraded

Taxi drivers and real estate agents. Biggest scum there are." Jul 11, 16 10:27 AM

Accident On Sunrise Highway In Southampton Snarls Traffic Wednesday Morning

Bet it was texting or Pokemon Go related. I take the road everyday and I swear at least half the people are texting or on their phone. Drive!" Jul 20, 16 1:54 PM

Westhampton Beach Officials Hear Preliminary Costs For Main Street Revitalization

When was the last time there was an accident at Mill and Main? It's a bad intersection yes but it's been like that for as long as I can remember." Jul 27, 16 9:40 AM

Kanye West Pulls Out Of Watermill Center Benefit

Rich Peoples Lives Matter..." Jul 30, 16 8:01 PM

UPDATE: East Hampton Couple Struck By Car Saturday On Sunrise Highway, Driver Charged With Driving On Drugs

Collects a pretty fat paycheck to sit around for 7 years to think hmm....I can't do anything about the traffic. Hope nobody finds out...." Aug 8, 16 11:58 AM

Surfers Angered By Surf Lessons At Ditch Plains Beach In Montauk

Surf Lesson people aren't just sharing the love of surfing. They basically prostitute surfing for monetary gain. Go find a real job. Finally a group is making a stand. " Aug 9, 16 3:55 PM

This guy is not a local. He didn't pay his dues to start teaching lessons and crowding the breaks. The purity might already be gone but it's different from a person who grabs a board, wakes up early, surfs all conditions, and earns it. Surfing is a weird sport, lots of I'm better than you but you don't even get respect coming out of a surf camp. That's why these surf instructors are pimping what it's all about. Selling the soul for a buck." Aug 9, 16 11:08 PM

You obviously don't surf." Aug 10, 16 9:38 AM

Even as a non surfer you get it. " Aug 10, 16 9:39 AM

Sounds like you need some surf lessons old timer." Aug 14, 16 1:57 AM

Rescuers Euthanize Osprey Entangled In Balloon String And Found Near Quogue Pond

Helium balloons for graduation, quincieras, birthdays, can be found along the beach all the time. Back in the 80's they used to be released at grand openings. It's about time they are banned." Aug 18, 16 10:35 PM

Father Of Remsenburg Teen With Down Syndrome Warned To Stay Off School Grounds Or Face Arrest

Nobody cares until it's their kid, even the Killorans didn't I'm sure. One day everyone becomes "enlightened" by the struggles of others...." Aug 24, 16 11:28 AM

'Shark Men' Say Waters Off Hamptons A Nursery For Great White Sharks

We need to kill all sharks so they don't harm humans. " Aug 26, 16 11:10 PM

Southampton High School Football Players Support Suspended Coach At Board Meeting

Maybe he's just old school and didn't want to ruin a young life for something that's already legal in so many states. He gets up in front of everyone makes a point and it does more for inspiring a young adult than just throwing an old book at him. I remember a cop did that for me once with beers at the beach and I said you know what he cares more than just getting another notch on his belt." Aug 31, 16 11:22 PM

Attorney: Former Southampton Town Councilman Brad Bender Will Begin Prison Sentence This Week

A true citizen who provided a service to his community. What's the big deal..." Sep 12, 16 10:03 PM

Southampton Town Purchases Development Rights Of East Quogue Farm

There's a whole department dedicated to CPF that works through the collection of monies, filing, acquisition...guarantee Jay knows nothing about any of it . Photo grab." Sep 21, 16 4:53 PM

Westhampton Beach Officials Oppose Suggested Shortening Of Rock Jetties

Right, because the Army Corps have a history of being right about anything they've done on anything regarding erosion. Just ask Louisiana after Katrina and more recently Montauk." Sep 29, 16 6:54 AM

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