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Re-Vote For Tuckahoe School Budget Passes, 256-222

The parents are so brain washed to think kids will be better educated by spending more. Test scores down and the budget is up what am I missing?" Jun 19, 12 10:52 PM

Former Library Building's New Owner Says He Will Restore Building

I was wondering if in the Parrish Art Museums exploration if they did an appraisal? I doubt it considering there have been little 2000 to 3000 sq ft commercial buildings selling for well over 2 million dollars in the village. This building is very large and after asking a few brokers for opinions today they have come up with a consenus between 4 to 7 million dollars. How could it go for less than 3 million you ask? Could it be the purchasers wife is on the board? Is there any ethics or anything called an arms length transaction? The new Parrish Art museum also has a contractor building it who has never built an art museum. i heard rumors that many commercial contractors with school and museum experience tried to bid on the job and they were told it was a closed bid. They actually hired a local High end home builder. Why would they do this when other bidders were more experienced and a faster finish time for this museum?
Has this building company ever built a home for any board members? Maybe someone can answer some of these questions that many village residents and contributers to the museum have. I'm not saying anything illegal happened but maybe the museum can clear the air why some very questionable things are happening. Why are they selling real estate at bargain basement prices when they so desperately need the money? After seeing this I will throw all there requests for donations in the trash too shady for me." Jun 20, 12 9:55 PM

UPDATE: New Owner Of Former Library Building Is Former Goldman Sachs Partner

Sorry, but the last thing I want to know is why in April didn't the museum make an announcement they raised more money by the sale of the Jobs La property? Or why did the buyer hold back the transfer in county center for three months? This is a non profit that is suppose to act in an ethical manner and trustees are entrusted to guard museum assets. This seems like an inside art heist to me taking the trust out of the word trustee.they should be ashamed of themselves." Jun 20, 12 10:04 PM

Southampton ZBA Rules Against Mulching Operation At Noyac-Bridgehampton Sand Mine

The mine has been there for over 50 years grinding rocks mining sand and taking trees, These people decided to move there because they got a deal on their property and are now complaining because they dont like the noise. Same city idiots who dont like the airport or the landfills but moved there anyway. " Jun 21, 12 6:33 PM

Altschuler Secures Fishing Endorsements

Bush hasn't been in office in four years when does Obama take responsibility for anything? The economy is heading back to a recession and he has spent trillions and not created a single job. Time for a change not this snake oil salesman" Jun 21, 12 6:36 PM

Southampton ZBA Rules Against Mulching Operation At Noyac-Bridgehampton Sand Mine

Its obvious you have no idea what your talking about.The mine has been there since the 50's. The site has always been a place to bring in extra topsoil and trees from land clearing and excavation jobs. This has also been a site where excavators have rented space to keep their equipment. Of course the mine wasn't the same size as it is now it is expanding on its pre existing use, Your right to mention the constitution the Board of appeals just threw away the owners land rights he has had for over 60 years. If your dumb enough to buy a piece next to a sand mine don't ask someone to close their pit move to a nicer neighborhood. By the way Im sure the mine will file an article 78 and overturn the Board of appeals decision and cost taxpayers tens of thousands to defend. I don't even know what evidence could of even swayed the board. The existence of the mine is well documented by locals. With the exception of Denise Obrien you have a board of idiots who like to grandstand and give speechs as if they are Clarence Darrow himself. My favorite is the Hawaian shirt wearing blowhard Herb Phillips who has no respect for anyone who comes before the board. Then we have Mr Grossman who likes to give condesending speechs to every appllicant to show he is such a zoning genius. The rest of the board is made up of political hacks who need health insurance so they are appointed as favors for helping the Republican party. Most of them say very little because most are not intelligent enough to put in any competant input. This country is becoming a real banana republic, and southampton is becoming the epicenter." Jun 22, 12 10:07 PM

Feedback From Public Sought On Sewer Project

The flanders riverside business corridor? lol" Jun 22, 12 10:11 PM

Bishop, Altschuler Divided Over Immigration Issue

Sure Phil just let anyone vote without seeing their ID that makes real sense. Under the constitution we as citizens have a right to vote doesn't it make sense to make sure voters are citizens? As far as Sharpton and Jesse Jackson go I have never heard two chuch leaders spewing such hate. " Jun 25, 12 4:18 PM

Federal Court Tosses Injunction Preventing Shinnecocks From Building Hampton Bays Casino

The state already has gaming at Aqueduct and has plans for many other casinos in the state.As far as gambling hurting no one that is completely untrue it is a vice like any other. This society justifys everything that is bad by saying it will produce revenue. They do it with cigarette tax, alcohol tax, and taxing casinos. Unfortunately these vices cost the taxpayer 10 fold the taxes they collect. We need to get people back to hard work instead of legalizing bad behavior for profit." Jun 25, 12 9:54 PM

I don't think anyone has read the article or understands the ruling. The judge said this was not a federal matter which mean it will go to a state court and a casino still requires an agreement with the state and federal govt. There is no way there will be a casino anytime soon. I don't understand why the Shinnecocks would even want a casino. Doesn't a casino destroy the land with parking and the waste from the building. This country is a money grab no one cares about morals or ethics. Money money money. Whats next legal drugs maybe prostitution? Lets help another group with some illegal industries. Makes me sick" Jun 26, 12 9:03 PM

