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Schneiderman and Hammer win primaries

Wow-can anyone explaine to me how Guildi even was ABLE TO RUN???
(and yet I also have another question....how can Jay be elected again??? oh...that's right no one else was really running against him...same thing as him not really being/doing anything in the legistlature. Another politician being paid to not show up for work or when he does ---he does nothing!) Jay-have fun doing nothing or voting for "popular political citizens"....oh -and continue mindless banging on bongo drums!!!" Sep 20, 09 6:49 AM

As for Andy Hammer...I really don't know anything about you...I hope you will work for the people and not selfish special interest groups." Sep 20, 09 6:52 AM

Kabot arrest leaves nagging doubts

PLEASE TYPE IN FOR YOUR NOMINATION FOR OUR TOWN OF SOUTHAMPTON...(at the present all those running are running for special interest groups...please-anyone...I am begging.)" Sep 20, 09 7:00 AM

Arrest tape could be used in Kabot DWI case

I'm still asking...how could Guild run for legistlature??? We have more comments about a town Supervisor than someone running for suffolk Legistlature??? People where the heck are your minds at???!!!???
By the way ...although drunk driving is reckless and a horrible possibly deadly thing to do..".Deliberate" 8mil. and counting on mortgage fraud...ruining countless communities and properties in doing so...and now add on insurance fraud! People again WHERE ARE YOUR MINDS AT???!!!! WHO WILL STEP UP FOR OUR COMMUNITIES OUT HERE IN SOUTHAMPTON TOWN....PLEASE WRITE IN FOR SOMEONE WITHOUT SPECIAL INTERESTS...ONLY TO KEEP THIS TOWN BEAUTIFUL AND FRIENDLY TO LIVE AND WORK AND RAISE FAMILIES IN!" Sep 20, 09 7:12 AM

Report says anti-immigrant atmosphere in Suffolk County fuels violence

Wow...alot of comments on this issue....I must add mine...I attended a meeting of OLA with Isabel Sepulveda de Scanlon....it was the most bias white man hateing group ever to come into this community. It served only one purpose-to intimidate local citizens and to tell illegal immigrants how to "if you break the law-any law to not tell anyone" just to stay here.
As for her quote on education....she stated"the school districts, esp. EH, needed more minority teachers to be role models. She also stated more local politicians and elected officials should hire a liason to the Latino community in their offices"...Welll, that all SEEMS good BUT I have lived here a long time and we have hired--PEOPLE THAT ARE QUALIFIED! WITHOUT REGARD TO RACE!
Experience countsfor something-But is Different from saying that ethnicity is a defining characteristic.
"In demanding that an ethinic group be used as a foundation for preference i.e. hiring.(i.e. Sotomayor in '73 asked fed govern't to push the Ivy League school-Princeton, to accept quotas and time tables for the hiring of Peurto Rican and Mexican faculty, however she did not (as well as Hispanic activist groups locally have now demonstrated in Suffolk county -time and time again) that the most pernicious consequences of this thought is that it leaves those who benefit from such preferences uncertain about their achievements.i.e. What then racist remark made her complain later in '78 (5 yrs.later from her fight for ethnic quotas) that made her complain to the dean at Yale Law school? The recruiter dared to ask her the question "Would you have been admitted to the law school if you were not a Puerto Rican?"

" Sep 20, 09 8:00 AM

You know you can always go to name calling...so I wasn't surprised by your comment ---you could care less about the poor...you never fulfill the true needs of this community -so, how can you fulfill the needs of those from third world countries!" Sep 22, 09 11:17 AM

Town says Riverside home was overcrowded and infested

This is the very REASON why local citizens are upset with the large influx of illegal immigrants...we end up with neighbors that are faceless and do what ever they want...Does Nuzzi or Kabot listen to the local citizens about this very issue NO! Is it any reason that as local citizens we are fed up with the politics!!! It is our home! Not a place for any vagrant to lay his or her head to make a quick buck and have NO RESPONCIBILIITY! Our HOMES!!! We have worked and paid for the areas we live in and NO ONE or NO Special Interest Group will continue to preace one thing and practice THEFT in our communities anymore!!!!" Sep 23, 09 6:17 PM

