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Supervisor has bone to pick over councilwoman's dog

There is the medical issue and concern of allergies and asthma! Public officials should view how their behavior impacts others--not all about her desires and the dog's well being. A dog's dander can trigger an asthmatic attack and aggravate allergies.
The public and town employees using the building for a short amount of time or a longer period can have health problems from a dog's presence. And I agree, the employees will be reluctant to "rock the boat" about a superior's behaviors--the employees read the national news and are concerned about keeping their jobs.
What are the insurance concerns and responsibilties if the dog bites someone? By allowing the dog to come to work, the Town is responsible for the actions of the dog. I love dogs---but they belong at home, their own home.Sounds like someone doesn't thoroughly think issues through from the perspective of the remainder of the world--viewing from her world only." Mar 7, 09 9:21 AM