Re-Vote For Tuckahoe School Budget Passes, 256-222

Like i said the parents are brain washed. If you really wanted what was best for little johnny you wouldn't be sending him toTuckahoe or most public schools. Ive been watching school budgets going up for 30 years and results going down. Of course grades and testing counts along with community service to get in to a good college. I hate to tell you Jim corwith if your kids arent performing on state tests they aren't above grade level. You must of got that reasoning from some teacher trying to justify what a crappy job he or she is doing teaching your child, Demand accountability demand results dont settle for the garbage education local schools are turning out." Jun 26, 12 9:18 PM

Hey Stephen Maybaline I was wondering if you think I should just pay my school taxes and keep my mouth shut? Did you realize the US isn't even in the top twenty in math? Is that exceptable to you and your wife? This country is just going to except education as bad and will live with it. I give the teachers a C plus and most parents an f for excepting poor education and not teaching their kids how to have basic manners. As far as me running for a school board that is just ridiculous. They don;t want people like me on the board they want sheep who rubber stamp everything that comes before them. School boards are popularity contests with half the members consisting of house wifes with no education or business experience, no thanks!!" Jun 27, 12 9:58 PM

DePersia Pleads Guilty To Probation Violation; Sentenced To DWI Alternative Facility

Im totally against this white gloved treatment for CRIMINALS. This woman is a criminal she had her chance to get help now she needs a year in the state pen. No accountability for anyone anymore this judge should be thrown off the bench because I think he is on the take.that would explain his disregard of the facts." Jun 27, 12 10:03 PM

Re-Vote For Tuckahoe School Budget Passes, 256-222

Actually I am action I will send my kids to Catholic school, and scrape the money together so they can learn respect and manners. No school boards no politics just learning. No school unions or brainwashing of kids as too how hard the teachers work. This country is losing it's comprtitive edge because people like you think your kids do no wrong and their education is fine." Jun 28, 12 7:32 AM

Hospitals And Bishop Applaud Supreme Court Ruling; Altschuler Vows To Work For Repeal

It's very funny that Tim Bishop wants to create jobs. This healthcare bill will send more jobs over seas than any other. Thanks Tim" Jun 28, 12 9:04 PM

Re-Vote For Tuckahoe School Budget Passes, 256-222

How can you say private school afre no better? Ivy league schools are filled with private school students much more than public schools. Maybe the young teachers are trying to get a public school job but most have been at the private school for years. Why would I volunteer when teachers are making over a 100k and administrators over 200k. No thanks" Jun 29, 12 11:20 PM

Cuomo's Marijuana Bill Generates Mixed Reactions From State Senate Candidates

Minorities are breaking the law more than whites so lets make a misdemeanor a violation? Why not make it a felony so these people stop using drugs.How about we legalize cocaine and prostitutes and get rid of the cops?" Jun 30, 12 12:03 AM

Sure lets build schools so we can throw the stoned kids in them. Can anyone see why we are not even the top 25 in education in the worlds rankings? The answer is low morals, and low liberal values that are destroying this country. Ms Maertz says they aren't legalizing a drug? What they are doing is basically saying there is no accountability for having drugs. This country is dopey enough we don't need legalized pot." Jul 1, 12 6:32 PM

Cops: Air And Ground Patrol Nabs One For ATV Use In Pine Barrens

Who was this atv rider actually disturbing? This is another example of cops that like to buy toys and tell taxpayers that they are necessary. i.e. Swat team, motorcycle cops, atv patrol, along with many extras. By the way a helicopter costs about 4k an hour plus the other members of the army it took to catch this atv. They wouldnt want to go after drug dealers or any other felons just a guy enjoying his day off." Jul 1, 12 6:43 PM

Hospitals And Bishop Applaud Supreme Court Ruling; Altschuler Vows To Work For Repeal

Any company that has over 50 employees will now be thinking of moving over seas. We are slowly following Europe with it's entitlements and inability to compete in business and manufacturing. With this new health care bill who will want to become a doctor? I am responsible and pay for my own insurance I don't need big goverment to dictate how I buy insurance." Jul 2, 12 8:20 PM

Town May Not Have Funds For Tuckahoe School Sidewalk

They are spending hundreds of thousands to defend cops in the anti drug task force. This town is a mess none of the board members are leaders they are just puppets for their parties." Jul 2, 12 8:24 PM

Mitt Romney Will Fundraise In The Hamptons On Sunday

It's unfortunate most people don't know world history. As society in the United States falls further in the hands of the top .5% you will see the remaining 99.5% become increasingly restless. As history has shown the majority will eventually start a civil war and make a communist society where everyone is taken care by the goverment. For example our new healthcare bill and record people on welfare are signs of a socialist govt. The rich can not continue to collect their record wealth while the rest in this country struggle. No I'm not a democrat just making an observation of a disturbing trend." Jul 3, 12 4:45 PM

An American holiday celebrating the old America that died in the 70's. Now we are a disfunctional money grab society that lets the middle class slowly wither away." Jul 3, 12 8:01 PM

Bayman Says Shots Fired From Reservation; Shinnecocks Demand Baymen Stay Away

They use our town roads, free school from Ny State, Welfare, and every other service without paying taxes. The taxpayers don't shoot at the Shinnecocks they try to help them. The Shinnecocks are stealing millions a year in cigarette tax money from NY stae and the federal govt Total bs shooting at someone find them and lock them up." Jul 4, 12 4:06 PM

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