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Developers will tweak plans for Canoe Place Inn

INS you should really listen to yourself! " May 10, 09 7:30 AM

Money designated for affordable housing never moved; housing fund in the red

Not quite right workingmomof4...at least East Hampton members fight to keep the beauty and the right for all to enjoy the Hamptons while Southampton sells it off to the highest bidder and ruins communities by allowing Greed to continue." May 10, 09 7:34 AM

Sag Harbor food pantry is always well-stocked thanks to director

I am saying "Thank-You" to Ms.Woudsma. Unfortunately I have to disagree with her last comments in this article. Since I can remember back as a child living in the area...residents have always taken care of one another. There is plenty of community outreach here...The problem now is how do we take care of day-labor illegal help that is brought out here by GREED? We never know the amount ...it could be a few hundered...or bused out thousands!!" May 10, 09 7:46 AM

County gives more land to the town for affordable housing

DITTO!!!How fortunate that land is finally given east of the canal and its not suitable for development.The County previously gave 12 72H parcels to the town in the Flanders area for affordable housing and I say Flanders has enough.These properties were originally planned for the TDR'S to be banked, so to promote retail uses in the Mixed use Planned Development District know as (Old Flanders Drive-in) and along Rt 24. This would create tax ratables and service that the community has long desired. Most housing in these communities is undesirable due to the rentals and slumlords.Promote home ownership,fix the affordable housing that's causing blight before you offer more affordable housing to the community. I know Anna means well but I think Flanders has burdened enough by being another ginnie-pig plan from the Town. report as inappropriate
Shout ot loud (Southampton)
ps-As for Anna T- Holst ideas...all talk and no action...the world is full of good intentions now, but is Soros the one we truly want to follow and have his picks as leaders in our communities??" May 22, 09 9:35 AM

GOP passes over Kabot; nominates Conservative Party chair

Good-Bye Linda---good luck to your new career as an lawyer...as for Anna and the people that continue to vote party lines...you still insist on not useing your brains! I know now to look at pictures in papers and see who the "friends"are that are backing the future candidates...I know now that what is said is not always the truth...I will be voteing on past character and associates and business deals that were made with the potential candidates.
I hope all that vote are able to do the same and not just listen, but do the research! (OUR COMMUNITIES DEPEND UPON IT)" May 22, 09 9:45 AM

Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner

There are "lil rascal gangs"...then there is the difference of the bloods....Columbian cartel gangs...Mexican gangs...What do any of you think which gang was envolved??? Hummmm....don't want to say do you????You would be called a xenophobe? The truth will come out...and it depends on how safe the politicians will decide it will be to live here. We have an excellent police department. The sirens were going all through the night that night...If anyone is to blame...it is the gang members that killed him!!!!" May 25, 09 5:19 AM

Bishop named co-MVP of congressional baseball game

Oh I was wondering what he has been doing all this time in Washington...playing baseball." Jun 19, 09 7:59 PM

103 cases of swine flu in Suffolk

In case anyone is interested the statistics have changed a bit --even 2 days ago...I t might be sugested to check out the CDC website." Jun 30, 09 5:55 AM

Special election measure likely to go to voters

I have to agree with Nuzzi's comments...it doesn't make sense." Jun 30, 09 6:02 AM

Around Southampton Town Hall

REALLY??! 95% served by Human Resources of the Hamptons are residents who were BORN and RAISED in SOUTHAMPTON???? Then that explains why I notice Cadilacs and Range Rovers (older models of course) going into Sacred Hearts for food staples and designer clothing." Jun 30, 09 6:12 AM

Guldi is considering another bid for public office

Take it from someone who lives here in the community that he has helped to create into a dump with his illegal housing ..It is a fact! and he will GO TO JAIL WITH MCPHERSON!
As for headlines...Frank Wheeler...the one thing you are right about is "a bunch of others will have their lives ruined" but you left out and "THEY TOO WILL BE GOING TO JAIL"." Jun 30, 09 6:24 AM

Many neighbors support 78-unit condo project

Mr.Benedict-stick with your Westhampton business and leave the building and infrastructure to the citizens that want to live here.
The youth of the community that want to work and live here would rather have their own home and yard where they have a more safe and secure environment.
Also they can pay into THEIR OWN HOMES and not await any raises on rent or caretaking fees that increase at your or anyother business man/supposed not for profit -agency/LLC." Jul 1, 09 6:24 PM

PS Your article shows a couple of neighbors that would want this...I know for a fact that the MAJORITY WOULD NOT WANT TO HAVE OR LIVE NEXT TO OR NEAR A RENTAL COMPLEX!!!!! (and wondering the few that say they do...will they be living in the area once this project goes through...I BET NOT!)" Jul 1, 09 6:28 PM

Fred Thiele considers a party switch

Well Fred -I think you made a wise decision...you had been leaning left for awhile now...at least your honest with this. Good luck.
(Now I have some ideas for some excellent candidates for his position that will win...I'll be noteing in the papers in the future....This has made my day!)" Jul 1, 09 6:38 PM

Prudence Carabine: Taking on the front-runners

Prudence is a nice lady...please people DO NOT put her with Anna Throne-Holst...we've had enough of the emotional mindless dim wit pandering to special interest groups and not to the local citizens! (unless someone knows different about Prudence...)" Jul 2, 09 4:11 AM

Many neighbors support 78-unit condo project

Phanex---YOU FIND A CRACK HOUSE TO BE BETTER TO LIVE NEXT TO THAN GUILLO/RAMBO??? (I don't need to write anything more ...you proved MY point!)" Jul 2, 09 4:18 AM

Candidate says invitations at work were a mistake

WOULD YOU PEOPLE STOP WITH THE REPUBLICAN VS. DEMOCRAPS and just look at and listen to the people running for the office!!" Jul 2, 09 4:37 AM

Fred Thiele considers a party switch

There are a lot of good men and women that are eager to run for the up coming elections...our town and villages as well need honest, caring, and willing to stand up for ideals and the laws of this country...Pandering to special interests is no longer a option for election! Therefore, Fred has made a decision and I wish him well...he has done a good job in the past, but I can not say I'm sorry he plans on changeing parties...he has chosen to play politics and go left. It's as simple as that." Jul 2, 09 1:57 PM

Deal gives Kabot GOP nod for reelection

Well, it seems that the local GOP has top members in corrupt decision making...." Jul 21, 09 1:04 PM

Schneiderman's opponents back out of race

I wouldn't be so quick to feel so good so fast Mr.Schneiderman...it looks that the GOP is helping the Democrats win local elections...George Guldi with the 50 mil. in mortgage fraude charges and in the papers he is running...I think he is the choice of the one with their pulse on voting booths ( and then all the real estate they own can be sold as rentals---always making money...)" Jul 21, 09 1:10 PM

Hearings set for elected office proposals

I have to agree with anna on this one...." Jul 21, 09 1:41 PM

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