East End transportation study will cost millions less than originally expected

Well...We are not Massachusetts...or like any other area out here on the E.End of Suffolk County...I would have thought Thiele would have realized that since he has been living here...but than again he has swithched parties and the party he now belongs to wants DEVELOPMENT and yet they claim they are GREEN...
I suggest that in these economic times instead of me and the rest of the community paying for people to be bussed in from up the island or even on the train for us to than pay for the care and ownership of these busses...allow the taxi service to grow and then you have individuals now without jobs and the rest of us do not have to wait behind busses picking up only one or two people in a gas guzzling BUS!!!" Sep 24, 09 6:31 AM

Legislature passes hotel tax increase

The suffolk legistlature does not listen anymore to the citizens...as far as I can see they have pandered to special interest groups and the hell with our communities....what they seem to misunderstand is that by not listening and getting caught up in the drama of politics ....they singlehandedly ruined what was once a prestine, beautiful place to live ---Suffolk County. (your names will not be forgotten-your senseless work will be here for generations to try and clean up)" Sep 24, 09 6:48 AM

Dead fish litter beach in Montauk, commercial fishermen blamed

Ya Know it could just be natures way! The local fishermen over the years have had so much nonsense thrown at them from people that are cluless and have nothing more than time and LOTS of money to have parties for their Special causes...Its time they get educated on the cycles of fish and how predatory fish can and might very well be the cause!!!" Sep 24, 09 6:58 AM

Town housing officials walk out of civics meeting in East Quogue

Affordable housing or workforce housing??? The town can call it whatever they want...it is not what they say it is! It is slum landlord rentals and this town council and the task force and the people working on these projects (get the pun--"PROJECTS")....are nothing more than busy work for those elected...
When I voted for the town board I NEVER Voted for them or anyone associtated with the town to become LANDLORDS!
They can cry all they want on how "hard they worked"...but, the fact remains...they are working to do something that the citizens ask of them for THEIR COMMUNITIES!!!! NOT TO MAKE ANNA T.HOLST AND THE REST TO FEEL BETTER ABOUT THEMSELVES!!! (the people of southampton town have stated time and time not this kind of affordable housing in their communities!!! )" Oct 1, 09 6:03 AM

Public questions the need for new firehouse

Definately needed!!!! Out of all the building proposals taking place in Southampton...FINALLY one that will Benefit the people of the communities and provide safety to the community and develope new leadership of young men and women to enrich our community! Thank-You!" Oct 1, 09 6:11 AM

Linda Kabot's DWI case expected to be moved to Riverhead Town Court

Is this really necessary to report every detail of Kabot's life now??? I.e. sister's birthday party...sitting counting ...and watching her move?!
Where are the articles about the community and their concerns with the politics of all...the school where our children go...the community we live in....the changes with the hospital...I know you have wriiten about them...but I also know you have more reporting on those issues and seem to not delve into them as much as this...
We have laws and this one in particulare will be taken care of...the courts will decide." Oct 1, 09 6:24 AM

Southampton Town officials ready proposed budget for next year

It's amazing how people in this upcoming election still revert back to Dem or Rep. ! get with the rest of the country! Sally has only just said Nope to Dope and yet has mandated on her first few months in office..."council PERSON"...petty and stupid!
How about Anna taking credit for looking at the town books...she could hardly get out a complete sentence if it wasn't for Linda EXPLAINING how the other government agencies require certain things from individual towns and time tables etc.!!!
Nuzzi just snuggled with Anna and I really don't know too much that he has done either!...
The only one that has met with true concerns of the local community is Grabowski and she has a list of accomplishments that everyone in the community supports and is happy with!
So-just a suggestion to everyone out there---start putting in who can help run this beautiful town...or else it will become just another dump like towns futher west!!!" Oct 1, 09 6:40 AM

POPE---COUNCIL PERSON!!!!! not councilwoman." Oct 1, 09 6:42 AM

Independence Party leader steps down after row with state chair

funny who is on the local committee? I'm local and I wouldn't vote for Pope person...and still haven't heard too much on who Flemming is? What has Flemming done to be elected for our town?
" Oct 1, 09 6:53 AM

