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Code Enforcement Officer Among Six Netted In Drug Sting

The problem is there is no war on drugs and never has been. Do you think if the US military was on the Mexican border there would be a drug problem? Alcohol is legal and it is an epidemic in our society. Drugs are illegal only in theory in the US no one has problems getting drugs in this country. This country is becoming a weak society if we can't abide by a law change it. If you don't like your religion change it. How about doing things that are hard and not the easy way out. Put this punk in jail not in rehab if he was selling drugs. Hes a disease on society and an embarrassment to his family if hes guilty. " Apr 29, 12 8:01 PM

As far as comparing the Mexican military to the US Army is plain supid. The Mexican Army is of poorly armed soldiers, no air power and corruption galore. The comparision is ridiculous.
As far as talking about Al he is a town employee enforcing the law and he gets busted for drugs. He is taking our tax dollars for his salary and abusing his position. How did he get his job with a prior drug conviction? He's not a drug dealer? That's not what the east end task force says they have been watching him for months. Throw in he is a Southampton Republican comitteeman, on the board of the PAL, and coaching children.Should this cause concern? There is an excuse for everything that goes on in this town and people are getting sick of it.
" Apr 30, 12 7:46 PM

Yeah Rehab is the answer. Look at the success rate of that avenue. The stupid entitlement mentality is to blame for our drug and alcohol problem. Do you see crime like this in other countries? When people commit a crime they have them go to jail not seafield. They will surely think twice about doing it again. I know people who have been arrested dozens of time and always run to rehab to avoid jail it makes me sick. People need to go to rehab before they hurt others not after." Apr 30, 12 7:53 PM

The East End task force has been watching Al for months, He also sold drugs to an undercover cop but he might not be guilty? He has been a coach for young kids and that is ok with you? A coach in sports is suppose to be a role model for kids. He or she is suppose to demonstrate how to be an honest hard working person. When a parent says its ok for a drug dealer/ user to coach their kids you can understand why kids are so screwed up." May 1, 12 9:36 PM

Southampton Students Wear Hoodies To Honor Trayvon Martin

Where are the teachers in all of this? Tell them to take their freakin hoods off in the school classroom. Tell them to have some respect for the teachers, and the school. A public school is for learning not BS if they wear their hoods or hats or anything else not exceptable expell them if they are Black, White. or Hispanic!!" May 1, 12 9:44 PM

Southampton Town Police Lieutenant Placed On Forced Leave

You commit a crime or do something shakey and your in the police plotter of the local paper. Why aren't Kiernans issues reported to the tax payer we have the right to know. It was obviously bad enough to suspend this officer. The police blotter just reports alledged crimes of someone why aren't these allegations published in this paper. Where do we find all these misfits with all these problems? The dept needs to clean house!" May 2, 12 6:28 PM

Code Enforcement Officer Among Six Netted In Drug Sting

I teach my kids to use their brains not to be brainwashed. I teach them not to be around drugs or anyone who uses them. Between school and sports kids spend more time doing these activities than at home. The teachers and coaches are helping with the parenting thats why you hope these people have a great character. Do you think Al being caught snorting coke in the Public House parking lot is good character? Do you think the East End Task force made this up? If you think its ok to have a drug user as your childs coach you are seriously delusional." May 2, 12 6:40 PM

Police Suspension May Hint At Issues In Department

Did this have to do with disapearing documents?" May 4, 12 9:01 PM

Counter Protest By Immigrant Laborers Held At Southampton 7-Eleven

tThe same people that did construction before they came here. Legal Americans.The problem is they live 10 to a house pay no taxes so they work for less then an honest tax paying American. I don't understand what they were protesting about? They broke the law and aren't happy about it? Why do they want to become legal ,free education, free doctor, and no taxes who's beter than them?" May 4, 12 9:05 PM

