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Southampton Town Highway Superintendent candidate Alex Gregor (I,D)

I still know for a fact that Mc Gann will hold a promise to keep the roads clean / clear...I have no knowledge of or for Gregor." Oct 29, 09 10:45 PM

Town code enforcement again raids Westhampton home owned by Kabot's aunt

There has to be higher penalties for this behavior that has an impact on the whole community.
(and last, but not least....being on the town board for as many years and supervisor...Linda Kabot should have some accountability with the actions of her family...it seems that maybe the houses would not have continued for so many years if she was not working in town hall...but, than again..$$$ in this town seems to get what it wants.)
One last note...David Betts has been one of the few that have done their job for the citizens of this community...anyone that has a problem with him is most likely breaking the law." Nov 21, 09 5:38 AM

District attorney charges Guldi with tax evasion


Community mourns Brookhaven Town Councilman Keith Romaine

To The Romaine Family...sincere thoughts and prayers are with you." Nov 21, 09 5:56 AM

Turkeys in East Hampton: Friends or food?

"Turkeys in East Hamton: Friends or food?" Answer: Both-friends and food!" Nov 21, 09 6:03 AM

Throne-Holst has aggressive agenda as next supervisor

I wonder if her agressive ideas ( those of whom got her elected) will include a new law in town hall for allowing her to bring her dog to work any time she pleases?" Nov 21, 09 6:08 AM

Trespassing charges dropped against East Quogue woman arrested near ANG base; wrongful arrest lawsuits filed

What the heck?! I don't care if you are the Queen of England visiting...You ask permission for going on property of this nature!!! and you get clearance like everyone else!!!" Nov 21, 09 6:15 AM

Bishop's burn pit legislation signed into law

Wow, he's really trying now that a new election is around the corner!!!
It should be commended that this is a good thing for our troops---BUT---we will never forget the other votes you made to put our troops and country in harms way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Nov 21, 09 6:50 AM

Supreme Court lifts injunction on use of Aldrich Park

Amazing...the truth is out all right! It took Soros and his Hunchmen to fight against middle class WORKING AMERICANS! and if anyone reading anyof these comments do not believe that than they are fooling themselves! The Hamptons for generations have been hiring workers from other countries due to the influx of people vacationing here....keep the illegals here standing infront of or behind the bushes(by the way...Why do we need bushes???think of that one!) and our whole economy will go right down...just pay attention to the people who are walking around now that are vacationing...not much atmosphere to bring them back here...." Dec 1, 09 6:37 AM

Amearican citizens find jobs/work -careers through "applying for them"....they use their social security cards to then pay for taxes to be taken out and for hopfully help them in later years when they can no longer work.
And thus there is emotion on this topic because the American citizens are being lied to on many levels as well as being stollen from and at the same time being swindled to make them feel they are heartless not taking care of the poor...(which is unfair when they are taking care of themselves so that they will not become the poor or their children...American Citizens follow the United States Constitution and follow the laws of the United States and our American men have fought long and hard for these rights...IF YOU REALLY WANT TO HELP THE ILLEGALS YOU WOULD TELL THEM TO GO BACK TO THEIR COUNTRIES AND FIGHT FOR THEIR CULTURE(SINCE THEY STRESS IT SO MUCH HERE)AND TO FIGHT FOR WHAT THEY WANT HERE FOR THEIR COUNTRY AND FAMILIES LIKE WE HAVE DONE HERE IN THE United States of AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Dec 1, 09 6:54 AM

Montauk smiley faces require town approval

wendel.....stay in Miller Place." Dec 1, 09 7:12 AM

East Hampton Village will auction Sea Spray Cottage leases

The local govern't should provide affordable housing for these people....N.Sea in Southampton has some large homes that if renivated from cockroaches (was affordable housing for illegal aliens---cheap labor)...would be the right thing to do...(but any of you out there feel that the poor illegals need them more??? How heartless are YOU! and bigoted against poor Americans!!!) Do the cottages need renovation from cockroaches???? I bet NOT!
" Dec 1, 09 7:24 AM

District attorney charges Guldi with tax evasion

Your right ---but he is guilty. And MacPhearson is too and his wife and a few others wil be held accountable for all they have done illegally and to ruin communities-They wil GO TO JAIL!!!!!!" Dec 1, 09 7:33 AM

