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One woman drowns, several rescued at Amagansett beach on Sunday

what is wrong with you dude? Why harsh on a guy for telling what he observed?" Aug 10, 10 9:12 PM

Police: Melee draws large crowd in Westhampton Beach

Was Kabot driving nearby??" Aug 18, 10 6:10 PM

LIRR service suspended on the East End Friday

yep. gotta have that paid vacation day... those winds are gusting up to 15 MPH!" Sep 3, 10 3:59 PM

Storm dispatches

i just recorded at 14 MPH wind gust in Southampton... and a 3-inch puddle in my driveway. the end is near!" Sep 3, 10 7:17 PM

East End dodges bullet as Earl sweeps east

thank you jesus for protecting us" Sep 4, 10 7:51 PM

Three Republican candidates will battle on Tuesday for right to challenge Bishop in November

Is it too late for Kabot to run? She's awesome and has the criminal track record we need inside the Beltway!" Sep 8, 10 5:01 PM

A hurricane it wasn't; expensive it was

memo to LIPA: watch Weather Channel! Everyone - EVERYONE - predicted the storm would be 150-200 miles off montauk, which is exactly where it was. Insane." Sep 9, 10 3:10 PM

Hampton Road firehouse in Southampton Village demolished

My friends rented a house next door to the ambulance station on Meetinghouse Lane for 2 years and I can tell you first hand that they definitely drank there! Just sayin...

Look we all love firefighters but cmon - did we really need a brand new firehouse and the new trucks to go with it? Did we really need those intricate stone carvings on the new addition to the school? The gravy train from real estate taxes won't last forever... " Sep 13, 10 5:05 PM

Altschuler will face Bishop in November

yipppeeee" Sep 15, 10 3:33 PM

Chabad of Southampton wins Planning Board approval

how about the massive catholic church next door. You know, the one that requires a full time traffic cop to mandate cars coming in and out of the lot. That one's ok, right? " Sep 17, 10 12:37 PM

theres a good reason for that: no one seems to complain around here whenever anyone wants to build a church or a golf course or a mcmansion... but when the jews want a parking lot? Big trouble!" Sep 18, 10 8:06 AM

Arts Harvest Southampton faces backlash from local merchants

it was great. my kids loved roaming the empty streets... reminded me of Spinal Tap where the band plays an empty amusement park." Sep 25, 10 6:54 AM

Court dismisses Konrad's claims of defamation

except we had to foot the bill..." Sep 27, 10 10:26 PM

Saks Fifth Avenue closes Southampton store this past weekend; Water Mill's Citarella also closed

glad we have a mega mall going up on 39 when downtown village is dying." Oct 5, 10 3:00 PM

Altschuler balks; debate with Bishop canceled

i'll vote for whoever brings Dan back to Poxabogue." Oct 11, 10 10:37 PM

What a moronic point. "Health Care" hasn't even kicked in yet... the Wall Street bailout turned out to be far cheaper than anticipated. I'm no Obama fan but cmon, we are broke from 10 years of wars and tax cuts to the rich. At least be honest about the situation and then we can talk about Obama's flaws." Oct 12, 10 9:42 AM

Raucous Meeting Focuses On Fights At Southampton High School

Waa Waa Waa! protect my children so that I can continue to ignore them at home!" Oct 20, 10 10:11 AM

EDITORIAL: We Mark Our Ballot

I love your book cover thumbnails. Why not just put up a noose or a KKK hat?" Oct 28, 10 10:01 PM

Yes! the liberal media does it all! It's so clear!" Oct 28, 10 10:03 PM

Southampton Village Wins Grant To Improve Pedestrian and Bike Paths

I'm a biker and I live in the village. What a horrible idea and a complete waste of money this is. 600k could improve parks. or make up for some of our missing dough that is still unaccounted for. The bike lanes are fine " Oct 28, 10 10:06 PM

Groundbreaking At Hampton Road Firehouse In Southampton Village This Friday

Are the cops bringing donuts and computer porn to celebrate? Let's give em all a raise too!" Oct 28, 10 10:07 PM

Highway Dept. Floats Ideas To Fix Troublesome Water Mill Intersection

you're right, there IS no money left. Now we know where the missing 10mm went..." Nov 3, 10 10:58 PM

Huh? have you ever tried to drive the existing circle on scuttlehole and mitchell during the season? Or the genius stop signs on Deerfield? Those cause all the backups - not to mention lots of damage to cars because the lanes are so narrow. what idiots we have for public servants..." Nov 3, 10 11:01 PM

Kabot Says District Attorney Should Be Ashamed

wait a sec. Didn't SHE ask for the continuance? What a farce" Nov 17, 10 5:23 PM

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