Beach Bakery Owner Granted Dining, Music Permits In Westhampton Beach

No not the 6 ft ice cream cone again." May 6, 12 7:35 PM

Southampton Students Wear Hoodies To Honor Trayvon Martin

What are they protesting anyway? I find offense that these kids think some self appointed vigalante wacko like Zimmerman represents any race or creed. Why don't these kids protest the fact that African Americans are assaulted ten times as much by their own race. This has nothing to do with race this has to do with a person who thinks its ok to shoot another human being. Don't put me in a category of hating someone because they wear a hood. This country is losing its mind!" May 6, 12 7:44 PM

What people are you talking about that judged these kids? What fact are you talking about when you think minoritys aren't getting a fair shake?
Why do Asians come here with not a word of english in their volcabulary become very successful? Why do Hispanics come here with nothing but the clothes on their back make a success out of their lives? Why do Muslims come to the US a predominately Christian country and become great successes. Why even after 9 11 do we even hire a Muslim? The reason being we accept and respect people that work hard and want to be part of the American culture. We treat people in this country the way they treat society. We look at people as individuals not part of group that went bad. Sure there will always be morons like Zimmerman, but that unfortunately what you get in a free society. put this guy on trial and let justice take it's course" May 7, 12 8:47 PM

Counter Protest By Immigrant Laborers Held At Southampton 7-Eleven

800 billion a year for services such as medical, education, and other goverment services. Time to tax illegals that want to work send the others home." May 7, 12 9:04 PM

D.A.'s Government Corruption Bureau Seizes Southampton Police Records

For twenty years i've been saying the Southampton Cops are a bunch of crooks. They are worthless you call them for anything they say it is a civil matter and cant do anything. Half the retired cops are out on disability getting 3/4 pay working second jobs. It's a real dangerous job making a 130k sitting in an air conditioned car. Time for the local politicians to grow a set of balls and clean house. By the way people have had enough and the press should broadcast this everywhere" May 9, 12 4:54 PM

Yeah its kind of like when cops give the perk walk to ruin someones life." May 9, 12 5:00 PM

Does anyone really think Anna Throne is going to be any help? Maybe they are investigating why the cops called Anna at 2am saying they arrested Linda Kabot. The PBA head calling the supervisor at 2 am sounds fishy to me.Time to make a deal with the state police and rid ourselves of the corruption." May 10, 12 10:07 PM

Police Suspension May Hint At Issues In Department

Yeah when he hired Kratosville to his 150k position without interviewing anyone else that was phenomenal. He is a republican puppet" May 10, 12 10:14 PM

New York State Assembly Approves Law To Help Immigrant Students Get College Scholarships

COSTS TAXPAYERS NOTHING? You people that think donations to a non profit cost the people nothing are kidding yourselves. The money comes from the rich who avoid taxes by giving money to non profits like this.Why do you think Mitt Romney pays less than 20% taxes and you working poor pay more than 40%! A nearly 15 trillion dollar govt debt is almost entirely from loop holes like this garbage. People are sheep in this country and believe anything" May 11, 12 10:09 PM

Randy Altschuler Unveils Jobs Plan

Bonuses for what? JP Morgan just proved these banks are full of crap. The profits are based on phony valuations of securities they hold. The dominoes are getting ready to fall" May 11, 12 10:13 PM

Southampton Town Reaches $70K Settlement In Wrongful-Death Suit

Why would they settle with this guys family? HE WAS A DRUG DEALER?" May 14, 12 11:51 PM

HE WAS A DRUG DEALER!" May 14, 12 11:51 PM

Southampton Boy Will Be Allowed To Play Field Hockey Next Season

OK way to use title 9 in the exact way it wasn't meant to be used. So now all you not so athletic boys can now play field hockey or any other girls sports you choose. You can play softball, compete in gymnastics or what ever you choose to dominate. No where in title 9 does it say a student too big or dominant should be allowed to play a sport. It basically says if the federal govt contributes everyone must be allowed. I'm sure this is a great kid, with lots of talent, but have we lost our minds?" May 15, 12 8:08 PM

