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Some opposition to proposed farmers market in Southampton

I think the Farmers Market is an excellent idea!!!!
All the local farmers can sell their produce there, even Schmidt's can sell something too!!!!!
:-)" Mar 14, 09 6:17 PM

Money designated for affordable housing never moved; housing fund in the red

We have to look at the 2005 board, but do not forget, they are all responsible!! even the democrats.
All this people are the same, with no exceptions, they are all in the same BED!!

.LEVY ELECTED HEANEY FOR "WORKFORCE" HOUSEING! and Heaney helped get NUZZI elected...and Holtz is very friendly with both --just to add friends now with Suskind!
" May 7, 09 4:41 PM

Southampton Elementary School principal faces uncertain future

"Celia Domench, a previous Southampton Elementary School principle, was a minority women as well, so to say Mrs. Richard is the first minority principal is quite incorrect."

Wasn't Celia Domenech born and raise in Cuba? Do you consider that of been a minority???

I think is a mistake in your article!!!!

" May 9, 09 10:59 AM

Water Mill Station application approved

I guest people approve this behavior, otherwise they would do something about it; I don't see anybody doing anything to stop it...." May 20, 09 9:26 AM

Zwirn proposes action plan on town finances

I agree with Truthinbonac, Mr Wilkinson has been meeting with many local groups over the last 3 years, I have seen him in all kinds of meetings, Immigration and others.
Hope EH gets a great Supervisor that can clean the mess!!!!!!

truthinbonac (Amagansett)

"Wilkinson has been out there for almost three years laying out his positions and what needs to be done. Mr. Zwirn has been silent until two months ago (he did contribute to the East Hampton Democrats as recently as December 24, 2008 and thus the McGintee regime) so he needs any public forum he can get to play catch up. We don't need someone who needs to catch up, we need someone who is a leader and has been out front for three years. Check out the News 12 debate from two years ago -- Wilkinson predicted the financial collapse of the town and what needed to be done to prevent it. Three debates this year after labor day and after the candidates have been out meeting with the public is plenty. The "new" budget document Mr. Zwirn proposes is a carbon copy of what the Democrats did in Brookhaven when they gained control of the town board (his proposal is even printed in the same format, font, design, headings, etc. as the Brookhave Democrat Document). The "new" Democrat budget document in Brookhaven was a 500 page inane document that was taxpayer unfriendly and impossible to read -- it looked pretty though. And what did it produce? After two years Brookhaven was spending more than budgeted and receiveing less revenue than projected, which led to spending freezes and other drastic measures, which is why the Republicans regained the majority on the Town Board 2007.
Taxpayer friendly ideas are what works. Substance always wins over style. Wilkinson is substance -- he proved it in 2007"" Jun 24, 09 12:21 PM

Southampton Town deputy supervisor confronts, shoves PBA president over comments about budget

I agree they police is way over pay, we are in tough time, and they have to face reality too like all of us." Oct 3, 09 6:30 PM

Thiele leaves Republicans, joins Independence Party

Oct 2, 09 11:32 AM
Noah way "Hoping to avoid losing his seat in the anti-republican backlash that is sweeping the country "

I don't think so, many of us vote for him as a person not because of his party!!!!!" Oct 3, 09 6:33 PM

League of Women Voters to host debates for town races

Carole, you are right Mr Zwirn never got involve in town matters until now........maybe his boss order him to run :-(" Oct 13, 09 10:25 PM

Southampton Town employees protest board over planned layoffs

Maybe the board should consider underwriters/sponsors for each SEA-TV program." Oct 28, 09 11:22 PM

Suit claims East Hampton tax assessor unjustly raised taxes

I hope Mr. Wilkinson does a deep clean up, and hired professional and fair people!!

Stop the corruption in East Hampton!!!!" Nov 11, 09 10:31 AM

Tymann defeat mocked at cemetery that clashed with Southampton Town Trustees

Very bad taste!!
Mr. Tom Betjemann should have take it down right again, he didn't have to wait for anybody!!!!!" Nov 11, 09 4:54 PM

Sag Harbor woman wants to turn church into B&B

that building would be great as an art museum
" Nov 13, 09 4:46 PM

Supreme Court lifts injunction on use of Aldrich Park

Hire American and keep the money here !

Lets start by buying American (GOOD QUALITY OF COURSE NOT JUNK OR DISPOSABLE) made products, stop buying products that come from China, India etc.

Lets create jobs HERE!!!!!!!" Nov 25, 09 9:50 PM

East End still digging out after record snow

I am amaze (maybe I shouldn't) I haven't hear the town trucks like other years....what an election can do :-( amazing when you heart is not the any more or should I say the $$$$$$$
you never finish getting to know people...I wonder if Mastersson is here or he went to Florida to play golf..
Bill the working class needs to go to work tomorrow!!!!!!!!!" Dec 20, 09 6:05 PM

To EastEnd68 (Westhampton)
The town crew is getting pay..is no community service what they are doing... if they are doing it...like I said before ..I have not hear or seen a truck doing it job in North Sea/Noyac!!!" Dec 20, 09 10:06 PM

It looks like Bill started his retirement a week earlier.
I was in North Sea rd...and this rd was horrible...at the deli, post office and bank everybody is saying their neighborhoods haven't been clean at all..the only one that looks descent is 27...and of course Bridgehampton (Halsey Ln, Hildreth Ln) you could tell they have been clean up...I guess because of the Fire department" Dec 21, 09 5:43 PM

Mall developer seeks new retail in Hampton Bays and Bridgehampton

I think the we should not allow Staple here!!!!!

We must save the small local businesses ...lets stop them !!!

we won't buy anything from them, we will only buy from the mom and pop stores!!!!" Dec 31, 09 3:53 PM

East Hampton Town harbormaster arrested for marijuana possession

Definitely it was a set up!!!!

maybe people closer to the police department are involve in this set up!!

I think our local police should keep a closer eye in our school, from HB to East Hampton where kids are doing drugs in the bathroom.....everybody pretending it doesn't happen.
" Jan 6, 10 9:37 AM

Southampton political committees must hold off on choosing special election nominees

Fine them a $K for every unexcused absence.
This is a great idea!!!! the money could go to a local charity!!!" Jan 6, 10 8:57 PM

Southampton Town comptroller reappointment thwarted

"The week of January 4th the Southampton Town Board announced its decision to forgo an open, transparent, appointment process in favor of appointing an individual named William Berkoski to the planning board"
We ll know this is a pay back!!!
I guest now we have to pay for electing Nuzzi and Malone ;-(" Jan 14, 10 8:09 AM

Lt. William Hughes named Republican nominee for vacant Southampton Town Board seat

Natives-Locals=Indian Blood from Shinnecock, they are the ONLY ones that can carry this title.

More than you roots is having your heart in the right place, so you can do the right thing for your people.
Agency Last, First Pay Basis Rate YTD Pay
Southampton Overton, James $166,366
Southampton Tenaglia, Anthony $162,129
Southampton Hughes Jr, William $153,912
Southampton Iberger, Robert $153,523
Southampton Molloy, Bruce $151,241
Southampton Hintze, Randolph $147,054
Southampton Pearce, Robert $146,456
Southampton Scott, ... more" Jan 14, 10 4:46 PM

Race for vacant seat on Southampton Town Board heats up

Bird and paulgabe1
The hiring hall is a Village issue not a town issue....Mr Epley is not in favor ..so don't worry..
That is not our town main issue!!!" Jan 21, 10 6:59 PM

Mrs. Fleming has a lot to offer other than beauty, and been smart..
http://www.flemingfortownboard.com/about.html" Jan 23, 10 7:07 PM

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