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Biden Visits For Fundraiser, Says Election Is Choice Of 'Fundamentally Different Paths'

Holy cow Mr z, and Phil the biggest govt report of the month is out and no comment from either of you?
The jobs report was out and we only created about 90k jobs this month. Sounds good right? At least how Obama spins it. The report also said 400k people are no longer looking for work because they can't find a good job. We are now at a 30 year record of people who have given up looking for work a record previously held by Jimmy Carter! Not to mention the population in the US grows by 125k a month so basically we can't even provide jobs for a growing population .Many people now think that we have actually lost jobs in the Obama administration due to the fact the labor dept is incorrectly calculating people who dropped from the labor force. This president is also responsible for the highest number on food stamps and public assistance in our history! He is doing a hell of a job" Sep 7, 12 8:38 PM

Suspended Lieutenant Appeals For Financial Help

We have an officer on the force who was drunk and killed someone off duty. We have an ordinance inspector arrested for selling cocaine and pills.
We have another inspector accused of pistol whipping his wife with his service revolver
We have various reports of officers and their families having tickets forgiven caught drunk driving and being released.
We have other officers brawling off duty in bars and being promoted.
Now we have a fundraiser in a public school not for a injured or sick cop but one who was turned in by his superior officer for illegal actions.

I'm finding it hard to figure out who the cops are and who the criminals are." Sep 7, 12 8:49 PM

Beach Rebuilding Project Will Go To Voters In Affected Areas Of Oceanfront Southampton Town

Any idiot that thinks they are going to stop the ocean erosion is an idiot. Go to Coopers Beach they are missing about 75 ft of beach today due to a small storm. Can you imagine the jack asses on the beach after the project is done and the sand gets washed away. They will sue the town and stick us with the bill. No thanks let them protect their own houses!" Sep 8, 12 5:43 PM

Monument Needs A Face-lift; Village Remains Far Short Of Funding Goal

The money is in the CPF fund for this project so wake up, make a request, and fix the memorial. If the money isn't for over paid cops or a 5 million dollar over the top fire house they have no money. " Sep 8, 12 6:01 PM

UPDATE: One Airlifted, Several Others Injured In Three-Vehicle Crash; Montauk Highway Reopens

Hey Nature you win the award for most ignorant comment this year. If a doctor is an ear, nose, and throat doctor they are a medical doctor who became a specialist in a certain type of medicine. Most doctors work in an emergency room for their internship, and see gunshot wounds, and other trauma. What do you think doctors do for schooling check peoples feet? The job of an EMT is too temporarily stablize a victim for transport so they can see a doctor in a trauma unit.
A medical degree is no joke it is years of schooling and practical experience. The EMT s do an incredible job but to discount the knowledge of a MD is pure ignorance. " Sep 9, 12 9:38 PM

You still don't get it a doctor has more training than an emt. When a patient gets to the emergency room does the doctor ask the emt for advice? no way. By the way the emt's are in contact with the emergency room when they are on call. When a doctor shows up an emt should drop his ego and let a doctor help stablize the patient. I asked a friend of mine who is a NYC fireman and he told me they welcome a doctor that can help stablize a victim. Save the victim not your pride. Not that emt's don't do an unbelievable job but sometimes there are more experienced people in the world." Sep 10, 12 9:16 PM

Maertz And Fleming Hold First Debate In Southampton

Your twisting rape as being the main reason why abortions are performed. Most Abortions are by woman who want to get rid of a pregnancy that was unplanned. A pregnancy caused by irresponsible behavior with the woman having little regard for the unborn fetus is the main abortion reason. A five year old could tell you there is a baby in a mothers pregnant stomach, but an ignorant liberal can't admit it. Too bad some mothers of liberals didn't think abortion when they were pregnant. What type of society kills babies?" Sep 10, 12 9:30 PM

Do you really think abortion is a man trying to control a woman? I don't even know a woman that is pro choice so is that woman controlling other woman? If your a Christian, Muslin, Jew, or Hindu your religion is against abortion.Why is this country so arrogant to think they know better than any religion or any culture?
With your reasoning if something is yours than you can do what you want. So if your child makes you mad just beat the child because it is yours. If your dog pees on the floor shoot it. For many woman abortion has become a convenience for irresponsible behavior. I think it is so appaliing that a human being can ignore a life and dispose of it, An abortion is the ultimate act of selfishness, but what can you expect from the most selfish country?" Sep 11, 12 9:05 PM

