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Kabot says party leaders pressuring her to keep lid on financial woes

why in the world is the elected town supervisor having a private screening party with members of the GOP? Doesnt she work for everyone?" May 14, 09 7:56 AM

Debate over Southampton farmers market continues

I said it before and I will say it again: only in the Hamptons could farmers OBJECT to a fun, exciting place to sell more produce!" May 14, 09 10:25 AM

I said it before and I will say it again: only in the Hamptons could farmers OBJECT to a fun, exciting place to sell more produce!

If store owners would wake up and think about it, they could use the market as a way to drive traffic to their shops on other days... Buy something at the market, get a coupon to the store on Wednesday. " May 14, 09 10:29 AM

Southampton reassessments do not reflect economic downturn

i'm paying taxes, what am i buying?

* Kabot's Klowns who can't even read their own financial books
* Schools that spend more $ per capita than anywhere else... with lame results
* Bloated police department with all kinds of shady characters
* Regulators who harrass merchants that dare to feed poor immigrants

Nice town." May 14, 09 10:31 AM

Kabot says party leaders pressuring her to keep lid on financial woes

i havent seen this much tap dancing since guys and dolls or Chorus Line. Hi-oh!!!!!" May 15, 09 2:02 PM

GOP passes over Kabot; nominates Conservative Party chair

she still has plenty of time to issue rules against dogs, cats, goldfish and cockatoos inside Town Hall.... and to find those missing millions from the town's bank account!" May 19, 09 8:06 PM

Kabot says town in the process of correcting fiscal crisis

So let me get this straight: a town with virtually no serious crime - except for those bleeding heart liberals who feed the illegal immigrants - has to borrow money from its general fund to pay for unspecified "expenses" in the Police Department? Classic!

" May 20, 09 2:15 PM

Southampton Town restructures its finance department, hires new comptroller

so let me get this straight... a guy totally mismanages our money, to the point where we can't even figure out where it went... and all he gets a $17,000 pay cut?

AND we also create a new position for him with "undefined" responsibilities?

What is wrong with these people?" May 26, 09 10:40 AM

Two critically injured in accident on CR39 Monday morning

wait a sec... i thought the kid was a LOCAL from Shirley? So now only city people drive drunk and make illegal turns?

The true victims here are the taxi passengers - or "Citiots", as you call them - who did nothing wrong except get into a taxi.
" May 26, 09 12:13 PM

How in the world does drunk driving and making illegal turns have anything to do with a "city" mentality? People who live in the city generally dont even have cars so how are they influencing bad driving.

Everyone on these boards blames others... city people... immigrants... minorities... gangs...

Sometimes bad things happen" May 26, 09 1:48 PM

Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner

LL: great posting. Look at the geniuses on here - asking why a diner is open past midnight! Isn't that the point of a diner?

People out here are just unreal. Stupid, racist, small minded people blaming everyone for everything else.

I'm surprised no one has asked that jerk off from the 7-11 in Southampton to start "protesting"... I mean you know that Salsa dancing is a surefire sign of illegal immigrants!" May 26, 09 5:41 PM

Man cited after altercation with Giuliani on Bridgehampton street

Why not have Rudy join SH board? He could make sure no one brings their little poodles to work with his "tough on crime" mentality. What a fraud this man is." May 26, 09 5:43 PM

Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner

Funny. No one was calling for police to be stationed at restaurants last summer after that WHITE golf pro beat a guy to death at Southampton Publick House.

Oh wait... the victim there WAS a cop, if I recall correctly.

The point is, all kinds of people kill and injure each other. All of these posters are just racists who jump to wild conclusions based on skin color. God help us if any of you ever sit on a jury." May 27, 09 3:00 PM

Frank Wheeler: You can nitpick and split hairs all you want about whether a golf caddy is a "pro" and whether a corrections officer is a "cop".

The point is that no one called for shutting down the Publick House when a murder occured there - because it involved two white guys instead of african americans or hispanics.

or maybe I should refer to them as "bloods and crips" or "coloreds" or "spanish" to satisfy all the racists in our midst." May 27, 09 9:49 PM

Joe Hampton: I never wrote one bad word about the poor guy who was murdered at Publick House. I just pointed out that when he was killed, everyone called it a tragedy and rallied to raise $ for his family... but when an african american guy gets killed, he is automatically labeled as a "gang banger", "trash", "blood and crip" guy who deserved it. read these postings.

Just amazing that people on these boards can make so many conclusions and assumptions about a guy they never met, and an incident they didn't even witness.
" May 28, 09 9:47 AM

Swine flu diagnosis for two Sag Harbor students

if schools sent out a letter every time someone had the flu, then there would be no school. Over-protective parents, thinking they're being vigilant, would just keep their kids away at every little case. Then when there's a real health issue, the school would have no credibility.

My 3YO daughter had 3 cases of swine flu in her class. They cancelled school for 3 days but only because the NYC board of health demanded it. More kids missed school from pink eye and lice - it's amazing how overblown this "pandemic" is." Jun 15, 09 3:14 PM

i dont know, maybe you're right about 1918 flu... all i know is, about 200 people have died WORLDWIDE since it began... more people got killed crossing the street or doing laundry in that time.

Plus, most people who have died didn't go to a doctor or hospital when they felt bad.

I caught a "normal" flu around the same time that the kids in my daughter's class got sick. they were back in school within a week and i still felt like sh*t 2 weeks later." Jun 15, 09 7:52 PM

Board rescinds motion but still targeting Westhampton Beach Village police chief

they cant shut down the police... it would devastate business at all the donut stores." Jun 16, 09 3:09 PM

Candidate says invitations at work were a mistake

they're all clowns. dont you people understand it?" Jul 1, 09 3:54 PM

Housing director claims discrimination by Southampton Town

why do we even need a housing commissioner? To supervise lawncare and fountains for the mansions on Ox Pasture Road? " Jul 3, 09 7:55 AM

Surfers injured by feeding bluefish at Sagg

anyone who has ever seen a school of bluefish in a frenzy knows exactly what it looks like." Jul 27, 09 10:30 AM

Bostwicks will close this fall

a sad and happy story. Good to see community spirit and good vibes. Lets hope someone steps up and continues the great tradition there" Aug 25, 09 10:52 PM

Arrest tape could be used in Kabot DWI case

exactly! or maybe it was that little dog's fault - you know, the one that Anna Throne-Holst brought to Town Hall.

Meanwhile, we still don't have any idea what happened to the millions of dollars that have gone missing from the town budget. Is anyone even searching for it anymore?" Sep 15, 09 2:38 PM

Golfbuddy, there's a big difference between being an elected official, representing an entire community, and being a gym teacher.

the DWI is not what has so many people upset... It's the fact that yet again, this public official blames others for her mistake and refuses to admit any wrongdoing whatsoever. It's an ongoing pattern, in everything she does. From the missing town $$ to her own personal adventures in alcohol, it's never her fault.

thats pretty lame. " Sep 18, 09 11:32 PM

Some confuse rocket for UFO

Was Linda Kabot flying it?" Sep 22, 09 10:01 AM

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