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Southampton High School To Reopen Upgraded Planetarium To Public On November 1

We parents had a preview of the updated planetarium during the SHS open house for parents last month.

Now...what about those band uniforms we are still waiting for?

" Oct 19, 12 9:21 AM

(Not to say that updating the planetarium wasn't a worthy expense...it truly does present a host of learning opportunities, as well as a revenue generator should the district choose to operate it that way." Oct 19, 12 9:22 AM

Beach Markers Going Up, And Coming Down, Throughout Southampton Town

Why not place them against the dunes, and yes, definitely, make them more aesthetically pleasing. This is a good example of narrow thinking without any consideration about what the rest of the community might think. Though it's not at all a bad idea, the case has not been made for the markers to be SO obtrusive and garish. In actuality we really DON'T have one incident per 500-1000 feet of beach per year, and certainly all those garish markers are overkill (especially to the tune of $12K). Placing them with only 5' in the sand also seems silly--I'm 5'2" and walking along the beach between Fowler's and Old Town last week, the bluff from the breakers was well above my head at low tide when I was down along the surf line. Those things aren't going to survive the winter. More permanent, sturdy wooden pilings placed up along the snow fencing beneath the dune and numbered would better serve this purpose without destroying the vista that is our local treasure." Oct 19, 12 9:39 AM

UPDATE: FEMA Gas Relief Arrives In Hampton Bays

Obviously, you aren't running a generator! That's why everyone needs gas in cans. Nothing political, just saving stuff in their fridges/freezers." Nov 2, 12 2:29 PM

The Press likely got Schumer's statement wrong. " Nov 2, 12 2:31 PM

Both Gulf and Mobile stations were pumping this morning in Southampton at Dean's (does anyone remember the Dean family?) intersection, not a bad wait at Mobile, just 15 min or so. Looks like the situation is easing." Nov 6, 12 1:16 PM

Southampton Town Hires Two More Cops, Sacks Planner And Grants Coordinator In Final Budget

Maybe there is some logic behind it that isn't apparent at first glance, but sacking the grants coordinator seems like a very short sighted idea that is likely to cost the town in the long run more than it saves.

Who will devote time to that job in the future? Or will the Town not seek grants?" Nov 24, 12 9:24 AM

Goose Found In Noyac Shot With Arrow; $1,000 Reward Offered For Information Leading to Arrest, Conviction

Have they thought of just observing this bird, and waiting until dark to capture it?

The term "sitting duck" exists for a reason. " Dec 10, 12 9:44 AM

Foundation Seeks To Saturate East End With Wellness

How about some contact information or some links to the Wellness Institute?" Jan 26, 13 2:22 PM

Or Wellness Challenge...or Foundation (whatever happened to who, what, where, when, why, all in the first paragraph?)" Jan 26, 13 2:23 PM

Separate Emergency Room Billing May Be Bitter Pill To Swallow

Daughter had a head in jury scare about two years ago. We finished paying off the fees that weren't covered a few months ago. She had no more than a superficial exam by an ER doctor, who asked her to track an object he moved with her eyes, had a conversation with her to see what happened. She sat on an exam table, crumpled up the paper. The charges for his exam and the ER visit were over $700. Other daughter broke a glass while working at a restaurant--thank goodness for worker's comp...however, the charges were also a rip-off: $300 per stitch, for three stitches. That was JUST for the stitching, not the exam, doctor, ER fee, etc. The bill was into the thousands. I had an ER visit myself, out of town, that ended with 2 stitches--mine were $200 each (a bargain, huh?). That out of pocket bill was over $600. Take home message: Hospitals are rip off artists, posing as charities. The best was I got a letter from SH Hospital asking for a donation, when they were billing me the $700 for daughter # 1.
" Mar 14, 13 12:24 PM

Village Mayor Has Big Plans For Southampton Center

How exciting and appropriate that these plans are afoot! Can't wait to hear the details of these great ideas!" Mar 16, 13 9:30 AM