Kabot won't appeal to Board of Elections

easthamptoner...your like no easthamptoner I know of...could you most likely be from OLA? (special interest group)...There were no falulty premises and the rest of your comment was petty...I'm sure you were quite upset with the truth of the comment from golf buddy esp. because there was 100% truth written and 100% stated by such an educated, sincere and careing man as Rev.Havrila." Oct 1, 09 7:05 AM

Shinnecock Community Notes October 1

I have seen over the years the Shinnecock Indian Reservation grow and it's people develope their talents and community. I have always been proud of the Shinnecock community...I remember in my youth the Chief explaining traditions, culture and history of these great Long Island people.
I look forward to the future of the Shinnecock people and the youth of the next generation doing great things in the community on the reservation as well as all neighboring communities.
Looking forward to seeing you Oct.4th!" Oct 1, 09 7:22 AM

Town says Riverside home was overcrowded and infested

Yes, living conditions are dangerous to them and those living next to them! I am decent and my humanity has been fighting slumlords such as this! And for over 90% of the code violations I can bet that they are using illegal immigrants to live and make a lot of money off of them! SO ENOUGH OF YOUR PREACHING TO ME ABOUT DECENCY AND HUMANITY!!!
" Oct 1, 09 7:52 AM

He still can do a heck of a lot more...but I guess Anna and the special interest groups she wants to get votes from aid in not getting everything done that needs to be done!" Oct 1, 09 7:58 AM

Maybe so...but it is not ALL year long and usually they do not require DUMPSTERS AND PORTO_POTTIES!!!!" Oct 1, 09 8:00 AM

Prosecutors charge Guldi with insurance fraud

Seems to me the same kind of talk from SoHo Journal...Mac Phearson.
Consistantly putting down "the Locals" and the local police dept....well, I guess the game will still be played out by slandering those who uphold justice for the town and protect the communities they live in.
I thank God for such a great police department and for the great work done by the Suffolk County DA's office! (looking forward to the rest of those connected to mortgage fraud and insurance fraud.etc...to be sentenced as well)" Oct 3, 09 6:04 PM

Throne-Holst missed campaign finance filing deadline

Vince was not re-elected again...and note Linda Kabot when supervisor had him back in town hall working until he could no longer work due to illness. (Note: the people voted him out of office and Linda brought him back ...with out anyone really knowing...)" Oct 26, 09 9:52 AM

Nancy Grabowski is the only one that has done anything that everyone is happy with and has improved the quality of life here and maintained the very reason why people love to vacation here and live here...Malone will do the same.
The rest of the council are self serving and have political agendas...It does not come as a surprise that Anna's filing was not given on time...it needed ...how is the new political jargon??...tweeking....same old politics...
I will be pushing only one lever down for Malone-councilman!
Nancy Grabowski-Supervisor.
Dan Russo-councilman
David Betts-councilman
Elaine Kharl-councilwoman.
Anna can turn herself away from the hatred smear campaign of this town and still run for office?! It's disgusting!
Kabot can smear the men who enforce the laws and keep our neighborhoods safe and still run for office?! It's disgusting!
Nuzzi can still make some side agendas and still run for office?!-well,at least from the bit I know it's not as bad as Anna's agenda or the people with the money using her for their agendas!!! Block-bustering...creating slums...and using illegal immigrants as political pawns-enough is enough!
They probably will get elected again...but, I've lived through hell as well as others in neighborhoods with illegals liveing next door to them.,,the problem is the landlords making money and the politicians backing them!!! enough is enough!" Oct 26, 09 10:21 AM

Parents are upset over theft of late son's memorial

Although this is an extremely sad, emotional and tradegy...I can understand at this time for the memorial...no one should be removing items as stated in the column.
I do hope the through prayer and help of good friends and neighbors that the family will find peace in the future...I realize this memorial offers some peace at this time, but in the future the resting place of the child is with God-not at the corner where he died...therefore, at a later date the items should be removed." Oct 27, 09 9:07 AM

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