UPDATE: Police Release Photo Of Man They Say Robbed TD Bank In Hampton Bays Monday Afternoon

I'm glad Hampton Bays is going in the right direction. There are about five Big Mouths in Hampton Bays that continue to say no to every project. You would think they represent the whole town. They fought McDonalds which is thriving. They fought 7 11 which is used by most citizens, and they delayed stop and shop for a decade. The town needs to let commercial projectstbegin to lower the tax base, and too put a new face on the village. Hampton Bays has the best waterfront in the Hampton and most potential to be vacation hot spot. If this happens these welfare motels will become condos, and co ops bringing in better residents. Time to make HB a village and break away from Southampton Town." Sep 11, 12 9:16 PM

Maertz And Fleming Hold First Debate In Southampton

You think religion has nothing to do with abortion? That is a convenient belief to believe our creator shouldn't be thought of when we want to terminate a life. Maybe that is why this country is hated in some parts of the world because our morals dissapear when certain subjects are bought up. Don't tell me most abortions are made because of a womans health, in fact an abortion can cause some serious medical problems for a woman. The comments that you make show your selfish ideas by saying it is a womans choice. A womans choice to terminate a life? Believe me I don't want to pay for a child through my tax dollars that a mother might not want, but it is barbaric to end a life out of sheer convenience." Sep 12, 12 8:14 AM

Oceanfront Homeowners In Wainscott Are Also Exploring Beach Rebuilding

Tell these homeowners too buy their own sand from a sand pit and don't steal sand that doesn't belong to them. I have lived here my whole life some years the shoreline is 10 ft from dune to water, Other years it is hundreds of feet. Why should the town risk putting up millions and using their ability to get cheap money to help rebuild the beach. Let these wealthy people get a home equity line like everyone else and fix their property.Can we make a roofing district and everyone in town can get the town to substitute their new roofs. " Sep 12, 12 11:55 AM

Maertz And Fleming Hold First Debate In Southampton

" Thou shall not kill" Ten commandments made you should check them out sometime" Sep 13, 12 7:18 AM

The govt of the US is based on Judeo Christian morals and beliefs. Unfortunately liberals don't believe in any type of common sense, and are a minority with big mouths. I'm sure Jesus Christ agreed in abortions, and you know more than people who wrote the bible. Phil you are obviously a man hater too think men want woman too have babies.
Phil did you know the majority of abortions are young woman who made bad choices and want to rid themselves of the problem. Woman do have a choice........ Don't have unprototected sex it's their choice!!" Sep 13, 12 7:15 PM

Now you are a person who knows what the authors of the bible meant? LOL Liberaals can twist anything to match their warped sense of values and lack of them." Sep 14, 12 7:45 AM

East Hampton Town Officials Predict Struggle To Stay Within Tax Cap Next Year

It is time to sell the airport, and get rid of all the friends of politicians that are employed at town hall. Wait till the pension contributions really start kicking in." Sep 14, 12 11:08 AM

Police Make Arrest In Hampton Bays Bank Robbery

Nice job SHPD? Are you kidding the US marshalls office found this low life and the Suffolk County cops held him. The SHTPD has a standard of not releasing pictures of suspects making it nearly impossible to catch criminals. These cops need to be disbanded they are a pack of over paid clowns It wasn't their idea to release photos they make everything a secret for what ever reason." Sep 18, 12 7:42 PM

County Slaps East Hampton With Notice Of Claim Over Route 114 Drainage Project

The town is too busy making laws to save drowning dogs, and wondering where deer live." Sep 18, 12 7:46 PM

Police Make Arrest In Hampton Bays Bank Robbery

So if you don't like something you move away?lol!! I piss and moan because I pay 16k in property taxes. We have no need for village and town police forces on the east end. We could contribute a fraction to NYS and get the state police. We now have a very ineffecient mess of differant law enforcement agencies that only care about raising their pay. The pensions of these officers will bankrupt us in the end. What are people missing?" Sep 19, 12 9:27 PM

Brother Of Suspected Water Mill Hit-And-Run Driver Arrested

You cant get a license in most states if you are illegal." Sep 19, 12 9:28 PM

Police Make Arrest In Hampton Bays Bank Robbery

Your wrong if you think the police are not expensive. They are not simply what is on your tax bill as police. There are pension liabilities that aren't funded that are in the tens of millions! Where's the money coming from? This town has no plan on how to pay pensions, nor does Suffolk County. The Federal Govt has more than 100 trillion of unfunded programs with no plan for the next 20 years. Time we take our heads out of the sand, because we are sending our kids into a bankrupt future," Sep 20, 12 7:29 AM