Motorcyclist Pleads Guilty In Fatal Napeague Crash

Why is a pregnant woman riding on a motorcycle? Just saying" May 15, 12 8:18 PM

School Results: Tuckahoe Is Only District On South Fork To Reject Proposed 2012-13 Budget

Sure throw more money at the problem of education. No country spends more money than us on education, and the results are getting worse. There are over 3,000 teachers looking for work on LI. If these whining teachers dont like their compensation send them packing." May 16, 12 9:56 PM

Is going to college for four years the goal of this country? Four years of 3 days a week, summers off, and learning how to play drinking games? What happened to hard work, and learning a trade? We have brain washed our children that four years in college and 80k in college loans will be the answer to an easy life. There are millions in this country that can't get a job and have a college education." May 17, 12 9:57 PM

Money invested in education prevents welfare and prison time? Your a joker if you believe that. What makes a more successful society is morals, and less liberal attitudes. Look at Asian countries like Singapore, Malayasia, Japan, and many others that stick to the family values necessary to maintain a more perfect society. These countries don't spend nearly as much as the US on education, and have far better results. Why? These societies have a mother and father in the home. They aren't teaching sex education in 6th grade or saying that marriage ia a man and a man or a woman and a woman. They teach children things they need in life, and put kids in trade schools if they show no interest in higher education. This country needs to get back on track of teaching children values.
Thousands of teachers in Suffolk County are looking for a job it's time to dump the union and replace the whining teachers with new blood. If 25k a student isn't enough to make kids learn is 50k going to do it? I doubt it" May 21, 12 9:04 PM

Ruling Could Strip Authority Of Southampton Town Trustees To Regulate Village Beaches

Time to get rid of the Trustees we have the DEC and a bunch of other govt bureaus to do their job. What Judge ever enforced the Dongan Patent to begin with? It was a document made before this country was even settled by the King Of England. How could it even be legal it wasn't even made by an American Governing body. How much do the trustees pay on legal fees to defend all of their lawsuits? I think they infringe on peoples property rights, and often blame property owners for pollution. Time to save some money and dump them." May 21, 12 9:33 PM

School Results: Tuckahoe Is Only District On South Fork To Reject Proposed 2012-13 Budget

The whole world is kicking our butts because we moved away from morals and family values. Meantime the rest of the world is staying on the path of hardwork and we are being shelled. By the way when you say education how has our lives improved? The only reason we live better is because we borrow all our money (16 trillion in debt) to support our life styles. How sad is it we borrow trillions from Arab country, and China? How is education fixing our debt problem? Don't think too hard because it's not helping we have 5 billion added everyday to our national debt with no end in sight. Is adding another 2% or 20% to a school budget going to help get a better education? Has it worked so far? Truth is hard to deal with isn't it?
" May 22, 12 6:00 PM

Asians come to the United States and out perform, because these kids come from a place where teachers actually teach and like doing it. They teach many times in substandard building not like our state of the art building that have more gym space than classroom area. The kids wear uniforms so there is no distinguishing between rich and poor. They teach respect, and hardwork they don't teach, gay marriage, sex ed, or show sponge Bob Square pants to burn up the class time. Louse Pt you keep fighting with people and saying teachers are so great and its such a tough job. But you refuse to answer how more money will help give a better education to children. I do agree that parents in this country and little pport in most cases. On the other hand kids are with teachers for 6 or 7 hrs a day and the teachers should have a more positive influence on the kids." May 22, 12 9:37 PM

Philathome and all the other teacher advocates have still not answered the question we are all asking. How do 120k teacher salaries and ridiculous benefits equate to a better education? Don't expect an answer these people deflect the question and get nasty when you ask this." May 23, 12 9:57 PM

Immigration Outreach Group Celebrates 10th Anniversary In Hampton Bays

I really wonder what has happened to the Catholic Church. I grew up Catholic and can't believe that they support people who break the law. What moral ground do they do this?. Illegals cost this country 700 billion a year, and has bankrupted the state of California. I will no longer give money to them if this is where my money is going. " May 23, 12 10:01 PM

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