Southampton Hospital receives $5 million for Emergency Department

Sincere "Thank-You" to the Paulsons for their generous gift to the Southampton Hospital. For all the charity parties that are held in "the Hampton's" this donation shows the character of the Paulson's....they are in themselves a blessing and a gift to our community!!!!!!! Thank-You again for being so caring to our community!" Dec 1, 09 7:45 AM

Jordan's Initiative giving back to soldiers abroad

I have been wondering how to go about setting up care packages to be sent to our soldiers....I hope that this message will get out and we can have more care packages sent out in the future....I am asking this reporter to please continue to report and let people know what they can do for the troops and where to send care packages." Dec 1, 09 7:55 AM

Bishop asks Paterson for disaster area designation

mother nature has no boundaries...when will people learn?! The local residents understand what will happen and most would agree at this time to NOT put millions into these stupid unrealistic projects...nothing more than Tim Bishop pandering to the elite of Sagaponack....how many times will that community continue to show how selfish and self-centered they are?!!!And how Tim Bishop takes no thought on anything he does...just voting yes on any and all issues... DEMOCRAP!" Dec 9, 09 11:31 AM

Southampton Republican Party screens candidates for vacant seat

I believe someone who is to be considered to be on SOUTHAMPTON TOWN COUNCIL should be FROM SOUTHAMPTON TOWN!!!!!!!! To live and work here is to understand FULLY the beauty of this area AND what the problems are IN THE COMMUNITY TO THEN HELP AS A COUNCIL MEMBER TO THE COMMUNITY IN WHICH THEY ARE UPHELD TO!!!!thus no other pandering to those who only want to take from the community and not really be PART OF THE COMMUNITY!!!!

Lt. William Hughes named Republican nominee for vacant Southampton Town Board seat

RESPECT----I don't believe anyone would truly like to be a police officer without getting paid for the work that is required of them. So ---unless you walk just a mile in their shoes---you have no comment to make about what the salaries are. Grow up and fight for the freedom we have here because of such men and women that patrol and help us each and every day in our communities!!!" Jan 14, 10 4:32 PM

LTV will make town meetings available online

To LTV and chairman Robert Strada...Thank-You- LTV is a great service to the residents and we appreciate that this new service of airing town hall meetings is extremely important for all our towns on the East End of Long Island...Thank-You!" Feb 9, 10 6:53 AM

Councilwoman Fleming privately sworn in Tuesday; ceremonial swearing-in planned

Welcome to the town board of Southampton,NY. I hope for Ms.Flemming the best regards and hope for her to do the right thing for the citizens of Southampton Town. We can work towards regaining the beauty and the hometown everyone wants to come to and vacation-even now retire to." Mar 19, 10 9:58 AM

Southampton Town looks to confer authority of peace officers on code officers

In reply to how we are "talking about Code Violations"...need we be reminded time and time again how currently in many of our home-town neighborhoods there have and has been major questionable and frightening illegal aliens living and thriving in drug trafficking. Many of the houses with code violations that Mr.Betts and other code enforcement agents have come many times face to face with. Since just recently the Dept. of Education has bought firearms...I see no problem with Mr.Betts and other Code Enforcers to beable to protect themselves and equal search due to the society we now live in. Since people have the freedom to come and go as the please (i.e. illegals trespassing in Texas and killing property owner...)our freedoms than become changed too...So-you can't have it both ways." Mar 31, 10 5:03 PM

Your questions don't make sense to me. As far as the question of salary raises...how would you like the job of entering some of these homes with 20-30plus illegal aliens who know they are here illegal and have done other illegal acts in this country...United States.(In case anyone forgets...we ARE NOT a North American Union.)" Mar 31, 10 5:11 PM

Reminder----Levy says we don't need anymore police officers. So, now this Really seems like a great idea. It will save both time and money. As stated before...you can't have freedom both ways...you take from some and give to others. With freedom there is Responsibility...you want to take care of everyone...money doesn't grow on trees...you want to be safe in society...you have to have some laws that will protect everyone...not just the few." Mar 31, 10 5:20 PM

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