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Two Southampton Schools Flagged For Improvement By State

Southampton schools are too busy giving free computers and tech gadgets to students. These computers are no substitute for teaching the basics of reading, writing, and arithmatic. The school is top heavy with overpriced executives, and superintendents not to mention lazy teachers. It is time to clean house! There are plenty of qualified teachers ready to take their jobs." Nov 28, 11 1:12 PM

Southampton Fire Department's Firehouse Opens Saturday

My question is why is there more office space than space for fire trucks? When will this country stop borrowing money we don't have? The explanation given by the Fire Dept having to spend 5 million dollars is pure BS. The old fire house served the village just fine. If you want to reward firefighters give than insurance or a little better pension something they really need to make ends meet. Putting more of a tax burrden is just making it tougher for the locals to afford living here. " Dec 1, 11 9:49 PM

Southampton Town Board Approves More Police Overtime

No one ever takes responsibility for anything in this town, Now you have a chief that wants a million dollar computer and can't control overtime. Where do we get these idiots from? If we found a chief to work for 50k could he do a worst job? " Dec 1, 11 9:58 PM

Discord Erupts Over Shinnecock Vote On Casino Partner's Future

The Shinnecocks pay no taxes use all taxpayers services for free, and now they want a casino? How about the millions they cheat the govt out of in taxes on cigarettes? They dont want too hurt the enviroment but they can build a casino and destroy the earth and the tribes fellow man? I think there are a greedy few, but overall the Shinnecocks are good decent people. They should help each other with the millions they collect from cigarettes. The reservation could be a goldmine without a casino if they would help each other. I think in hard economic times people are beginning to recent people looking for easy street!" Dec 18, 11 12:59 PM

Riverside Man Charged With DWI Following Two Accidents In Hampton Bays Friday Night

Put another light? Lower the speed limit? How about not driving drunk. How about a drivers license! Ask your local officer if illegals driving drunk is becoming an epidemic. See all the South Carolina and Pennsylvania plates around the East End? Do you think these people are legal citizens? Why doesn't this rag of a paper report if the fellow was charged driving without a license? Five people injured and a medevac helicopter at the scence who's paying for these costs? Oh I forgot the sucker taxpayer" Dec 31, 11 5:10 PM

Did you read the article? The guy driving drunk was not hauling mattresses he was driving the explorer that crossed the double yellow line. Have you read the police blotter, and some of the serious accidents involving undocumented aliens? Lets just ignore the issue, and play the stupid politically correct card. Lets just hope tonite a night known for drunk driving no one else is injured or killed." Dec 31, 11 7:54 PM

The Hampton Bays school taxes are going through the roof because of illegals. Every other house in Hampton Bays has overcrowding, and cars all over the front yard. The Southampton Hospital loses millions because of illegals. Drunk and unlicensed illegals are getting in accidents daily on the East End. Illegals cost this country over 2 billion a day in unpaid taxes, unpaid hospital bills, and unpaid education. The facts are the facts, and illegals are bankrupting this country. " Jan 1, 12 10:46 AM

Nassau Police: Hampton Bays Man Shot And Killed After Robbing Seaford Drugstore; Federal Agent Killed

The robber seemed to be armed with a pellet gun. The off duty cop and retired cop both allegedly were armed. It wasn't clear if the ATF agent was armed or not. I read this at an AP story which inferred it was friendly fire that killed the ATF agent. Hopefully this isn't the case. I hope this is a wake up call for tighter controls on these controlled drugs. It's amazing what a problem these drugs have become, and how regular people with a simple perscription have become hooked. Prayers go out to the ATF agents family. Mr Capano was truly a hero. " Jan 2, 12 5:37 PM

Maybe they should be given out at the police station, and not dispense them to people with drug charges. " Jan 2, 12 5:39 PM

Southampton Town Board Republican-Conservative Majority Holds Off On Key Appointments

Im a registered Republican my whole adult life, and can't believe what the party has become. When they appointed a business manager from the now defunct OTB for 150k a year that was the end of respect for the Southampton Republican party. This country is going down the toilet, and politicians play politics as usual. did you expect anything else from these political hacks?" Jan 3, 12 5:09 PM

Nassau Police: Hampton Bays Man Shot And Killed After Robbing Seaford Drugstore; Federal Agent Killed

Oviously those controls do not work. The controlled substance perscription drop problem is an epidemic. The Crooks involved in the medford killing were alledgedly prescribed over 10,000 pills in 4 years. Doesn't sound like a control to me. It's sick in this day and age we still have doctors helping junkies kill themselves and others." Jan 3, 12 9:59 PM

Sandpebble Wins A Round Against The East Hampton School District

2.2 million in legal fees? Thats a ridiculous impossible amount to have incurred and not be in trial. This law firm has wasted tax payer dollars with bad advice. They should of gave the builder a million dollars and moved on. The time they pay the rest of their legal fees and some damages they will have cost the taxpayers 4 or 5 million bucks. Thats what you get when you have the local idiot, and overpaid top heavy administration. Time for a malpractice suit against the law firm, because this case seems to have merit." Jan 4, 12 9:19 PM

Shinnecocks Want Grave Protection Plan In Place

I don't know about the neon lights, and smoke shops, but I'm sure that is all about survival of the reservation. As far as Becky Genia goes you will NEVER meet a more decent person. She does for others, and truly cares about her heritage and the preservation of it. She is just asking for respect and preservation of human burial grounds. This town spends so much money on land preservation why not work with the Shinnecocks and preserve the few remaining burial spots. It's common sense we should have respect for any grave site no matter where it is. As usual Southampton Town talks a big game of helping people, but rarely follows through. " Jan 4, 12 9:33 PM

