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Tuckahoe Superintendent Would Rent District-Owned Home Following $95,000 Renovations

I'll work for free if someone will drain my septic tank" Dec 6, 10 11:19 AM

Graboski Defends Kratoville Appointment

Oh so YOU have inside information and know what is going on but the rest of us don't? How silly. The Republicons have 3 seats. Thats enough to do whatever they want. If 3 democrats were doing this, you would be screaming blue murder." Dec 13, 10 6:04 PM

Tea Party doesn't care... they only want to limit government when it suits their insane agenda. What a farce." Dec 13, 10 6:05 PM

see previous post. Because they are hypocrites - plain and simple. there's just no way to justify this as "pushing back against a power grab"... when YOU have the power! Just keeps getting better around here all the time." Dec 13, 10 6:07 PM

Ethics Complaint Targets Kratoville Appointment

maybe they'll also perform renovations on his house like they did for the school guy in Tuckahoe. And while we're at it, let's give him the right to take 2nd and 3rd jobs like the cops..." Dec 17, 10 4:48 PM

he was vetted. The 4 of them had drinks and fance dinner one night... guess who probably paid the bill?" Dec 17, 10 4:49 PM

South Fork Digs Out Following Blizzard That Dumped About 12 Inches Of Snow

hey genuis, read this. Oh, i forgot, they all made it up.

http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/13/science/earth/13climate.html?hp" Jan 12, 11 10:59 PM

View The Kabot DWI Police Tape

brilliant! " Feb 2, 11 2:51 PM

love it! i never get tired of this" Feb 2, 11 2:52 PM

um, excuse me - but isn't this part of a trial IN A COURT OF LAW? You make no sense. People have eyes and ears. No one drives like this normally, unless they're texting. no one slurs their speech or can't count or follow simple instructions. C'mon look at the tape" Feb 2, 11 2:54 PM

right. She's a public servant, or she was at the time. If anyone should be supporting cops, it should be the Town Supervisor. yet she's and her defenders are trying to malign the cops - that's even more despicable." Feb 2, 11 2:59 PM

If the tape showed her driving pristinely and acing her field tests you would be crowing about police harrassment... for the last year (18 months?) we've dealt with innuendos about dirty cops, anonymous accusations about a conspiracy with the new town supervisor... and so on. Now you can't handle an unfiltered videotape? Hypocrite." Feb 2, 11 3:03 PM

yeah. i suppose the cops also had a remote control unit causing her car to swerve multiple times... and her brakes to fail on that stop sign... and a brain implant that made her forget how to count... It was the cops! By the way, the tape is ALREADY in evidence. Judge ordered it released. " Feb 2, 11 3:56 PM

thats exactly what she thought... when she announced "I'm Linda Kabot"... implication being "I am above the law". What a farce this entire episode has become." Feb 2, 11 9:11 PM

if anything the press has been Pro-Kabot... by reporting and printing that "anonymous letter" about phone calls to her political opponents. Remember that one? It's been smoke and mirrors since day 1. what a loser." Feb 2, 11 9:20 PM

of course not." Feb 2, 11 9:22 PM

exactly! so if you're not drunk take the test and get on with it. Which kabot kouldn't do." Feb 2, 11 9:25 PM

you need to get a warrant for a blood test. you can't just grab her arm and stick a needle in. and she refused a breathalyzer which would have solved the whole problem... were she not loaded. how idiotic this is." Feb 3, 11 9:13 AM

look at the tape! she made about 6 infractions... the fact that they let her drive longer was beneficial - if it were just an innocent mistake she would have only done it once. since when is it illegal for cops to patrol the steets?
" Feb 3, 11 3:31 PM

she didnt take the test, genius. thats why she was charged!" Feb 3, 11 3:32 PM

linda brought it all on herself... and continues to do so" Feb 3, 11 3:36 PM

more idiocy... the cops caused her to swerve because they were following her. yeah right. now they are out to get people in high emd cars... only linda was driving a toyota. you'll try any excuse or reason not to admit whats on the tape: a drunk driver, arrogantly asking cops "do you know who i am", refusing or unable to pass simple field tests, and then trying to blame those cops and the media for her troubles... all she had to do was take the test" Feb 3, 11 3:40 PM

look at the tape. there were no false pretenses here." Feb 3, 11 3:43 PM

its not her right to refuse the breathalyzer. doing that is in and of itself a crime... which is the whole point of this. she didnt have to take the test!" Feb 3, 11 3:46 PM