Southampton School Will Have To Cut 12 Positions To Stay Under Tax Levy Cap

I bet there is a lot of fat to cut in admin before teaching positions might have to be affected if the admins were actually looking. Do we really need THREE vice principals? Maybe one could float? Do we really need so many administrative supervisory positions in the district office? Could students be asked (gasp) to take over some of the cleaning chores in the schools for community service credit? Can parent volunteers be made better use of? etc, etc some new thinking needs to be applied." Mar 21, 13 11:15 AM

Southampton Town Police Ordered To Be On Lookout For Car Involved In Boston Manhunt

What's been updated as of April 24th? The second suspect has been in custody since last weekend." Apr 25, 13 7:32 PM

Southampton Village Planning Board Approves Citarella Site Plan

Yes, many small villages in Europe have solved their parking problems and created revenue streams with parking garages. Some are surprisingly attractive. Southampton could use at least three, one in each municipal parking lot and one at the hospital. " May 7, 13 8:22 PM

Southampton High School Teachers Wear Black To Protest Student's Testing Accommodation

Hmm I would rather they be in a small room distracting no one when they throw up in the middle of the test." Jun 21, 13 7:25 PM

Fowl Play: Water Mill Turkey Found With Its Legs Bound

No investigation? "You know how it goes...?" Why so casual about this cruelty? Close call for the turkey, after surviving Montauk Highway all year long.

No, I don't. Someone did it, and someone else likely helped. A reward should be offered and information sought.

" Jul 2, 13 2:31 PM

It never acted very "wild." But it certainly caused no harm, and functioned very well as a traffic calming device. We will miss seeing it as we drive through." Jul 6, 13 8:08 AM

Southampton Stationery Owners Happy To Be Retiring This Summer

This is quite a shock! " Jul 11, 13 2:43 PM

List Ignites Investigation Of Hundreds Of Hampton Bays Properties

Wow, the NSA is slacking compared to this crowd. " Jul 13, 13 2:06 PM

East Hampton Town Hails Court Ruling On Helicopters; Pilots Tout Stance On FAA Funds

The FAA can't "demand" anything beyond the stipulations in the grant assurances, and certainly can't reach beyond these for future grant assurances without due process and public input.

The only ones who are DEMANDing anything are those who, yes, do want the airport shut down-are obsessed with accomplishing just that in fact, as it makes no sense to DEMAND that the East Hampton taxpayers shoulder the unnecessary burden of maintaining the airport. Or to DEMAND that the pilots do so--which makes as much sense as expecting those who enjoy our waters to bear the cost of dredging the channels-no one is DEMANDing that we turn down maintenance performed by the Army Corps of Engineers, are they?
" Jul 17, 13 6:12 PM

Please oh please, target leaf blowers and mowers and weed whackers....

They make MUCH more noise than planes." Jul 18, 13 3:41 PM

Southampton Hospital Absorbs Private Practices: Changing Times, Or Part Of A Strategy?

A convoluted story with no beginning, end or middle, just like the entire healthcare industry. Does 'bargaining' power with insurance companies really benefit doctors? It sure doesn't seem to have helped patients..." Jul 21, 13 11:06 PM

Fox Stops Traffic In Southampton; Captured By Rescue Center

They should be much more wary of humans. Hopefully they test for rabies!
" Jul 22, 13 3:31 PM

Ah...that's right. Good point--still such odd behavior warrants caution. " Jul 24, 13 1:43 PM

Officials Recommend Traffic Light Cameras, Lower Speed Limits To Reduce South Fork Car Crashes

The posted speed limits make no sense whatsoever on most parts of 27 and 27A East of Sunrise. In Water Mill you can't go 45 at all--traffic is mostly at a dead crawl all the way to Wainscott. And in Southampton going 35 will get you rear-ended on the North Highway in either direction west of the Magee Street light. It's just a dangerous stretch of highway, with half the traffic looking to pull in/out of a driveway, and the other half rushing to get where they need to go. " Aug 17, 13 3:27 PM

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