Sandpebble Wins A Round Against The East Hampton School District

I'm sorry to inform you the Southampton Press isn't a real newspaper it is a local rag. They will not write such a story because it would be news worthy. Notice the epidemic of illegals driving drunk and getting in accidents? They refuse to report on them. But thats ok the newspaper is going the way of the dinosaur." Jan 6, 12 10:08 PM

Union Deal Saves Southampton Town Cops From Chopping Block

Oh the elections over they can change their plan now. Save 350k? Big deal the overtime is out of control at the SH PD. Have you noticed not one of these idiots has been sucessful in the real world? Democrat or Republican it has become the same bull%^&*." Jan 9, 12 5:33 PM

Contractor Claims Southampton Councilman Locked Him In Office After Worker Broke Into Home

Jim Malone evidently has two full time govt jobs. How can this be ?Is this the only guy they could find for for deputy clerk? It's a shame political patronage jobs are still going strong. If this story is true he needs to be thrown out of office, and lose his comfy county job. This guy is never in his town office, and never returns phone calls. Maybe Mr Malone should get out there and see what its like in the real world. " Jan 10, 12 7:36 PM

It could be true that maybe this guy is not qualified. So why didn't Mr Malone check references? Or maybe he figured a young guy could be easy pickings to not pay. It's amazing Malone has such pure judgement on every aspect of this situation. I hope he pays this guy I'm sure he deserves it.
" Jan 10, 12 7:39 PM

Southampton Town Board Enhances CPF Reserves

Why would you borrow against future revenues of the cpf? They have no idea what the future income will be so borrowing against it would be un wise.
As budgets get worse and deficits inflate politicians will use the cpf as a rainy day fund. It already happened in East Hampton, and just a matter of time before it happens in Southampton. I don't trust half ass politicians to borrow large amounts of money on behalf of taxpayers. Another words don't borrow money you don't have." Jan 23, 12 7:29 PM

Snowfall Makes Region's Roads Slick On Saturday

Hey Southampton Village just plowed today while the snow was melting in 50 degree weather. Their stupid rubber blades on the plows just bounce off the ice so they don't plow the road properly. Someday someone is going to get killed because the policy of the village is to not use metal blades therefore the roads become iced. When will this dangerous policy change?" Jan 23, 12 7:39 PM

Southampton Town Board Enhances CPF Reserves

The biggest industry here is housing and construction. Why is the govt working to take away jobs from a struggling economy? How many tens of millions of income taxes and sales tax is paid by the housing industry.
With all the 5 acre zoning, preserved land, and unbuildable lots there isnt a heck of a lot large parcels left. The town of Southampton and Suffolk County have no right fiscally of buying open space. They have billions coming in the way of pension liabilities. Everythings not ok around here " Jan 24, 12 6:53 PM

Southampton Village Supermarket Law Takes a Pummeling, May See Revisions

The village of no wants to put a supermarket at the busiest east end intersection? The village that is worried about comercial development and gaudy signs wants a supermarket? They don't want a supermarket like King Kullen further down on 39 because of traffic problems, but a supermarket at a 4 way intersection is ok? Something smells in Hazzard County" Jan 26, 12 12:00 AM

Southampton Town Aquires 20-Acre Parcel In Riverside

Wow 175k down the toilet for a piece of unbuildable swamp land. It couldn't be developed anyway it's a SWAMP!!!!!! Drunk at the money switch. Id really like to know who the owners are" Jan 27, 12 5:29 PM

The fund has been buying unbuildable worthless land over and over. Or millions for pieces that only would yield few houses. Lots out east actually cost taxpayers higher taxes. These house use no services and no kids to school. Govt yet again screwing up society" Jan 27, 12 10:39 PM

Thats called communism shut your mouth, ignore everything, and let politicians run wild." Jan 29, 12 7:26 PM

Not every piece of land has value. The land in Flanders is worthless! Its underwater wetlands never to be built on. If an appraiser said its worth 170k he should lose his license. i know a track of land on Old Sag Harbor Rd in North Sea that was landlocked that the cpf paid over a million for. On another note why are we preserving farm land when farms have been the biggest polluters of ground water?" Jan 30, 12 9:54 PM

Really I'm ignorant? Show me one case of a standard septic system polluting ground water in Suffolk County. Don't look too hard there are none. Thats not the case when it comes to farms on the east end. It has cost tens of million for the county to install public water to cover polluted well areas. I myself have traces of temik and high nitrates in my well water. My well like hundreds of other wells on the East End have questionable water. The soil on farms is saturated in nitrates and pesticides and no one says anything, because it is the poor farmer. Well there are no poor farmers on the East End, and most farm for tax breaks and other incentives.
As far as your development theory if it wasn't for city people building and buying homes here we would be unemployed, and our taxes would be much higher. We have our bills payed by out of towners and they use few services.
I'm glad you like the 175k for the underwater property it makes me scratch my head on the stupidy of buying unbuildable property
. The landlocked piece on Old Sag Harbor Rd was offered to me for 400k a year before it was sold. But I guess selling it for nearly three times the price is not an issue. It's always some fool looking at the world from rose colored glasses making their tree hugger comments" Jan 31, 12 11:56 PM

Southampton Town Comptroller Tamara Wright Headed To Brookhaven Town

Good Job Republicans! The only person that had a clue on the finances of the town and you make her feel uncomfortable and she leaves. What surprise person are the Republicans going to throw into the ring for controller? The last two they had were missing 25 million dollars!" Feb 1, 12 12:03 AM

Having a 600k IRS lien is not a good reason to hire a comptroller. lol. Poor judgement" Feb 2, 12 7:54 PM

UPDATE: One Arrested After Water Mill Crash Sends Two To Hospital

wow is right another hit and run. Epidemic of leaving the scene of accidents. I wonder why? hmmmmm" Feb 5, 12 9:45 AM

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