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Officials want to use Southampton Town's Community Preservation Fund to save Stony Brook Southampton

How about thinking of the little guy - this land should be sold to the highest bidder---and if its to a developer who can bring WalMart and Lowes to the area they are certainly needed!!! Community needs taxable development." Apr 23, 10 12:25 PM

Off The Menu: Boring For A Reason

Agree with most of this...however Rest week has some benefits in attracting new customers among those who dine out two-three times a week. We had avoided the new Living Room at the Maidstone for no other reason than the corny advertising with the co over the ad (anyone know what that means?). Anyway, we figured how much would it cost to try the place during restaurant week? The place was superb. There were 3 of us and with a $45 wine, a beer, tea and coffee we ran the check up to $175. I assure you the restaurant made money on the meal, we were very happy and will return with some frequency. Looking around, there was wine on most of the tables. I'd say that many of those who dine out frequently at the better restaurants keep the average check near the normal level by splurging on wine during rest weeks." Nov 24, 10 3:34 PM