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Police: Eastport South Manor Teacher Charged With Fourth DWI

As a person in recovery from this disease (yes a disease acknowledged by the AMA & ins companies), the solution is simple. Just like a child doing something bad, if it goes unpunished the child will continue the behavior. There is no doubt in my mind that if he does not lose his job AND face jail time, he will repeat the behavior. This is what is known as reaching a bottom. Allowing for him to continue working in the district will be catastrophic for him and more importantly students. Apparently, the district cares about this teacher but they are ultimately seriously enabling him to continue to self destruct. He will kill someone.....it is only a matter of time." Aug 9, 11 11:32 PM

New Quogue Building Inspector Follows In The Footsteps Of Mentor

Mr. Wolfersdorf was great! Good luck, I am sure you will do just as well." Sep 21, 11 10:02 PM

Michael Lenahan Dies At 44

I am so sad to hear this news! Mike was a great guy and will be missed. My thoughts and prayers are with his family." Jan 31, 12 6:48 PM

Police Suspension May Hint At Issues In Department

What does Marco have to do with any of this?
" May 10, 12 8:58 AM

Sculpture Crops Up On Sagaponack Farm Field

It caught my eye immediately........I think it is fantastic.
" Oct 20, 14 6:45 PM

'Angel From Heaven' Book Teaches Children How To Grieve

This is GREAT......EQ should be proud to have such a great teacher inside and outside of the classroom. Job well done!" Jan 16, 15 12:26 PM

Westhampton Beach Treatment Center Granted Additional Beds To Fight Heroin Epidemic

They definitely accept Medicaid. What celebrity do you know went to Seafield in the last ten plus years? Ask around, many local, average-income families have utilized this facility. That first comment shows severe ignorance. " Apr 26, 16 4:23 PM

Hampton Bays Wrestling Coach Arrested On Drug Possession Charges

Hey coach, can I get a ride home after practice?
There are some things on the seat, should I move them?
Oh that, hmm that's not mine, just put it on the console.
Who cares if it was his, he is a coach!-- this is CRAZY!" Dec 7, 16 11:52 AM

Christopher T. Morell Of Southampton Dies June 5

Chris was one of a kind and will truly be missed......our thoughts are with his family!
" Jun 6, 17 7:12 PM

UPDATE: Friend Of Young Woman Who Was Found In East Hampton Overdosed The Day After Her Death

Parenting?? I have seen some of the best parents watch their kids struggle with, and sometimes lose their battle, with addiction. As someone with long term recovery, I can assure you it wasn't my parents fault.
" Sep 11, 17 10:43 PM

Hampton Bays To Get Two New Waterfront Eateries As Edgewater Owner Plans Expansion

Go John!!! Edgewater is consistently the best restaurant around!!
" Feb 13, 18 9:08 PM

New Southampton Town Police Officers Sworn In

The tone of that comment is uncalled for. My guess is name didn't just happen to ring a bell. To the young man, who has obviously worked hard to get where he is, good luck and God bless. " Feb 15, 18 8:57 PM

First ZBA Hearing On Proposed Luxury Golf Course Community In East Quogue Held On Thursday

As an East Quogue resident, I was at the CAC meeting the night of the vote. The CAC voted 7-4 in FAVOR of the project. Mr.Celi is 100% correct, that is EXACTLY what happened. However, the chairperson did not like the outcome of the vote so she tried to discredit the letter sent to the zoning board. She did not dispute the voting results, because she couldn't. She only stated that the letter was sent without her "authority". Quite a difference. " Jul 21, 18 8:48 PM

Work On East Quogue Water Main Projects Underway

You do know that the deceased were on the list provided by Board of Elections list and not the petition?" Sep 17, 19 7:24 PM

UPDATE: Town Planning Board Approves Lewis Road PRD Preliminary Subdivision Application And Findings Statement In Split Votes

crickets......Thank you Phil Keith. You are correct East Quogue did NOT want another Southampton Pines." Oct 25, 19 4:56 PM