East Hampton Village Police Charge Man With Felony In Connection With Anti-Obama Graffiti

As you can tell I am a Republican by my past posts. I hate to say this but the Republican candidate Romney doesn't represent most Americans. He is the poster boy of big money putting the small business out of business. Believe me when Obama is done we wil have 21 trillion in debt and be in shambles, but Romney is just a blow hard. I don't think a real candidate will ever run for the office of President the country is a money grab free for all headed for third world status." Sep 20, 12 7:41 AM

Police Make Arrest In Hampton Bays Bank Robbery

The own should be talking to all the east end villages and East Hampton about a centralized police force. They can get rid of these 250k chiefs and lieutenants. They would be able to work better to solve crimes and use less resources. They should do the same with the East end school districts both these moves would save tens of millions. The town supposedly pays for someones retirement as they work is what we are told. That is not entirely true because the rate has nearly tripled and the pension fund is not even close to a record yearly payout. Basically it is a Ponzi scheme withh current workers paying for workers collecting benefits. At this rate most municipalities will be broke in the future. Phadreus you should stop reading nonsense about pensions and do your own research. The 150 billion the state has is no where close to what is needed, and the 150 billion is a questionable figure. The state pension fund lost 40 billion in the financial crisis because real asset prices were discovered, and many believe pension funds use fictional numbers for some of their assets. But just ignore all of the above someone else will always pay our bills." Sep 21, 12 8:37 AM

I don't profess too know everything or much of anything. The thing I know is budgets and fiscal responsibility. It's ironic you think that state pension funds are in some kind of great shape. Please read tonites Wall St Journal online headline " Pension shortfalls loom despite cuts" ironic you would say I'm clueless and this article comes out. The article explains how the state retirement funds are going to be short close to one trillion dollars. It's naive to think once one retires that the liability of the town dissapears. That couldn't be further from the truth. You see either New York asks local goverments for money, or they raise the state income tax or they file municipal bankruptcy. The NYS retirement fund can not print money so taxpayers will pay for it twice. The greedy unions of municipal workers are bringing this state to the brink. In fact Suffolk Counties contribution for retirement in 2008 was 94 million in 2013 it will be as high as 250 million! By the year 2020 it could rise too 500 million dollars. Phadreus where is this money coming from? Of course you don't know, because scholars such as yourself think as long as the sun comes up everything is ok. According to the last census Long Island wages are going down and a record number are going on public assistance, but still these public unions request raises. With the real unemployment rate near 18% we can fire any greedy municipal worker and replace them in minutes. You Phadreus might want too back away from cool aid and search for reality" Sep 21, 12 9:13 PM

You still refuse too tell us what idea of the retirement system I have wrong. My thoughts on retirement plans are also held by some very intelligent investment people. Why is the public sector even paying for a retirement? The sucker taxpayer paying for these ridiculous retirement plans get a miserable sub standard social security. Roosevelt had it right he said that public unions will be a give away and lead to corruption with politicians pandering for votes. Don't worry the day is coming when the stock market plummets because we wake up and see we are bankrupt." Sep 23, 12 9:42 PM

Southampton Town Housing Lottery Brings Smiles And Some Tears

Sorry but you are thinking about the old United States. The one where you take responsibility for yourself and your family. The one where you work overtime and extra hours to get the American dream. Now we like to take money we don't have and give it out. I worked my ass off two jobs 14 hrs a day to get a house and it took 12 years. That doesn't apply anymore we are now a socialist society where everyone will be the same and the govt will discourage hard work. The goverment should not be in the affordable housing business there are plenty of 200k houses for sale in Flanders and Riverhead. " Sep 24, 12 8:13 AM

Bishop-Altschuler Debate To Be Held In Bridgehampton

Do you really think Randy is the cause of out sourcing? Why doesn't our genius congressman stop out sourcing? How many jobs did Timmy make? On Tim Bishops watch according to the last census Long Islands median income went down while people on govt assistance hit a record. The median income for a person on Long Island is less than 50k but Tim pays his daughter 170k to collect money for his campaign. We need a change because this guy Bishop is asleep" Sep 25, 12 10:01 PM

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