Jury Verdict In Kabot Case: Not Guilty Of DWI

Um, wasnt she part of the team that somehow lost track of over 10mm dollars? have we even found it?" Feb 4, 11 1:46 PM

shes a total liar... but linda was drunk. separate issue." Feb 4, 11 4:17 PM

you're right! i bet they had the bartenders spike her drinks too!" Feb 4, 11 4:24 PM

Attorney Asks For $70 Million Judgment Against Southampton Town

get her the Kabot jury... she'll probably get 80 million." Feb 9, 11 4:35 AM

Former Fairway Restaurant Owner Is One Of Two Poxabogue Bidders

fingers crossed for Dan... but you know that Wankel has lots of tricks up his sleeve. This whole saga started with his under-the-table deal to boot Dan last year" Feb 11, 11 6:13 AM

Southampton Town Board Accepts Town Attorney's Resignation

it's just one thing after another out here. what is wrong with us for electing people who constantly mismanage? it's on both sides" Feb 12, 11 4:31 PM

Suffolk County Officials Look To Start County Road 39 Widening

shocking that Steve Levy actually found his way to the east end... wait, there's only one road." Feb 26, 11 6:57 AM

Request For $70 Million Default Judgment Against Town Dismissed

hey maybe those dudes who were stopped with a pellet gun can sue for 80 mil. or 90. why not? it's america" Mar 2, 11 3:39 PM

Heaney Seeks Nomination To Run Against Schneiderman

It just keeps getting better and better around here!" Mar 14, 11 10:44 PM

Fairway Restaurant Poised For Return To Poxabogue

Amen! Can't wait to enjoy Dan's great food and hospitality, let's support this fantastic local merchant and make sure this crap never happens again." Mar 25, 11 8:52 AM

Peconic Land Trust Sells Sagaponack Farmland To Pikes

I am all for supporting local farmers but give me a break! Global food prices have never been higher - we're facing food riots around the world. Investors are clamoring to buy farms because they are so profitable. The town should have taken a percentage of Mr. Pike's farming revenues for 5-10 years, to share in the windfall.

Once again, our genius government at work...

" Apr 7, 11 8:24 AM

By the way - even though the $ is not part of the town's operating budget and has already been collected through taxes, it is still PUBLIC money. Mr. Pike is a great person for wanting to do this, but the price was way too low." Apr 7, 11 8:27 AM

Offer To Plant Cherry Trees In Agawam Park Withdrawn

I had no idea that veterans ran the town. good to know." Apr 27, 11 6:34 AM

Oddone Appeal Will Be Heard By Brooklyn Judges On Friday

So let me get this straight. A guy gets into a bar fight. Leaps onto a man who outweighs him by 100 lbs and chokes him to death WITH HIS OWN HANDS... while others tried to stop him... and you claim he has no anger issues? And it's the bar's fault for not having security?

I don't even think Oddone claimed self defense did he? What is wrong with you people?" Apr 28, 11 5:55 PM

Southampton Town Board Appoints Wilson As Police Chief

Hey this is Southampton... He can keep both jobs and still have time for a private "security" gig on the side" Apr 29, 11 6:50 PM

arent all hirings and appointments by town councils political deals? Wouldn't the WIlson supporters be screaming the same screams if their guy lost? I really dont know the difference between these two candidates but someone should explain why Tenaglia was so much more qualified than Wilson... rather than complain "it's politics"." May 2, 11 6:21 PM

Former Supervisor Linda Kabot Files Suit Against Westhampton Beach

Hey I got a parking ticket in the VIllage 2 years ago and won in court when the cop never showed up. maybe I can sue!

" May 5, 11 11:11 AM

everybody hates the cops until they need one... then they complain about being unsafe. hypocrites" May 6, 11 10:55 AM

Former Southampton Village Trustee Sues Over Fire Department Dismissal

Cue the circus music and organ grinder... " May 7, 11 7:43 AM

Vampire Weekend, Bright Eyes Will Headline MTK Festival

I'll be there. Light it up!" May 12, 11 12:03 PM

Reading your posts, I think you could use a puff or two... Tune in and Turn on baby!" May 12, 11 12:06 PM

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